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Talk Too Much

I think it was a Co worker who once said that communicating with dead people was awesome because you always knew what was coming.  Lol. Wrong. 425 more words

Like Water Through Cloth

The earth ripples with it,

under all it runs like water –

slips like drops unnoticed.

At that first touch we shiver,

our skin unused to the shock of cold. 108 more words


The Obsession

I’m at a loss. How do I put this in a poem so I don’t write 50,000 words on it? This topic, this subject has consumed me for 4 1/2 years. 680 more words



Commit your ways to the Lord and He will make them straight

Commit your ways to the Lord and Him never forsake

Recommit to the Lord for in  the water we were buried and on the cross  our sins he carried. 15 more words


Pippin, Hegel's Practical Philosophy: Ch. 3

This is the reading for June 24th’s meeting.  You can get the location and other details at our meetup.com page.

In chapters 1 and 2, Pippin argued that Hegel’s practical philosophy—which Hegel would have called a philosophy of spirit—is primarily a theory of freedom.   2,574 more words


At least.

Lately I feel like life has been beating me up, so I took a few minutes to meditate this morning. I realized I hadn’t meditated for a week or so and really thought I could use it. 325 more words