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I feel a spiral coming to its centre. Which means it begins to turn the other way… which is… change, shift, – a good thing. Culmination of many things all merging at the same point. 7 more words


Spirals and circle eights

Cowardice is the lack of courage to face danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc. I think we all have times when we experience this type of behavior. 384 more words


Dream, sort of, Part 3: 7.13.2016

What started when I was seven?

Trying to make my mother happy.

No wait, I was already trying to make my mother happy. But at 7, after my brother was born, it began to feel like it was… 818 more words


Dream, sort of: 7.13.2016

++ Dream this morning that was so bizarre and disturbing, I’m not going to recount it here. But I do want to thrash out the things it’s made me think of. 1,410 more words