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Mastering the Art of Selling a Glass of Water to a Hipster

Happy New Year, Smiley Faces, Tongues Hanging Out, Hearts For Eyes, and you all other round faced emoticons, especially you, Eyes Closed Cheeks Blushing <3 (call me) 3,071 more words

Spirit Animals

There has been jokes on the internet these days about so and so being someones spirit animal. It’s funny to a certain degree but for those people who work with power animals and spirit guides, it can be a bit frustrating. 243 more words

Zen Mermaid Blog

Alvin Hoy Goeser

Fun facts about the rider

  1. Alvin has been wearing Patagonia clothing since 1989 and has saved boxes of catalogs. His wardrobe is almost exclusively Patagonia and he still rocks some of his older fashions.
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Outdoor Recreation

Perfect symbols

       “Not necessarily these days, what do think it means?”
      “It’s the observer and the observed. They’re the observer. We’re the observed”
      “Don’t be absurd.”
      I motion out of the roof window where three Red Kites are flying in formation. 801 more words


Dreams, Reality and Spirit Guides: a way to self-exploration

The past week has proven to be enlightening… yet strange overall

First it began with a dream. In the lucid dream I had recently gotten a new tattoo; a back piece of a beautiful bird. 1,438 more words

The Last Akaway

By Gary Karton

The Last Akaway is good. It is about you having a spirit animal. I know my spirit animal ( I have three: Mr Hungry the Penguin, Lucy the Black Leopard and Raven). 146 more words

Book Review

What is Your Spirit Animal?

Last week we took a test to see if we had psychic abilities. You can find that post here: Are You a Psychic?

This week we are exploring what our spirit animal is. 340 more words

Empathic Connections