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Cult Tactics - Five ways in which false teachers get a foothold

How do False Teachers get a foot-hold and gain influence in the lives of others? Here are 5 ways. 505 more words

The Christian Life

becoming whole

I went to church on Ash Wednesday. Back to the cavernous and ancient place I haven’t been in for a while. Ash Wednesday is the beginning of Lent – the season of the church calendar which leads up to Easter. 1,566 more words


We Are Stubbornly "Beasts at Heart"

A contributor to the Washington Post, Kara Swisher, who writes from the perspective of the business world noted the “unconscious bias” that is often made in such things as hiring practices.  526 more words

Religion And Politics


Mister has been home since Thursday night. He has been mostly quiet. We are well past the devalue stage at this point. I think he has two reasons for not fully discarding me. 482 more words

Domestic Abuse

9 Things You Should Know About Joe Carter's 'Beware of Broken Wolves' Diatribe. - by The Wartburg Watch

“But there is a particularly nasty breed that often goes unnoticed, a type that we might call the ‘Broken Wolf’ ” – Joe Carter


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The Tale of the Kitties

I don’t know if I have ever told you, because I don’t tell anyone. I am going to tell you now so you will understand. I am what is classified as a super empath. 937 more words

Domestic Abuse

Spiritual Abuse?

Spiritual abuse is not a widely discussed topic. It occurs when a leader manipulates people to achieve selfish goals. Most abusers are unaware of the harm they inflict.

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