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Paradoxical Themes

Where will I go?
I’m at an all time low…
Oh, this goes to show,
It’s not all about what you know.

I look up to the sky, 171 more words


The Heart Is Where It Starts

There are things that we’ll never know…
You’ve got to let go, you’ve got to let go.
There were times when things went slower…
But now we’re older, now we’re older. 114 more words

Want to meet your spirit guide?

I can draw up a sketch of your spirit guide, galactic friends, soul family members, a loved one, angels, and even one form of your parallel-self/higher-self. 88 more words


How to Save Money on Spirit Airlines Flights

As you guys may know, I fly Spirit a lot because cheap airfare is my best friend. Well, guess what. I just learned of a way to make Spirit flights even cheaper! 16 more words

Musings (Random Thoughts)

Urgent Message From Collective-Self

To our beautiful children,

The time has come for you to initiate the exposition of your own truths and the truths of those who have gained control of your hearts and minds. 1,244 more words

My Higher-Self: On Empathy

I can see you now.
Your eyes, they cry.
I can feel you now, darlin’,
I don’t want to pry.
‘Cause when you look me in the eye, 235 more words

Fluidity in Spirit: Mind of Light

This world is a causal realm as much as it is a physical realm. The mind begins to realize this in actuality as our focal point begins to extend out beyond the idea of Self as body, beyond the idea of Self as Mind. 348 more words