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Defining Health

What is health?

It’s different for everyone…

And sometimes I think good health means indulging in some good chocolate or a plate of macaroni and cheese! 419 more words


Monday Mantra 1

Monday has snuck up on us again! How do you feel on Monday morning – tired, sad, overwhelmed, rushed or excited, happy, relaxed? I can look at this 2 ways. 160 more words


Farting In Class & Other Important Topics

I try to remind my students that their yoga practice is theirs and theirs only. It is unique to them and what their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs are. 1,050 more words

Health & Wellness

14. Got down on my knees

We’ve all had them, moments where we’ve literally been brought to our knees in desperation. I’ve been a crisis only pray-er many a time. Please God, get me the job. 680 more words

Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda.

This blog came to light after I got a sign that I have needed for awhile now. Although it was something I already knew at my core, sometimes we just need that reassurance or simply a reminder of something we already know. 834 more words

Urban Achiever - Episode 5 - Sean O'Donnell

Sean O’Donnell (Dogwood, Reeve Oliver, Yellowcard) and I first came to know each other when I was his A&R guy in the 90’s. Sean is a talented songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist as well as recording engineer and producer. 47 more words


The Path of Least Resistance

I think we all wish to walk the path of least resistance. To have things go exactly as we wish they would. But if we let go, if we breathe in the moment, a calm washes over you and suddenly everything that once felt terrifying, everything you once tried so very hard to resist, it feels perfect. 220 more words