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focus: looking forward


Dating back to when I was on Flickr (beginning in 2009), I’ve done a great many photographic portraits, usually of nonhumans. Some of Spouse, though, and some self-portraits. 1,050 more words


By the light of the moon

The light of the full moon illuminates the night. We can see more in the dark than at other times. Shadows are illuminated. The unseen becomes visible. 810 more words


process: Stokes flow, poetry

Yesterday morning I woke up with the first line of a new poem in my head. I spent all day working on it. What I thought would be the title turned out to be an italicized line, setting the stage. 1,004 more words



George Popovic was a man without any geographical ties.

He had not even been born on a planet. All of his life that had been of any import had been spent among the stars. 7,814 more words

Cheaters Risotto

There’s nothing like authentic risotto for sheer artistry. But at home I don’t seem to have the patience or inclination to constantly stir assorted liquids with rice in order to achieve the layers of flavor and creaminess it requires. 269 more words


Mindfulness Monday #20 - Mathematics, biology and art.

First, a brief note about this weeks drawing: This is the first week where something’s gone wrong in an unsolvable way. I had initially hand written the text but it had not worked well and I felt that it was certainly beyond saving. 412 more words

Fractal No. 1361

Available as a print, poster or card from the shop, Redbubble and Artflakes.