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Happy Holidays 2015

Happy Holiday’s!!

This year went by so quickly (I know I say that every year) but this truly has been one crazy year. I have been challenged and succeeded in things I never thought I’d even do or try. 742 more words


Tiny Mad Ideas

Every belief you hold began as one “tiny mad idea” as my guru Gabby Bernstein, self-proclaimed “Spirit Junkie” would say. We often do not realize how good our brains are at receiving and storing information. 810 more words

Gabby Bernstein

When You Know, You Know

One of the keys of manifesting your desires is dwelling in a state of knowing. We’ve all heard the expression, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” However, Dr. 723 more words


The Moon is ever so mysterious. Every night it illuminates the sky and creates the rise and fall of our ocean’s tides.  Subconsciously, it represents our emotions and personal needs. 1,059 more words


QOTD: Shifting Perceptions

“The outside world reflects our internal state, and when we shift our perceptions, the world shifts accordingly.” – Gabrielle Bernstein, Spirit Junkie

As a very sensitive lady, my perceptions have been a huge factor in my relationships and how I am affected by things.   50 more words

Life Lessons

Your Mission is to Rock Your Light for the World!

Hungry for change? Do you feel like you’re constantly going back and forth with your business? Hoping for change and never quite seeing progress?

Been there. 1,400 more words


Fresh Start

Wow. The last couple of years have been tough. Saying I hit some incredible lows in my life is an understatement. Am I where I formerly envisioned myself at my quarter life crisis? 276 more words