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Weekly Weigh In: Keep on Movin'

Again another bad week. Why can’t I get my head back in this? This week I made some soup and ratatouille (all good) and then proceeded to (again) drink too much wine and snaffle a whole pack of rice cakes. 278 more words


WIP Update

I have nothing so dramatic as the newly completed Bear Lake Pullover to share this week, but making and creating continues. There are three projects on the go right now: a pair of socks, a baby cardigan and some spinning. 424 more words


The Cat Who Came To Breakfast*

Am in bed at the flat. The panther stretches out next to me, resting his head on his front paws. His eyes are closed and every so often he twitches an ear. 129 more words

Combed top

Wahoo! I washed the fleece, I combed it and I DIZZED all by myself. Very pleased with myself, just need to do the rest…..

Fibers, going "green" and paying myself minimum wage

*I have so much more to say/figure out on this topic. This is probably part one of a series of posts on the cost/ethics of handmade goods* 397 more words