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My Independence Day

It’s been 44 months since I gained my independence from toxic leadership.

As I thought through the characteristics of this type of destructive leadership and what I am no longer dependent on, I could only praise God for opening my eyes, delivering me from deception, and giving me the courage to warn the rest of the body of Christ. 94 more words

Sound Doctrine

Pushed Out!

Being a Christian is like being a mother. You continue mothering no matter how old your children are. Similarly, Christians continue pursuing God no matter how long we’ve been saved. 277 more words

Church Life

Healthy Pride

Recently I have found it much easier to express myself verbally, and I’ve done less of that thing where I second-guess my thoughts into oblivion and never say them. 944 more words


I'm Such a Bitch

Bottom line. Right there. I stood up for myself. I questioned the way that I was treated. I demanded apologies. I pointed out the problem. Which made me the problem. 270 more words

Save Me, God, and Lead Me to the Rock

Depression is engulfing me in darkness and sinking me into a pit of quicksand. I am so overwhelmed and sad. I cry to God, but it doesn’t let up. 791 more words

On Being a Lush

After two summers of beating back drought, watering constantly with the hope that my flower-laden yard would just hang on, this year, we are praying for the rain to abate for a few days. 532 more words