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The Journey Begins

Human beings are spiritual in nature.  We were created to soar in the atmospheres of heaven…in the realms of divine love.  But we have imprisoned ourselves in the muck of materialism and are slowly destroying ourselves and the next seven generations.  34 more words


Daily Prompt: Parallel

I believe Rorschach inkblots have parallel designs, one half is similar to the other half. I have a Rorschach design hanging on my living room wall to remind me of something very important. 290 more words

Spiritual Fruit

Marriage of Heart and Mind

This is an auspicious day to look at your feminine energy, your heart/Higher Self, and your mind, which is the masculine. Which are you leading with on a daily basis? 252 more words



I once heard a sermon by Brother Leonard Ravenhill titled, “While Men Slept“. It’s one that I soon intend to hear again, because never before have I been as convicted over this sin as I am today! 371 more words


April Contemplations: Day 19

Because what happens is, the moments when things happen in our life, we don’t control. In a moment, life can change for the better or what in the moment may seem for the worse.

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