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Good and Evil

In the Garden of Eden what kept Adam and Eve from being seen? When God called out to Adam and Eve after they had eaten the forbidden fruit they hid themselves in the garden; they were afraid because they were naked. 1,221 more words

my own personal maybe fitness journey?

I don’t like personal blogs because I find them hard to keep up with, but my sister thought I should keep one and this is good because it will keep me accountable for this “fitness journey” I believe I am about to be on. 589 more words


The Three Ps, Every Day

John 15: 26-27, 16:4b-15     Inclusive Bible

Note: Paraclete can be translated: one who consoles or comforts, one who encourages or uplifts, one who refreshes, and/or one who intercedes on our behalf as an advocate… 1,354 more words


How it's like to live with Lupus.

Hello friend!

If you ask 100 people with Lupus how it has affected them you will get 100 different answers. That is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to get a diagnosis and why it takes such a long time. 1,212 more words


Knocked off track

My last post was about falling off track. What you can do when you lose sight or motivation for your goal or vision? What about when you are knocked off track? 544 more words


Sabbath, Justice, and Systems of Exploitation

Walter Brueggemann positions Sabbath in direct contrast with the call to come out of Egypt in Hebrew Scriptures. Having endured slavery and hardship beyond our knowing, the Israelites are called to leave the exploitive conditions of Egypt and to receive the Word of God in the desert. 737 more words

Spiritual Practice


spirit is what one is
it comes from within
and moves outward
it is already one’s state

there is no taking on
there is only letting go of… 94 more words