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Birth of Spring

The breeze brings a hint of warmth in the air, letting us know spring is near in the Northern Hemisphere. As the days go by, the sun slowly rises earlier and remains in the sky longer. 235 more words


Get Out Of The Way | Life Coach| Fulfillment Finder

I am not a religious person, but I do consider myself spiritual. I have always believed in a higher power and had an attraction to learn more about it, but it has only been in recent years I have really been able to tune into it and openly talk about it. 594 more words

Career Coach

My 3 Favourite Words | Life Coach | Career Fulfillment Coach

Before I start, I want to preface this post by apologizing in advance for the earworm that is about to begin in your head.

I first recognized the power that these 3 words had over me during a recent massage session. 633 more words

Career Coach

Hang Above My Throne

I am burning holes in my body
with the desire to see my bones;
too many times have others burned me
down to bone. It is my turn now. 139 more words

A Trip Back in Time: Reflection on the Past Three Years in Retrograde, Part 2

Welcome back to A Trip Back in Time! In part two we are going back to 2011 briefly, and in lightening speed with a brief summary of the last 3 years, we will reach 2014! 4,520 more words


Rationalize Or Courage | Life Coaching Calgary

Are you rationalizing your thoughts? What does that tell you?

Yesterday I ran into my ex for the first time in over 2 years. It was terrible and it was awkward and boy did it bring back a lot of emotion and anger. 753 more words

War Of One - Pissing In The Past

I wrote something yesterday, but with a click of a button I made it disappear. I didn’t want to read my own drivel, which is pretty par for the course. 1,413 more words