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Social Media

Recently, a huge area of focus has been ‘strategies’. I apologize to those that follow who have been looking forward to going deeper and who are always ready to learn new things every day. 6,339 more words


To Not Forget Each Other...

I stood at the entrance of the cemetery, reluctant to go in. Something in my mind was pulling me back, something… I couldn’t put a finger in it. 585 more words


1 John 4:1-6 Testing the Spirits

John has been talking to his readers about abiding in Christ, practicing sin and righteousness, and what love does and does not look like.  Now, in 1 John 4, John calls his readers to test the spirits. 1,316 more words


So Tanim and Daren hijacked my poor wife again. As I was falling asleep last night she said, “They’re not gone. They’re just waiting.” I asked her to elaborate but she couldn’t. 725 more words


Snippets of The Prodigal Band Trilogy: Fantasy

The Fantasy genre can be defined in many ways as it mixes in with Science Fiction or Horror-Occultic or Spiritual or even Dystopian genres. But… 1,297 more words

Gathercole Investigates: The Case of the Haunted Man - Part Three

Part Three: The Truth Will Out

The rest of the night passed with an air of tension between the men in the bedroom. Crispin couldn’t rest and would sit, brow furrowed for an hour at a time before springing up and pacing about the rooms at a furious pace. 1,402 more words


Rw's Featured Post N Victor's Words It's a Generational Thang

I was driving home from the gym yesterday…

I was feeling uncentered so I decided to pop in one of my favorite audio books…

“Falling Into Grace” ~ Adyshanti… 344 more words