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Saving Ourselves

The only way to save yourself is to change how you feel about yourself and how you think yourself to be.

A new job won’t do it. 266 more words

Leibsáwel - Elixir Of Youth

The Forbidden Fire.

The Dances Of The Ichthyophagids.

Who You Are Now

Is The Gift Of Time

Which Is Kept

In The Fragments Of Your Soul.

91 more words

As the Sunlight Confirms Our Calling

Our hearts will be strengthened in proportion to our rivers

as the sunlight confirms our calling that yes,

we can walk in the healing and give, 13 more words


The Child

Hurt. Guilt. Shame. Defeated she stays trapped. Wrapped up in a tight cocoon. Longing to be a butterfly. Free. Flying free. The cocoon, however, stays hidden shut. 668 more words


The Dream


This dream that is ours
This dream that the world can wake up to itself
Through rapturous respect and radical reverence… 138 more words


What Do You Hear?

I missed last week, sorry. I had a post started and just got really sad. It contained thoughts on the current state of being here in this country and it was hurting my heart. 534 more words


Who will remember when the future is lost?

Who will remember to tally the cost?

What will we do when we’ve nothing to give?

What will we do with no reason to live? 58 more words