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The long term shackle

Most people I know (including me) have something in their lives which I feel is like a long term shackle. It’s a persistent problem that just doesn’t want to be resolved even though the person does their best to be rid of it. 307 more words


Year One: Self-development, Emotions, Life


It has now been 1 year (as of, 10/02) that this blog has been in existence.

Introduction: Why was “Inside a Soul” created?

Above is my first post, and I feel it sums up, still, the contents of my blog. 430 more words


Blind Walking within a Comfort Zone between the Crossroads of Past, Present, & Future

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I’ve been Blind Walking, blind walking into the unknown territories of my life. With my physical eyes blinded, I developed seeing through unseen eyes; the eyes of my subconscious. 987 more words


A fork in the road

One of my most significant spiritual experiences occurred when I was about thirteen. It was as if this moment would be a decisive one for the rest of my life, full of symbolic meaning and importance. 913 more words


Nature is my church

Beauty surrounds me

And I am filled with awe

Birds sing, and beetles crawl

The cold air fills my heart with warmth

This moment I will treasure forever… 41 more words


She Let Go

– a poem by Reverend Safire Rose

She let go. Without a thought or a word, she let go.

She let go of the fear.  She let go of the judgements.  305 more words


On grappling with dishonesty

Dishonesty is an interesting concept isn’t it? People tell the truth, people lie, and then there are many versions in-between. It’s not just a matter of black and white, there is a span of grey area which can be difficult to deal with. 448 more words