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Spire: Chapter 29-part 1

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“You shouldn’t be the one who always takes the risks.”  Mynar is being permitted to ‘protect’ the Keep.  Provided he and his guards don’t go beyond the inner wall.  1,015 more words


Spire: Chapter 28

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“Two days until the full moon.”  I look out over the snow whitened city landscape from the tower window.  1,430 more words


Aspire: From the Latin for 'To Breathe'  

The words aspire and inspire both have very similar meanings, of course one is to give someone the urge to do something and the other is to be urged to do something but how do words relate? 202 more words


Spire: Chapter 27-part 2

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“Is the lot guarded.”  I interrupt father’s daydreams of a quick and easy solution.

“A full company,” the Captain answers me. 830 more words


The Stress Response

Last week at work I was dealing with a difficult situation. A patient wanted to make a complaint about me, personally, and even though there was nothing to it, I still felt an enormous amount of stress. 282 more words


Thorns - Part 21

Elwin fell through the water, falling. Falling deep, falling through the riverbed. Deep down into the Earth. There was nothing but darkness in every direction. No light, no sound, nothing he could hold onto, nothing for him to grasp. 1,132 more words


Rainy Days

A rainy start to the day yesterday made me look back on what great shots you can get in Coventry even if the weather isn’t in your favour. 135 more words