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Gaming with life

I’m sorry but I don’t want to apologize for the silly attitude that I quite often have.

I love to be unpredictable and sarcastic. So sarcastic people don’t get that I’m being sarcastic. 697 more words

the change

Who am I talking to when I think? Am I really thinking or am I listening to my higher-self, who speaks directly to source? The Source brings messages to me in order to better humanity as a whole.   91 more words

The Limitless Space of Pure Being

Our rational, linear minds
with their fixation
on right and wrong
good and bad
male and female
past and future
success and failure–
these minds cannot grasp… 204 more words



I don’t owe you my soul.

I don’t owe you my consciousness.

I don’t owe you an apology, I don’t owe you anything.

We are one soul. 183 more words


WIGTW: 'Every Christian Should know these....'

Happy New Month!

I am not an ardent promoter of the ‘Theme for the month’ affair, not that I am against it, it is just what it is. 1,378 more words


Living in Surrender

“Today I am grateful for having the question without the answer.”

– from Merging Worlds

Inspiration And Motivation