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Butterfly - Spirit Animal 

A butterfly fluttered into my life yesterday, twice and then again today. It’s summer and you could say it’s common to see these little fairy winged beauties everywhere. 552 more words


Haiku Journal Day 92 - Nature spoke to me

Hawk, I can see you
Watching over me, waving
I see you see me

Clouds were majestic
As the rain poured over me
Quietly roll by… 25 more words


When Your Spirit Animals Are Your Actual Animals 

When a cat meows, it usually sounds like it ends with a question mark. Have you noticed that? And the ironic thing is that when they meow they aren’t typically making inquiries, but demands.  1,266 more words

Lizard - Spirit Animal 

We didn’t hike much during my last day off, but instead we went on a little drive in the country. Like so many other times before, we drove the Gold Lakes Highway and I swear there is something special about this area. 959 more words


Scary Saturday - A Sign From Above or Beyond

I have named this series Scary Saturday because it is human nature to be afraid of things we do not understand. Paranormal events are most often scary, unnerving, and unsettling. 1,350 more words



I live in an apartment complex that sits in the heart of the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) metroplex. It is one of the largest metroplexes in the state and possibly even the United States. 271 more words

Writing And Music

TANAAZ (Forever Conscious): “Common Animal Messengers and Their Meaning”

Animals have an important purpose on this earth. They walk alongside us as teachers, messengers and as givers of light and love. They help us to understand the world that we live in and they teach us so much about what was here before us and what will be here after us. 1,210 more words