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Horse spirit animal

I met the horse spirit animal last night while riding the bike. It brought a message to comfort me, but I was too blind with hurt to see it. 151 more words


Spirit Animals Among Us

I heard the rustling and turned to see two small faces staring back at me.  They were not scared, they did not move, but looked me in the eyes and I knew their meaning was good. 275 more words


Message from the Fox

The fox is very smart, adaptable, and very loyal to the ones they love. The fox reminds us to reconnect to the ones you love to keep you balanced. 41 more words


I Just Tried to Contact My Spirit Guides & Freaked The Eff Out

Okay, so I’ve recently decided to start exploring the world of my spirit guides. I’ve always been able to sense things beyond our five senses and I’ve even seen a full-body apparition. 463 more words


Message from the Beaver

The Beaver reminds us how hardworking we are. We are constantly working to provide for our families. Sometimes it can be very tiring, but you need to push yourself and keep going. 29 more words


Message from the Wolf

The Wolf advises you to let go. You don’t always have to control everyone and everything. Even though you are the leader and have a hard time trusting others, you have to let things flow. 30 more words