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I would like to think that I have this one all taken care of, but do I?  As I observe Love Your Body Month (February) in addition to… 200 more words


Lenten Haiku #1

I’ve Taken Things for Granted

My daughter asked me
why people go on diets
to celebrate Lent.

During Lent 2016, I will be posting a new haiku every day as part of my Lenten practice. 9 more words


Happy Wednesday Update


Engaging in a regular practice that helps to nurture a person’s relationship with God is a wonderful focus for the Lenten season. 1,072 more words

United Church -Nickel District Pastoral Charge

Baby looks like...

Ok, posts focusing on Alice’s birth are over, we are transitioning into her being in our life. Now that the drama is over (for now), time to start taking things for granted. 247 more words


Pocket Lent: ashes

This is the truth.

Everything is not going to be okay.  Some things will be okay. Some things will not.

How will you love yourself, in the meantime, that’s what matters.

That’s the lesson.

Ash Wednesday

I’m looking for a new perspective on Ash Wednesday. My daughters asked me about its significance and I responded, “It’s a reminder that life is temporary.” 165 more words

Wonder Why I Wander?

Photo: Cartagena, Colombia. 2016.

I’m an introvert. It’s the way I feel, not the things I have, that contribute to who I am. Therefore, spending time exploring on my own is an opportunity for me to connect with myself, internally. 580 more words