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The Cornwall Crafter Podcast is live!!

So… I can’t quite believe that I have actually filmed, and uploaded, 2 podcasts! I have been saying for months that I was going to do it so to finally have it started is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking. 618 more words


Today on my wheel...

Another bobbin of stand-alone singles…

I’m going to let it rest overnight and skein it tomorrow. Can’t wait to share it s this harsh lighting does not so it justice, but hey, it’s winter!


making little fulled knitting bags

I have been spinning a lot lately (whenever there is time), mostly from a coloured merino fleece I picked up  somewhere. The yarn is lovely and fine, but what to do with it all? 707 more words


Spinning with Rolags

Up until now I have exclusively spun combed top. Commercially prepped Top is easy to find, both dyed and undyed, and it’s easy to spin. And the method of spinning worsted (this has nothing to do with the diameter of the yarn, but rather with how you draft the fibers) gives the spinner a lot of control over how the yarn spins up. 447 more words


FASHION: Today’s Mission

Today’s ‘fashion mission’: Disguise your post-spinning muscle aches! Walking around looking like you’ve sh** yourself is NOT a good look and WILL get you a serious find if caught by the ‘fashion police’ !


We're ba-ack!

And we are happy about it judging by how much we talked and talked and talked and didn’t stop talking. Ideas, input, sharing, oo-ing ,aah-ing, loving what we saw and loving even more what we were doing. 142 more words


What happened when I tried spinning

January is a cliche time for trying new things, and I fell into that trap. 38% of people say their new years resolution is to exercise more, so what better time to give it a go. 304 more words