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special ornaments, healings, and God's blessings

My Christmas ornaments are really important to me.

Each year, I add a few more to our tree:

Some of them, I’ve picked up at events – at Christmas Village, made by special needs adults, some are from special things that have happened in our family – Henry’s ornaments, and some are ones that were just “us.” 976 more words


My Autumn Journal

My Autumn Journal

In my autumn journal we’ve said our grace

As we start our day in grace we retrieve our place

in the wisdom of our family lives we live… 90 more words

Poetry By Sharmelle

Evening Prayer - 18 November 2017

The sun has set and the Vesper Lights flicker and glow

A long journey is completed

Safe traveling from Minnesota to Colorado

As I prepare for sleep, Lord, sustain me… 35 more words


Rose, Not Dead Weight

You’re valuable. You are worth it.

You should stop right now wasting your feelings on those who don’t value you.

Time wasted on chasing, convincing, and accepting what’s not going to honor you by choice is time that could have been spent invested into those who value you, who are honest and as vulnerable as you, and who create goals instead of excuses. 37 more words

Saturday - Nov. 18 - 9:10pm

As I lay in bed listening to the beautiful music of Kevin Paris; I started to feel inspired & just needed to write.

We are all forgetting who we really are. 174 more words


Speak yourself well, this moment.

Sound heals. Think music! Opera stimulates the same area of the brain as transcendent states. We all know now, hopefully, that the frequency of music deeply affects our well-being and levels of calm and aggression. 487 more words

Energy Healing

4 Ways to Make the Most of Your Procrastination

I haven’t written in a couple days.

Yeah, I guess you could say… I’ve kind of been procrastinating.

It’s not that I don’t want to write. 1,168 more words