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Introduction to Blog

Wood Spirits grew out of my observation of an image of an old women in a maple cabinet. It appeared as if she pushed back a layer of wood to see the outside world. 273 more words


3 Sustainable Brands to Sip this Holiday Season

Sustainability has entered the lexicon of everyday, eco-conscious conversation, and for more reasons than to protect the garnish on our favorite holiday cocktails, breweries and distilleries are amping up their game to leave less of an ecological footprint. 852 more words


Chapter 2

I was so tired that snowy, cold November night  All I wanted to do was eat an unhealthy (read tasty),  frozen something from my little freezer, add a bottle of Bud, some Better Cheddars (of course this is a plug for Better Cheddars…HAVE YOU NOT EATEN BETTER CHEDDARS?) and then collapse in front of my big screen TV. 125 more words

Short Stories

A Scary Picture

It hovered above in the shape of a man. The figure was dark like a shadow. The night light didn’t keep it away. It fed off fear. 160 more words

get the picture

I’m that noise you fail to explain and that spot you swore you already checked. When your dog looks like its barking at nothing, it sees me and so have you. 71 more words

Cologne for Your Car? A World-Renowned Perfumer Helped Create a Handmade Air Freshener for Your Wheels

Looking for the ultimate stocking stuffer for the man who has everything? Charabanc, a new British-based brand named after the early open-topped motorcoach cars that were the precursors to modern buses, has just unveiled a luxury car air freshener, priced at approximately $160, that promises a stylish refresh for the well-wheeled. 323 more words