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Intuition and Divination

There is something special about being able to deeply connect to the divine, to the spirit world.

In both Zen Buddhism and Shamanism, there’s a belief in the unseen. 822 more words



Listen to the subtle speech within nature, and within your heart. The silent speeches are true blessings. <3


Spirit Walks and Nature talks #7: The Archetypes found in Nature

Another snip-bit from Ted Andrew’s Nature Speak . This post is related to the major archetypes of C.G. Jung: the hero, the magician, the warrior, and the wise one . 1,105 more words


Comfort Zone

Entering the dark unknown

The cliff is nearby, I can feel it’s’ tough, strong, steady presence near my still form. I have landed on the bottom of the dark unknown, but not in a standing position. 1,217 more words


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Blind Walking

(artist: Andrew Ferez)

It feels as if I am walking, walking blindly into unknown territory; as if a cloth is over my eyes, and a gentle wind at my back forcing me to move forward. 626 more words


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Check out this post on harness magazine :) https://www.harnessmagazine.com/blind-walking/

The Serpent Road

A road wends like a snake in the grass

Without the meataphor usually associated

To reptiles given a bad reputation

This road did not lurk or menace… 140 more words


Spirit Walks and Nature talks #5: How Nature Speaks to Us

From Ted Andrews, Nature-Speak: Signs, Omens and Messages in Nature

Think of interpreting Nature encounter in a way similar to dream interpretation. Dream images can have multiple meanings that apply to several areas of our life.

1,961 more words
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