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Good Things are Going to Happen

Through the darkness there is light

Through the murky waters of change, there’s a glimmer of clarity – clarity will exist.

It is all about perspective, how you want to view your reality. 34 more words

Affirmations And Humor

Let it Flow

“Imagine the waterfall. Feel the power of the water rushing forward, cascading down over the rocks. Nothing stands in its way, nothing stops it force. It doesn’t have to push against anything to do this.

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A Month of Gratitude

11.1: I am thankful for the desert’s clear blue skies, crisp Autumn air, and bright sun – the desert is seemly magical this time of year… 1,906 more words


Emotional Series: Anger

The emotion I’ve felt lately is anger. I have felt angry about life and how I am living it. I have a great life, don’t get me wrong, but I feel I am living for others and not for myself too. 965 more words


Art I Persephone? 

White hot,  the world blinks

I am awake and aware and I

Climb.  Beyond the dark well

Of eternity.  Into a world gone

White entirely.  Holy.   90 more words


Drunken Stupor - Racing Thoughts, Racing

I’m learning that what doesn’t kill you helps you grow. I know now, in this drunken stupor, what I don’t wanna be. I watched my life pass me by, as if a silent melody came and went with the night. 209 more words

Spirit Journey

Dream Journal, Entry 2: Dream characteristics and themes

 Dream characteristics and themes:

  • All dreams have patterns that can be interpreted.
  • salient characteristics; chaotic and multiplicity and order; duality; the opposition of light and dark; upper and lower, right and left; the union of opposites in a third, the Quaternary (square, cross); rotation (circle/sphere); and the centering process and radial arrangement that usually follows some Quaternary system Triadic formations are rare apart from the…
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Spirit Journey