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Complete Roach

Last night

I will be head of a Woman,

a Complete Roach


The Turtle: My Spirit Animal

Public speaking is my kryptonite; I avoid it as much as I possibly can. When I was in community college, it was a requirement to take a communications class in order to eventually transfer to a California State university. 615 more words

Random Thoughts

Many talents of animals

Going to bed with this one. Hope I enjoy it. Maybe you will enjoy it, too.


The Hummingbird

This story has been on my heart for a year. Last summer, I was visiting my sister at her cabin in the beautiful West Virginia mountains (there’s a reason people call it “almost heaven”). 451 more words


Animals are the best friends in need and solitarity

Animals can have a lot to give humans irrespective of any return back. Animals in any form and shape whether cute or not so cute always capture our attention by their innocence.We do agree that all the species on this earth came to life with some importance, we do care about all the animals except helpless hens, goats and sheep even cows ,buffalo’s get slaughtered for the sake of meat.Now, the very famous reason supported by meat eaters that these helpless animals are meant to eat because they fall in the category of our food requirements for cold and health etc. 92 more words

Save Animals

The Book of Shane: Vengeance

Last time on Spirit Animals, our Protagonists defeated the Big Bad and saved the world. But what did Shane do after he ditched the party? Find out after the cut. 2,396 more words

Spirit Animals