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the good monster

Among my projects, there are these songs from a video game series I’m translating. Each of these songs have stories and feelings that goes along with it, adding context and depth to the lyrics. 856 more words


The Mask…

Christianity has its own pharisees, “Teachers of the Law”, who beat you down. You don’t live up to their expectations, so of course you pretend. 195 more words

Spiritual Abuse

Forgiving the Church 

This morning I came across a quote by Desmond Tutu, and it struck me profoundly, because it helped me to really understand what I need to forgive the church for. 2,199 more words

Spiritual Abuse

Religious Trauma Syndrome: Indoctrination and Existential Crises

So I’ve written a few times now about how badly fucked up I am by Religious Trauma Syndrome. For those of you interested, see my posts… 940 more words

Mental Health

"Children obey your parents"? - Part 1 by Rebecca Davis on Here's The Joy blog

A letter asked for help with Scriptures that teach “children obey your parents,” not just when a young child is being told to sin, but also when an adult child is being controlled.

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Theologians recognize the number seven in the Bible as the number of perfection, totality, completion. When God made the world, the Genesis account says it took Him seven days to do it. 658 more words


My Story of Surviving Domestic Abuse by Ally Kern, guest post on The Junia Project blog

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Please share to raise awareness in your circles! “I thought my dreams were about to come true when I got married.

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