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A Scary Picture

It hovered above in the shape of a man. The figure was dark like a shadow. The night light didn’t keep it away. It fed off fear. 160 more words

The wanderers

Years ago, when I was about 10, my grandfather died. I remember being at my aunt’s house and not wanting to go to the funeral. My brother, who is older, had scared me talking about worms and being buried, and honestly I can’t remember much but I cried and said I didn’t want to go. 2,282 more words



While I’m balancing life with graduating school with a graphics art degree and thinking I’m done with that for a while, and then getting a freelancing job doing a newsletter and being even busier, here I am blogging about dreams because I’ve had almost zero time to write my book.

608 more words

The Black Pullet: Now Available!


This work never got its own entry either. Now in a proper format, this work primarily revolves around the usage of a series of magical talismans, as part of a larger story (Napoleonic in origin and era) in which the author has been saved by a Turkish mage from an angry group of Arabs. 74 more words

 Belvedere Vodka – Explore Flavors and Taste

To spend an enjoying time, a glass of vodka will accompany you friendly. While the vast flavors keep you busy to taste more and more, the delicious drink charms your mood and breaks the everyday monotony. 414 more words