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Spirit sighting

Driving home from my girlfriends, we spotted the first animal spirit sighting. It had snowed during dinner and we took it easy, gliding over the wet, potentially slippery roads. 771 more words


Animals Helping Each Other From Spirit

Many of us have witnessed altruistic behaviour from our animal companions towards us and other animals, but it is less common to experience help from one dog to another when one of the dogs is in spirit. 440 more words

Stupid Gurus Think They Know Me

They said my spirit animal

Was an angry polar bear.

That irked me, so I killed them

And just left them lying there.

Then I paddled my polar ice cap… 19 more words


The Magic Couch

Day 23,699: Our Old Dog Dozes

Today we took our old dog to the vet. He’s only 11, but as a Black Labrador, he’s on the back nine. 850 more words


Flat Painting- Week 3

After using a sketchbook to experiment with colour and gradient work, I was confident using warm red tones on top of the gold and brown board. 316 more words


My Spirit Animal

A couple of years ago I was talking to a family member over a holiday meal. This relative was explaining how as a Christian, she was upset that kids in her daughter’s third grade class were talking about their spirit animals. 666 more words

White Wings and a Starry Night

It was one of those sad and depressing nights when I lay on my hostel bed uncertain and lost, searching for one single bleak of hope. 485 more words