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Leaving the Mental Hospital.

It feels like there’s a shift in the tide. My 7-year old paroled mental patient has officially been discharged. It’s fascinating watching her as she’s changing so much, both physically and mentally. 790 more words


What It's Like to Raise a "Spirited" Child

It’s just past noon and I’ve already broken all the rules.

I gave my son yogurt-covered raisins even though I know they’re bad for his teeth. 795 more words

Sit Down! Shut Up! I'M In Control Here!

This week has been full of so many great things: great friends, great food and great conversations. What surprises me most is the number of moms I talk with (friends and strangers) who absolutely agree with me that parenting is the hardest job. 840 more words


My Daughter is a Pitbull

When Dan and I decided to adopt a puppy 5 years ago, we knew wanted some kind of Pitbull mix. Especially in the South, Pitbulls have a horrible time getting adopted, due in part to their less-than-stellar reputation, and also because of the prevalence of dog fighting rings which produce injured, often malnourished, fearful and in many cases aggressive animals. 986 more words


There's Nothing That Can Move Me Over To The Dark Side Faster Than Parenting My Spirited Child

Before my son was born, I imagined what type of child I would have and what a wonderful parent I’d be, then my wonderfully spirited child, whom I will refer to as Kid Perching or KP henceforth, came into the world. 577 more words


Best Brother Ever

Today I took my kids for their flu vaccine. There was a sign saying they were out of flu mist so I explained they would have to have the shot instead of the nose spray (they knew going in that it could be either). 125 more words

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