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Signs, Signs - everywhere there's signs!

The universe is always trying to talk to you. The question is do you hear it?

Each and every day there is guidance should you choose to open up your awareness and perspective and receive it. 753 more words



Ok. So, tomorrow is Saturday.  Totally a perfect day to unplug. Put down the phone.  Close the computer.  Power down the tablet.  For all intents and purposes, move all technology to the settings that you would feel secure if you were taking off on a flight with 100 air marshals ensuring your devices were in accordance with FAA regulations. 40 more words


Gratitude for my teacher, my friend

Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.
William Arthur Ward

When you feel overwhelmingly gratitude, express it.

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When you’re anxious or worried, be patient.  The key to patience opens the door of happiness. -Rumi

What are you worried about?
What are you anxious about?

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Let the water settle; you will see the moon and stars mirrored in your being. – Rumi

There is so much churning in the world.

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Feel the fear and do it anyway.
Susan Jeffers

What does that mean?

Some of us understand this to mean to throw away the fear and push on.  

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