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Strong Willed, Independent, Disobedient, Spirited Child

This can also be titled: Note to Self. I have one of those children. You can label her whatever you like, but she is an independent person. 694 more words

Family Crush

Signs You May Have a Spirited Child

My 1 year old has been biting recently. And since he is in daycare, this is becoming a problem and seems to be getting worse. So I have been reading parenting blogs to try to get some ideas on how to stop it and came across this word recently. 845 more words

Toddler Life

When your child. . . changes.

I’m not sure what I expected before I became a mom. I think you hope your child will be good and kind and gracious but at the end of the day you sort of *expect* that they WILL be. 631 more words


Sports and Injury--My Fears for My Sons

There is an opening scene on an episode of the television show The Office where Andy, Dwight, and Michael are engaging in “parkour,” a practice where the participants try to get from one place to another as creatively as possible.   1,029 more words


The Precious Age

We moved house 2.5 years ago. My daughter had just turned four the month before. My son was 20 months old.  He had been sick from months 6-14, and I called him my Velcro Baby. 629 more words


Online Discussion Group - Parents of Spirited Children

Do you have a spirited child? One who is “more intense, persistent, sensitive, perceptive and slow to change” than other “average” children you know?

I do. 340 more words


Because It Seemed Like a Good Idea

I just went to call my son for a snack. He was stuck and trying to extricate himself. I had trouble calling my husband for help because I was laughing so hard. 9 more words

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