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Day 15

If you were an animal, what would you be and why?

Without a doubt I’d be a sloth. Maybe a cat. Shit, now I don’t know which one I’m more like! 281 more words

My Spirit Animal Revealed

I guess the timing was right and I was finally open enough spiritually for you to reveal yourself to me. I’m not certain how or when, but at some point this year it was decided: You and I would start communicating on a new level. 283 more words

Haiku Journal

Poem: Chickadee, Chickadee V

You can
come to eat,
though I sit here,
my beloved

And it comes,
it´s so close
I could touch it.
I sit quietly, 49 more words


Haiku Journal Day 177 - The Birds

Always looking up
Lest never forget the birds
They see the way home

Haiku Journal

Blood Ties (Spirit Animals #3) by Garth Nix

Things finally get real for the team when Meilin’s home is under attack by the Conquerors. Her behaviour is consistent with her past behaviour and she sneaks off to go on her own mission; to save her home and father. 200 more words



The old man could be seen hunched over a blue flicker in an alleyway, if you looked close enough. He was shaking. The Reaper had passed so close, but luckily, his sights were trained on someone else. 453 more words