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Amazing Galaxy of the Week

This week’s amazing galaxy is from the Asteroid Zoo project. A beautiful face-on spiral! Galaxies are quite rare in the images from this project, which is asking volunteers to hunt for unknown near-Earth asteroids. 11 more words

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Amazing Galaxy of the Week

This week’s amazing galaxy comes courtesy of the Milky Way Project, in which our volunteers are mapping out star-forming regions in our own galaxy. This great shot was captured by the Spitzer Space Telescope, from which the… 7 more words

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Fried Egg Galaxy  NGC 7742

The galaxy is unusual in that it contains a ring but no bar. Typically, bars are needed to produce a ring structure. 119 more words


M101 the Pinwheel Galaxy

As last night was lovely and clear I could not resist going out to the Obsy.  It’s just coming into galaxy season now so M101 was the main target of the evening.   119 more words

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Hubble Telescope Spots an Emoticon in Outer Space

In the center of this Hubble Telescope image is the galaxy cluster SDSS J1038+4849 — and it appears to be smiling back at you.

The two orange eyes of the grinning face are actually two distant… 18 more words

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The Universe in 10 Features: 6. Spiral Galaxies

As we’ve seen in the previous vlog, spiral Galaxies started forming from the primordial protogalaxies about 11 billion years ago. The formation of spiral galaxies is important because it happened at the peak of population II stars formation and allowed for planets to form. 175 more words