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Chapter Twelve

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We decide to treat Jes like a royal cousin, so he is given rooms in the bottom of the royal tower.  At first he refuses guards, but finally agrees to accept them when venturing into the city. 1,780 more words


Chapter Eleven

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Two weeks later, the goldsmith guild does exactly as father predicts.  Ankr has retired to a manor in the country and turned all of his goldsmith business over to his sons.  845 more words


Your first stop: Salisbury Cathedral

If you are going to Salisbury, you cannot miss the iconic Salisbury Cathedral. Dating back to the 13th century, every time I’ve stepped through its doors, I feel as if I’ve been taken back through time. 693 more words


Chapter Ten

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“Go over this one more time.”  Mynar is sketching a rough genealogy on a scrap of paper.

“Master Bard Dekker was the first cousin of Wills, who is Desee’s father.” 2,061 more words


Stress Busting Wearables

Stress has always been an unavoidable reality of life.Over the last few years, there has been a significant increase in tech meant to keep our mind in good shape. 313 more words


Chapter Nine

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I wake late, just in time for lunch.  Mynar is alone at the head table.

“Father is eating with mother today,” he tells me without my asking.  1,204 more words


SPIRE by Fiona Snyckers

– Let’s be honest here – I’m the black guy in the red shirt beaming down with the landing party. A salt demon will get me. 132 more words

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