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Twelve Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus - Spirit (1970)

Album no. 178/1001

The fourth album from Spirit, recorded at a time when tensions in the band were running high. They split not long after this came out, and five years later the album went platinum. 481 more words

Rock N Roll

Is God Working Undercover?

Okay, so I couldn’t stay away. I just have to share today’s report.

You ever have one of those days when you don’t feel like doing anything? 358 more words


2 years later Short Journal (4 months old) - Spirit Man's Heart

Today (four months ago) is one of many days that I have lived without escape. Or so it seems. Escape, from what? is the the question that people dear to me and I dear to them, have been trying to figure out. 772 more words

When Your Work Is Sacred

I had an interesting experience just recently with a buyer, who by word of mouth had gotten wind of my work and decided to contact me in order to purchase some pieces. 400 more words


Night watchman

Some days she found she was feeling a bit more ‘creepy’ than usual. Not in the sense of being a creep or mentally choosing to feel creeped by others, but an overall, all encompassing, down to the toes vibe that followed her around like a shadow in a dimly lit room. 857 more words



            The moment we fight our way into this world we begin to rebel against obedience. We cringe at the very notion of relinquishing our will and power to another regardless of the reason. 1,471 more words