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I feel abstract.

Like I’m floating, or something, like nothing’s real.  I thought it would improve once i slept, but it hasn’t.  I’m still out of it, and my head hurts, and im dizzy. 941 more words

Internal Issues

What happens regularly

Me: All these apps and I still feel empty inside

Apps: Keep deceiving yourself girl, downloading loads of app will not not fill your void… 45 more words


Do You Ever...

Do you ever have such a crap day that you feel sorry for your cat because he deserves such a better human than the one he got stuck with? 484 more words

Eating Disorder

The most retarded question in the history of the planet

Starting an online conversation with

: “please can I know you?”

Where do you want me to start!!! The school I attended, my hobby, my job, my relationship status, my best food, my date of birth?!!! 61 more words


pepsi and aliens

As I was drinking my Pepsi just now, i specifically noticed the taste of cola for the first time. I had literally been drinking Pepsi since forever and forgotten that it was meant to have a flavor. 114 more words