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The Google Search for God

What is God? It is only a subject that has inspired some of the finest writing in the history of Western civilization—and yet the first two pages of Google results for the question are comprised almost entirely of Sweet’N Low evangelical proselytizing to the unconverted.

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Part 1: an old man finds his creed finally

Many years ago my then wife announced apropos of nothing at dinner with my parents that I was an atheist.  I was the most surprised person at the table because I had never applied that label to myself, always holding that to define beliefs by what you didn’t believe was a bit spurious.  1,128 more words

Dialectical Spiritualism: the Synthetic Elegance of Pantheism -- The Pez King Blog #5

“Theism was the thesis. Atheism was the antithesis. Pantheism is the synthesis.”

I am not a fan of catch phrases and avoid using them at most reasonable costs.

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Writing on Flags

Writing on flags is an underrated pastime. The American flag lends itself to sloganizing, owing to its college-ruled design; and the experience can be philosophical and meditative. 102 more words

yirmiyahu yovel

Yirmiyahu Yovel, who taught philosophy at the New School from 1994 to 2010, died on June 10th. Yovel was born in Haifa, Palestine (British mandate) in 1935 and was educated at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (PhD 1968), the Sorbonne, and Princeton. 162 more words

Spinoza’s puzzling attributes

By Richard Mather

Spinoza’s theory of the attributes is perhaps the most tricky aspect of his ontology. The attributes play a crucial role in Spinoza’s Ethica, ordine geometrico demonstrata, otherwise known as Ethics. 1,756 more words


The Mind-body Problem, part IV

This is the last part of our freestyle excursion through John Heil’s fine essay. See Part I for some introductory remarks. 

Philosophers with physicalist leanings are not as ready to throw in the towel on mental causation as David Chalmers and Jaegwon Kim are. 1,819 more words