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Still Spinning!

Wow, time flies! Especially when you’re spinning… and now dying.

I’ve been using Wilton’s icing colouring with terrific results (IMO). The above roving I dyed in reds, blues and yellows then overdyed the roving in royal blue and black. 184 more words


First Time Getting Spun

In tireless dedication to using a wide variety of workouts in my daily routines (read: I get bored with doing the same thing over and over) I signed up for three months of… 548 more words


Spring Is Trying to "Spring"

Mother Nature has been playing games with us. We had summer-like temperatures in February and January-like temperatures in March here in the Northeast US. More than humans are confused. 56 more words


Intervall spinning class when 5 weeks pregnant

I’ve been to my first spinning class since I found out I’m pregnant.

The advises about exercising when pregnant are ambiguous when it comes to intensity if you have had repeated miscarriages. 166 more words

the dizzy bean

Does anyone remember those horrible spinning apples they used to have in children’s playgrounds? The stuffy smelly round chambers of hell you would climb into and then stupidly turn the centre plate so you would spin and spin and spin until your insides wanted to escape, it would all end with you stumbling around in the wood chips like a tranquillised buffalo . 78 more words


Spinning Camp 2017

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I got back from another wonderful week on Orcas Island, immersed in spinning and dyeing with Judith MacKenzie and about 20 participants.  885 more words