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Spinning Tie Dye Abstract

This vibrant, colorful tie dye with watercolor graphic artwork utilizes the “droste effect” to create an infinite rotation. Caution: starring at this design too intensely may cause vertigo! 25 more words



SPINZILLA a monster of a week

This is a listing of the places where you can find members of my team spinning the week of October 3 to October 9. 231 more words


Workout Playlist!

Hi Everyone,

This is my first post.. More to come!

Happy Thursday! We are almost to Friday which means it is almost to the weekend. Tonight I am teaching an indoor cycling class at the gym (2 hours and counting, I can’t wait). 104 more words

Selling a wheel and packaging it ain't an easy task

This week’s blog post on my new blog is all about selling, and packaging, my Bliss wheel. Read all about it here.

Fibre Related

Reader, I Did Not Buy 11 Pounds of Fiber

Oh, I thought about it.

I dreamed about it (no, really!)

Someday, I may still click the buy now button . . .

But that 11 lbs of fiber sitting in an online shopping cart somewhere in the interwebs will remain virtual for the time being. 353 more words


Correct Color

I went back and photographed yesterday’s fiber again, along with two new bumps. Let’s see if this looks a bit more accurate!

For the record, the two new bumps are the ones on top. 507 more words

Fiber Arts

My "Slow Fashion" Project - Part 2

I had the weft yarn for my Slow Cloth yardage project all sorted out, now I needed warp. I was not in the mood to dye and blend another pound of fleece, so I left it natural. 718 more words