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Guide to Awesome... Day 56

Kid President’s Guide suggests this for Day 56:

Love changes everything, so fill the world with it.


Be kind.
That’s a start.
Spread kindness around.

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All The Words

Do You Believe in Your Dream?

It really only comes down to belief. In order for you to take action towards your dreams, you HAVE to believe in yourself. You have to believe that your dream is possible. 210 more words


What Do You Believe You Deserve?

For the past month I’ve been working intensely on my money mindset. In that time I’ve noticed just how much I’ve grown and what my mindset once thought as ‘that will never happen for me’ has now become ‘that WILL happen for me’. 297 more words


A New Perspective

Someone once told me I reminded them of the cow in the photo above.
I can see the similarity in the photo below.
 The same person tole me I looked like that “Justin Beaver” kid. 57 more words


Unplug to Connect

We spend so very much time connected to electronics, I think we forget what it feels like to be connected to each other.  This weekend, I got to connect with some dear humans without the wires. 36 more words


What is an idol?

“Someone you make better than yourself, who is your source of happiness.”

In other words,

“Your happiness depends on that person.”

And leaves us feeling… 9 more words


Signs, Signs - everywhere there's signs!

The universe is always trying to talk to you. The question is do you hear it?

Each and every day there is guidance should you choose to open up your awareness and perspective and receive it. 753 more words