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Rise and Fall, Chapter 4: Dream

Last time on Rise and Fall, Irtike joined the Male Protagonists on their quest to find the Gold Lion. Will they find the McGuffin? 438 more words

Spirit Animals

Fox in the Sun

This was a piece from Alena Hennessy’s online class “a year of painting II” that I finished up this past year.

We shared collage pieces with other artists in the class using them to inspire a collabrative piece. 44 more words


Rise and Fall, Chapter 3: Snake Eyes

Last time on Rise and Fall, the Male Protagonists tried and failed to receive aid from Abeke’s dad. Will they ever find this book’s McGuffin? Find out after the cut. 568 more words

Spirit Animals

Wings of Arrows

The weather yesterday made it feel like April instead of February and I took advantage of the mild temperatures by taking a nice long walk with Jazzmin. 484 more words


What is your Spirit Animal?

When I started researching the Aztecs for my children’s book The Scarlet Files: Cat Burglar, I discovered they believed in Nahuallis. Nahualli is an Aztec word meaning ‘shadow soul.’ It is your animal twin, your spiritual double. 187 more words

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Rise and Fall, Chapter 2: Okaihee

Last time on Rise and Fall, Zerif made Abeke and Meilin swim to shore while being chained to one another. Will Zerif ever stop being 100% A Dick? 937 more words

Spirit Animals

Glowing White Spirit Animals Against the Taipei Rain

He did not know why he kept walking, or rather he had no name for the energy, or force, that kept each foot bringing him off the subway, up the station stairs and into the crowded streets. 700 more words