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Sacred Words: Journal Entry 6

First post for January 2018, but a step back in time into 2010, a year where spiritual (life) growth began, a year where many of the Dream Journal entries posted in (Psychology and Resources and Tools for Self Development) category came from. 795 more words



I’ve experienced first hand how negative beliefs & thoughts can destroy a person from the inside out. That’s why no matter how challenging it may be I will always choose faith over pride. 11 more words

Intuition and Divination

There is something special about being able to deeply connect to the divine, to the spirit world.

In both Zen Buddhism and Shamanism, there’s a belief in the unseen. 822 more words



Listen to the subtle speech within nature, and within your heart. The silent speeches are true blessings. <3


Spirit Walks and Nature talks #7: The Archetypes found in Nature

Another snip-bit from Ted Andrew’s Nature Speak . This post is related to the major archetypes of C.G. Jung: the hero, the magician, the warrior, and the wise one . 1,105 more words


Comfort Zone

Entering the dark unknown

The cliff is nearby, I can feel it’s’ tough, strong, steady presence near my still form. I have landed on the bottom of the dark unknown, but not in a standing position. 1,217 more words


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Blind Walking

(artist: Andrew Ferez)

It feels as if I am walking, walking blindly into unknown territory; as if a cloth is over my eyes, and a gentle wind at my back forcing me to move forward. 626 more words


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