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I think a better name would be Breathtakingly Yellow Finch. :D


Oooh, fancy!

I finally got a shepherd’s hook and a hanging feed tray for the studio side, set up by the lilac tree and the thicket. The goldfinches are loving it (of course, they love it much more if I’m not hanging out the window with my camera.) So far, the squirrels haven’t brought it down, but it’s early days yet.


Surprise Visitor!

This beautiful American Goldfinch was a surprise visitor to our backyard this afternoon. I was quite certain these birds had all left the area as I hadn’t seen one in at least three weeks. 212 more words

Birds And Birding

Male American Goldfinch's Seasonal Plumage

Most songbirds have one complete molt every year, in the late summer. Some, like the American goldfinch, have another (partial) molt in the spring. Last fall male goldfinches molted, replacing many of their bright yellow feathers with drab, greenish-gray feathers, so that they closely resemble females during the winter. 77 more words