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Spirit Walks and Nature Talks #6: Establishing Relationships with Nature

Another exercise from Ted Andrew’s Nature-Speak . Enjoy, and have a great weekend. This one is about establishing a relationship with nature through a Nature Log/Journal, and also mentions tips on how we can connect with and show appreciation to nature in our daily lives. 338 more words



A recent picture and a butterfly in my hand. He stayed there for quite awhile, still and just hanging out. The signs of the spirit animals and the guidance of my journey continue to be strong, entering my life at dizzying speeds. 83 more words

Spirit Animals

Love, Fight, Work, Learn: If a Dog, would I be a Siberian Husky or German Shepherd?



This essay is not truly about dogs so don’t be disappointed if you read on. I, rather, was thinking of finding or creating a quiz: when a person has such and such traits, what sort of animal would they be most like? 2,238 more words

Animals and Epiphanies in the Wild Extremities

The authoress of Wild walked 1100 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, which is really impressive in itself. I walked 150 miles this summer, (60 over 3 days one month, 90 over 4 days the next month) and it was quite tough, although like they say in the movie, it gets easier, and the second longer trip seemed more comfortable. 693 more words

Early Travels

Poem: Chickadee, Chickadee IV

– Is there any
food on
the table,
our girl,
our girl?

My chickadee
my chickadee
yes, there
is, your´re
so welcome.

– We are… 54 more words


Spirit Dog

Spirit Dog & Spirit Animals

24 hours ago I was in the presence of #wolfdog named Sabre. Within seconds of meeting him I was bleeding. Then I sat on a bench to be on his level, told him him not to jump on me. 326 more words



My path to receiving inner-strength from the spirit of the elephant begins with a post I had saved about Ganesh, the Hindu God of wisdom who is best recognized in artwork by his elephant head. 416 more words