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A sleepy start

I didn’t sleep all that well the night before vacation. Technically, vacation started the moment I walked away from work, but I was stuck in overdrive mode, trying to get everything done. 794 more words


Animal Medicine

February 21st

I see a two black dots
the floor.

Most would kill,
but I hear,
“Be patient. Trust natural law.
“The promise is just over the horizon.” 53 more words

As I See It


The spirit of the bald eagle gravitates towards people who have a mastery of the physical and spiritual worlds. If eagle soars into your world, pay special attention to any spiritual guidance or intuitive thoughts you receive right now. 100 more words


The day before - Pre trip 

The “Owl” came to visit the night before our trip. I was in the process of packing a few last minute items such as toiletries as I heard the first whoo whoo coming from the backyard. 582 more words


Not one rose is random on this planet

One of the reasons why I never stop reading animal communication books are beautiful stories similar to the one of Rosie the cat below. This seemingly “random” cat found her way to where she belonged with a little help from a spirit cat. 950 more words


Panther Spirit Animal

Panther Spirit Animal Powers, Gifts, & Teachings:

“Symbolizes courage, valor, power, beauty, grace, challenge, and rites of passage. Panthers are a fierce guardian for us, blessed with ancient maternal lunar power.

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Animal Illustration