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Galaxy 1824

Several of you lovely people have asked for a photo of Galaxy 1824 that you can share. I am flattered and honored that you’d want to do so. 171 more words


TTMT #382 - Galaxy 1824

This week, I brave the rain and humidity to share my biggest finish of the year! Watch my makeup slowly melt off of my face as I talk about the quilt I made for my son’s dorm room: Galaxy 1824. 110 more words

Talk To Me Tuesday

TTMT #374 - Where did the time go?

A special thank you to everyone that has shared well wishes for my surgery & recovery. I hope to see you next week!

Talk To Me Tuesday

A Beautiful, Eclectic Galaxy Cluster

Located in the southern constellation of Fornax, today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day features the diverse and varied Fornax galaxy cluster, one of the closest clusters of galaxies to the Local Group, the galaxy cluster that contains our Milky Way and the Great Galaxy in Andromeda. 614 more words