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Maybe it has something to do with the colder mornings and the end of a disappointing year, or maybe it’s the unstoppable memories of my worst moments, but I find myself despairing more often than usual.

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I feel like I am spiraling downward, and can t stop. Like I need a jolt to snap me out of it. Self-care has gone out the window. 67 more words

Spiraling Into A New Year

A few months ago I was dealing with depression thoughts and resorted to pen and paper to try and well, fix it. And Monologue of the Déprimé 1,044 more words



Photo by Graham A Stephen (http://geotopoi.wordpress.com)

We’re lost and tumbling –

flinging against each other –

clothes in the dryer.

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I should have been a spider.

I could have been

spiraling from the ceiling


by the things I spin

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I'm sorry 

Optimist I was

Realist I became

So consumed by life that I miss out on others’
No- it’s not life- it’s work

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Chris Brown: Addicted to Sizzurp! Spiraling Out of Control!

Chris Brown's friends and family are very worried about him, and not just because he's an obviously unstable human being with violent tendencies:
Fool is hooked on sizzurp. 20 more words