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Angel or Spirit Guide message

Yes, there are Angels, Spirit Guides and Spirit Animals that watch over us, and they often send us messages when we need spiritual guidance.

Yet, we often are so caught up in our problems, that we don’t really listen to these messages. 60 more words


Against the Tide, Chapter 3: Storm

Last time on Against the Tide, the Protagonists were summoned to not!Polynesia by a Godlike Octopus, and were attacked by seagulls en route. Will they survive the trip? 1,085 more words

Spirit Animals

ICYMI: Amy Schumer Gets Cooler Everyday

When she’s not fending off hawks or filming her hilarious sketch comedy show on Comedy Central, Amy Schumer is promoting her new movie Trainwreck and, in the process, helping to raise over $750,000 for 7 different charities across the U.S. 174 more words

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Women Who Run With Wolves

I purchased the book Women Who Run With the Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Women Archetype a handful of months ago. Sitting at my bedside, I’d put off starting it for one reason or another, but over the past few days, I’ve finally dove in, and the timing really makes me believe in a kind of  415 more words

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Against the Tide, Chapter 2: At Sea

Last time on Against the Tide, Gerathon sacrificed a kid so she could give Kovo a Status Update. What other horrible things will these Godlike Animals do? 594 more words

Spirit Animals

To Kiss or Not to Kiss....

Now and then an opportunity comes to find a nugget of gold.

You could kiss me and see if a Prince I’ll be or

admire what God created to behold… 124 more words


Against the Tide, Chapter 1: Kovo

Last time on Spirit Animals, Rollan found and lost his mother, while the Protagonists lost a McGuffin and learned that there is a mole in their midst. 444 more words

Spirit Animals