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Drunken Stupor - Racing Thoughts, Racing

I’m learning that what doesn’t kill you helps you grow. I know now, in this drunken stupor, what I don’t wanna be. I watched my life pass me by, as if a silent melody came and went with the night. 209 more words

Spirit Journey

Dream Journal, Entry 2: Dream characteristics and themes

 Dream characteristics and themes:

  • All dreams have patterns that can be interpreted.
  • salient characteristics; chaotic and multiplicity and order; duality; the opposition of light and dark; upper and lower, right and left; the union of opposites in a third, the Quaternary (square, cross); rotation (circle/sphere); and the centering process and radial arrangement that usually follows some Quaternary system Triadic formations are rare apart from the…
355 more words
Spirit Journey

A Tale of the Sufferer

There once lived a man by the name of Zoriah who lived the life of luxury in the city of Bethlehem. He was a religious man, who followed God’s plan, but he had his doubts that grew until he was well into middle age.  909 more words


Wishful Thinking, A Step Toward a New Beginning

Jean Raffa, Earth Mother Archetype

Since I’ve been pushed back to being a per-diem employee at my current job, determination entered my bones, igniting my thumbed size flame, setting forth clarity of my inner path to enlightenment, my re-connection to our Mother Earth… the… 363 more words


Serenity is Subtle Freedom

Psyche by Holly Sierra

The Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
the courage to change the things I can; 933 more words


Sacred Words: Journal Entry 5

1st day of meditation…

I left the house feeling heavy, nervous. As I began walking, concentrating on breathing, I began to calm some. When I sat down on the bench I was nervous. 308 more words

Spirit Journey

Tales and Insights: Why Are We Here?

Suzanna peers before her at the unlit street light and wonders, contemplates it, why is it here?

Suzanna shifts her gaze to the left and watches the man with a cigar, the one sitting beside her on this park bench in Phoenix, Arizona. 643 more words