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The Face of a Queen by Alethea Kehas

Reblogged from Alethea Kehas, who played Guinevere at the recent leaf and Flame Workshop.

Legends tell of a queen of great beauty. Guinevere, thought by some to be part mortal, part Fae, a queen who seduced hearts and intoxicated the eyes. 288 more words




Run wild, run free and know the touch of wind upon your back

Yet freedom’s totem knows it has a home within the pack.

Part of a greater life, yet still at ease alone, he stands… 35 more words


Leaf and Flame: Solar Symbol

There was a full moon as we walked back from the inn on the Friday night and the moon greeted us the following morning, sailing across a pastel sky. 362 more words


Rise and Fall, Chapter 12: Sundown

Last time on Rise and Fall, the surviving Male Protagonists (and Irtike!) stole Cabaro’s talisman, destroyed his oasis, and learned that Gar died. So who’s going to be the final boss? 410 more words

Spirit Animals

Great Blue Heron as a Spirit Animal

When we cross paths with Heron, what does he want us to know? What is his message for us? In this blog post, I will talk about the Blue Heron as a Spirit Animal. 1,056 more words


Women + Literature

I find great comfort in books. In particular non-fiction. I tend to get bored of make-believe and would rather spend my time reading about things that really happened; in some way it’s like getting my own life experiences without leaving the comfort of the pages in front of me. 483 more words


The first podcast of the quarter.

The highlight of this week was definitely discussing our spirit animals. I’m a Tasmanian Devil and Molly is apparently a Margay.

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