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Spirit bear OK after possible crash with vehicle

SMITHERS – The white Kermode bear is usually a rare sight in British Columbia, but a motorist on Highway 37 in the province’s northwest thought they hit one recently. 136 more words


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Clover lives at the Kamloops Wildlife Centre and he is the only such bear in captivity.

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Black Bear


One of only about 300 spirit bears in British Columbia, the only place in the world they are found. Clover is the only such bear in captivity! 6 more words

Kermode Bear

Maa.... It's +38 degrees Celsius

Yikes, and my last post was “the jaws of winter”, WHAT happened? Nothing out of the ordinary just life. I definitely have been occupied. (I am trying this word out because I have developed a disdain for the word… 395 more words


The Spirit Bear

This coastal bear eating berries is known as a Kermode (or Spirit) bear. Isolated from interior bears for about 200,000 years while the coastal mountains acted as a barrier of ice during the Pleistocene, Kermode bears are considered a separate subspecies. 99 more words


Spirit Bear

Spirit Bears are found in the rain forest of British Columbia.  I think they are beautiful and truly one of our province’s best treasures.  I would love to see one in person some day.

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4 Places To Watch Wild Bears

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The planet’s largest land predator looked disarmingly cuddly. Ambling over the snowy tundra toward us, he was all big furry head and huge shaggy paws — which we got a close-up eyeful of as the polar bear stopped, rose up on his haunches and placed his big feet on the side of our vehicle to stare into my daughter’s astonished face, a mere pane of glass between them. 678 more words