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Birthday Treats!

My birthday is next week.  I am not a big birthday sort of person, mostly because I visualize age in a stupid way.  I try not to think about it too much, lest I end up texting a friend about how I’m less than half-way to 60 and my retirement fund isn’t even close to half way finished!  645 more words


I’ve been spinning

I’ve gotten pretty hooked on distaff spinning. Here’s my latest batch after plying, still on the niddy-noddy:

I keep meaning to do a longer write up on spinning but never getting around to it. 56 more words

Arts And Sciences

Today on my wheel...

I’ve been a little in love with plying this lately…


How to Use a Distaff While Sitting

A common sight in medieval manuscripts is ladies standing while spinning, like this lady spinning wool amongst the sheep.

Also common, is the lady taking a break to spin, like this lady spinning wool amongst the sheep. 122 more words


Snow Quiet

Apparently this did not publish seven days ago when I wrote it.  I apologize for the long silence.  I’ve a few more posts ready and some projects to share as soon as photos are taken.  594 more words


Last week we discussed the benefits of spinning in the Peppy Life Blog (Link HERE).  Now that you’re intrigued and want to try your first spinning class, I want to give you a few tips before you jump onto the stationary bike. 882 more words


Joyful Mid-Winter Blues

Winter is beautiful.

Amidst the white snow and grey skies (and roads) and black nights; the dark silhouettes of naked elms and the evergreens tipped in snow; the brown dried leaves dotting the scene – there is one glorious colour that I yet associate with winter: Blue. 533 more words