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Comfortable, Modern, Natural Chiropractic Healthcare in Ottawa

Chiropractic manipulation helps restore normal joint movement and has been scientifically proven to reduce pain, relax tense muscles and increase range of motion. In order to provide an outstanding patient experience, chiropractors as a part of health care professionals offer modified and natural care in a collaborative model. 212 more words


Curvesday Thursday: Tips to Improve or Maintain Spinal Health

A healthy spine is an often overlooked and essential part of a healthy lifestyle. People who suffer from back pain, particularly if it is long-term, are generally less healthy than those who do not. 701 more words

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Curvesday Thursday: Multi-Faceted Treatment Plan May Alleivate Symptoms of Osteoarthritis

While there is currently no proven treatment to stop or slow the progression of osteoarthritis in the spine, there are treatments to alleviate the pain and other associated symptoms, and for most people the condition will not become debilitating. 1,244 more words

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Spinal Manipulations for Larger Patient (Video)

If you’re a physical therapist on the smaller side, the below video by Stacy Soappman, PT, DSc, COMT, FAAOMPT provides some strategies on performing spinal manipulations on patients larger than yourself. 38 more words

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Better Ways to Manage Back Pain

25% of Americans have had back pain recently according to the National Institutes of Health.

If it’s a sprain or a strain, simple home remedies may alleviate the problem. 323 more words

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Research Shows Chiropractic Care Effective (Part 2)

Continuing from Part 1 of our blog series entitled “Research Shows Chiropractic Care Effective“, perhaps the best evidence of care from a chiropractor being effective came from the… 102 more words


Why is an Adjustment Helpful?

First of all, why adjust a joint?
My principle answer is that we are mobilizing a joint that isn’t moving correctly.  This lack of movement could be from a variety of reasons however often occurs from tight muscles limiting the joint movement (or in a chicken or the egg situation, could a “stuck” joint cause muscle changes- yes!) 352 more words

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