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A Month of Gratitude

11.1: I am thankful for the desert’s clear blue skies, crisp Autumn air, and bright sun – the desert is seemly magical this time of year… 1,906 more words


Emotional Series: Anger

The emotion I’ve felt lately is anger. I have felt angry about life and how I am living it. I have a great life, don’t get me wrong, but I feel I am living for others and not for myself too. 965 more words


Art I Persephone? 

White hot,  the world blinks

I am awake and aware and I

Climb.  Beyond the dark well

Of eternity.  Into a world gone

White entirely.  Holy.   90 more words


Drunken Stupor - Racing Thoughts, Racing

I’m learning that what doesn’t kill you helps you grow. I know now, in this drunken stupor, what I don’t wanna be. I watched my life pass me by, as if a silent melody came and went with the night. 209 more words

Spirit Journey

Dream Journal, Entry 2: Dream characteristics and themes

 Dream characteristics and themes:

  • All dreams have patterns that can be interpreted.
  • salient characteristics; chaotic and multiplicity and order; duality; the opposition of light and dark; upper and lower, right and left; the union of opposites in a third, the Quaternary (square, cross); rotation (circle/sphere); and the centering process and radial arrangement that usually follows some Quaternary system Triadic formations are rare apart from the…
355 more words
Spirit Journey

A Tale of the Sufferer

There once lived a man by the name of Zoriah who lived the life of luxury in the city of Bethlehem. He was a religious man, who followed God’s plan, but he had his doubts that grew until he was well into middle age.  909 more words


Wishful Thinking, A Step Toward a New Beginning

Jean Raffa, Earth Mother Archetype

Since I’ve been pushed back to being a per-diem employee at my current job, determination entered my bones, igniting my thumbed size flame, setting forth clarity of my inner path to enlightenment, my re-connection to our Mother Earth… the… 363 more words