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Are You Intuitively Sensitive?

Your intuition is an integral aspect of your core self. Along the journey of uncovering and claiming your authentic self, your intuition will increase. To varying degrees you may experience some of the common characteristics of intuitively sensitive people. 784 more words

“Living in Our Element”: Connecting Body and Soul

“Living in Our Element”:  Connecting Body and Soul

Rabbi Danielle Upbin

In college, a favorite past time among my group of friends was drumming and singing Native American chants. 810 more words


Why Take Care of Yourself?

We know it’s important, yet to many of us taking care of ourselves is only an afterthought. Yes we are called to care for others, to be selfless, but we shouldn’t neglect ourselves in the process. 485 more words


A poem: Keep on singing

I’m going to keep on singing these soft songs,

In this wondrous land that is only mine.

I’ll keep on dancing to this mellow lullaby, … 52 more words



Finisterre… a place of wild imagination!