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My Spirit Animal: The Gnashing Of Claws And Teeth

I’m in Budapest, traveling further and further east, further away, sitting in café, watching people walk by on the street. I’m alone. I can feel it. 621 more words

The Evertree, Chapter 6: Dorian

Last time on The Evertree, most of the Sirs / Little Misses Only Appearing in This Book joined the party, and the Protagonists decided to start the endgame quest. 329 more words

Spirit Animals

A Day at the Aquarium (Or, Spirit Critters, Galore!)

Last weekend, I got to pining something fierce for the beach.  Waves in my face, sand in my butt, the whole thing.  So J and I talked briefly about driving a short way to the Gulf Coast for a day and I got all excited…but then the next morning I decided to postpone that idea because seriously, y’all, there are all these coast alerts about flesh-eating bacteria cases and the last thing I felt like doing this weekend was having a happy day in the water and then coming home only to have my leg rot off, or something. 1,760 more words

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Dark Thriller Series Debuts

Pale Wolf

The Spirit Speaker I

Wolf is the pathfinder, guardian and shapeshifter.

The full moon gives the animal spirit its greatest power. He will need it for his mission; protect the woman who is on a dangerous journey. 92 more words

Dark Fantasy

A Little Furry Friend

This morning as I was taking the trash out to the trash receptacle, I saw something run out from underneath it.  What was that!  As I walked past the wall of the enclosure, there on the curb sat a little chipmunk!   230 more words

The Evertree, Chapter 4: Prisoner

Last time on The Evertree, Conor was saved from certain death, and the party made plans for the endgame. Will they succeed? Find out after the cut. 337 more words

Spirit Animals

The Medicine Wheel (part 2)

As promised, I’ll be doing an in-depth case study on the medicine wheel reading. I present to you, our subject Anne Frank. I have already given a brief explanation on her totem animals individually in the last post. 1,121 more words