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Beings of the Middle World

I have studied the core shamanism of Harner for over a decade now, and it is easily one of the most spiritually fulfilling “pagan” practices I’ve tried to date. 995 more words


Sacred Words: Entry 7 - Spirit Guide

I have had depression the majority of my puberty years, but when I was within those years I did not realize my depression. Within the solitude of depression, when I chose to be reserved, and had low self-worth, self-love, and self-confidence, I created worlds within my head, that have developed into stories and influenced my creative writing; 7 in total. 689 more words


Texts of a Workshop

Previously, I mentioned the workshop series I took “on the road” during the second half of 2016. This post will provide the “raw text” used in that workshop. 1,715 more words


Our Sacred Mother, Lady Florida

There is a God/dess here in the wildlands and streets.

My name is Dayan, though in some circles I go by Raine, and I never asked to be the mouth piece of a Divine Spirit of the Land.

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Sacred Words: Journal Entry 6

First post for January 2018, but a step back in time into 2010, a year where spiritual (life) growth began, a year where many of the Dream Journal entries posted in (Psychology and Resources and Tools for Self Development) category came from. 795 more words



I’ve experienced first hand how negative beliefs & thoughts can destroy a person from the inside out. That’s why no matter how challenging it may be I will always choose faith over pride. 11 more words

Intuition and Divination

There is something special about being able to deeply connect to the divine, to the spirit world.

In both Zen Buddhism and Shamanism, there’s a belief in the unseen. 822 more words