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The Cycle of the Circle

Through the path and spiraling in the turns that take me to the center, I come together with myself owning the moment and open to the message. 160 more words

The Daily Experience

I pushed it too much

So had a bit of a relapse end of last week. I came home feeling so good from vacation I hit the ground running 200%. Starting my diet, increased my step goal, getting caught up at work, jumping back into the social circle, the gym, you name it. 376 more words

Yes, this prehistoric fish actually had a buzzsaw of spiraling teeth

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Nicknamed the “buzzsaw shark,” this 270 million-year-old creature is actually an extinct relative of the ratfish called a Helicoprion. Its bizarre tooth arrangement has confused scientists for over a century, but one artist finally got it right. 465 more words


Take A Spin

Take A Spin Video. My YouTube Channel. #ECOSTAGS, #TakeASpin,

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Mental Spiraling

Mental Spiraling by Margarita Cavazos

The fractures of a mirror frame is what this life in search of truth feels like.

Like Dali’s Narcissus looking at you be an egg and a seed. 57 more words

Spiral 1

My importance is measured by potence … see or search my impotence instead. While standing on your head you could bend behind what’s found and lost lines. 111 more words