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Are You an "Isolated" Christian?

Are you a Christian who for whatever reason find yourself without fellowship with other Jesus loving, bible believing Christians? Are you a Christian who was perhaps spiritually used and abused in the organized church system? 413 more words

Room To Wander April 24, 2015

This one gets my hackles up. Read their blog to know what I am reacting to. Their site is posted below.

As their blog writer, “Sr. 386 more words

Community Of Jesus

Across the Board

Information about spiritual abuse is not hard to find. Not all definitions or descriptions agree and that is why I have refined my personal definition to be this paraphrase from Jeff VanVonderen and David Johnson’s book, The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse: “ are left bearing a weight of guilt, judgment or condemnation, and confusion about worth and standing as a Christian.” … 404 more words

Healing from Spiritual Abuse

Healing from Spiritual Abuse

This class will inform participants of the description, definition, and signs of spiritual abuse. It will give them tools to build a healthy spiritual relationship within themselves and God. 19 more words

Vanessa Londino

Permission to Grieve

One of the most helpful things we can do for one another in times of great loss and pain is to let those who are hurting… 1,268 more words


Born Again April 22, 2015

“… Mother Nature is continually teaching us more and more of the beautifully vast depths of the mystery of the spirit, and I’m reminded that we must always be listening for this “wind” of the spirit-as we never know when or how it may come!” 524 more words

Community Of Jesus

The Leader-Telegram Articles

A few weeks ago, right after this website got off the ground, I was asked by Jody Hagedorn (Nate’s mother) if I would be interested in talking to a reporter from the Leader Telegram who was putting together a story on what had happened at Valleybrook. 159 more words