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The last 33 days . . . Living off the grid. ..

I want to burst out of my skin with joy, we now have a flushing toilet.

I laughed at myself in the mall, I stood in the booth just flushing the toilet and… 429 more words


Preparing for the Journey Beyond this Life

We know that the human life is going to end in a particular manner. Although we know the end, we do everything else, except what we are supposed to do, that is, preparing for the journey beyond. 109 more words


8 Weeks.


The story doesn’t end here! …so why should this project?

Focusing on gratitude instead of loss has been important to me. It utilizes courage, strength, and appriciation. 453 more words


Last Day.

I made a video instead of an image post. I haven’t watched this after recording…I’m sure it isn’t the most coherent, articulate, or motivational! Ha! But I did want intentional video evidence of my pre-surgery self…so that I can remember my goals and feelings…if I ever feel I’ve lost touch with it. 73 more words


Listening to Your Spirit

        When the Holy Spirit comes to live in you, He becomes one with your Spirit and functions through your Spirit. Therefore, by learning to listen to your Spirit, you’re actually listening to the Holy Spirit who lives within you. 359 more words


Clockwork Orchestra - Percy

Artist:Clockwork Orchestra
Title: Percy
Keywords: ghost, sighting, spirit, electronic, pop, experimental

If you have been lost in fascination of sightings of ghosts, spirits and poltergeists, you can spend many of your days going through billions of YouTube clips. 532 more words