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Fall(ing Forever)

I keep wondering
What would make anyone
For a heart so broken,
A mind,
      E… 74 more words


In spiraling anti-Semitism row, Labour suspends Livingstone for saying Hitler backed Zionism

Britain’s opposition Labour Party on Thursday suspended a veteran and senior member, Ken Livingstone, after he claimed that Adolf Hitler was initially a supporter of Zionism “before he went mad and ended up killing 6 million Jews,” and charged that for decades in the UK there has been a “well-orchestrated campaign by the Israel lobby to smear anybody who criticizes Israel policy as anti-Semitic.” 1,511 more words

Daily News

Peaking Stress Levels

Ha ha! My laptop is sooooo slow that Levels in the title actually came out Leels for a moment!

Well this week has not been fun… things just seem to be spiraling downward. 300 more words


When death has stared you directly in the eye for a prolonged amount of time, it changes you. It doesn’t necessarily change you for the better or for the worse, but it does change how you see your life and the lives of those around you.

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Dear Diary

Eastertide with Mary and John

I often ponder Mary and John’s relationship after the crucifixion. Perhaps, in giving them to one another from the cross, Yeshua was recognizing the openness and surrender of their hearts to this pivotal moment in his own journey – G*d’s presence and G*d’s mystery. 591 more words


$2M "Fireworks" Fantasy Bra Features Spiraling Blasts of Diamonds, Sapphires, Topez and Quartz

Victoria’s Secret just unveiled the latest interpretation of its famous jewel-encrusted Fantasy Bra. The 2015 edition is valued at $2 million and features spiraling blasts of gemstones on both the bra and detachable belt. 80 more words

12 Years

*Please ignore the word choice, grammatical or spelling errors my brain is done for*

For the last week or so it feels like things are about to spiral out of control. 569 more words