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• Should You Stay In A Bad Church To Try to Fix It, or Leave It? 

Should You Stay In A Bad Church To Try to Fix It, or Leave It? 

I don’t know the person who tweeted this. I think her Tweet came through my timeline because I follow one of the people who left her a reply. 720 more words

Forgiveness and (Spiritual) Abuse

Forgiveness is an essential concept and may be considered the life-blood of relationships. Certainly for the Christian, forgiveness is a cornerstone. Indeed our full experience of salvation is contingent upon forgiving that we may be forgiven. 1,363 more words


When the church needs transfiguration

Last week the Church celebrated Transfiguration. The miraculous event where Christ revealed his divine glory is considered a major feast day in the liturgical year. Historically, this event took place during the Jewish Festival of Booths, and the timing of the transfiguration illustrates the co-dwelling of the glory of God with humankind. 1,894 more words


"i forgive"

I considered letting my personal encounter with forgiveness speak for this topic itself (it was quite a moment). Much of what I’ll say will refer back to it, though here, I hope to provide something maybe a little more generally helpful. 1,472 more words



To different people, Freedom means different things.

For some, it may be the absence of all rules.

I’ve been going through a lot of changes and thinking recently, so that I can say that for me, at the moment, freedom means to be free to think and believe what I believe to be true and just, without being weighed down by fear of guilt and hell, and to accept myself, love myself, embrace myself and to be (become) who I am. 626 more words


An Uncomfortable, Awkward Topic - Spiritual Abuse

This book, “The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse,” that I am reading…wow, it’s eye opening! I resonate with so much of it from my own life experiences. 569 more words

The Real Jesus


Hate is another one of those words that get thrown around these days, and thus has largely lost its meaning:

“Why do you gotta hate?” “ 2,398 more words

Emotional Abuse