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Overcoming Evil 

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Romans 12:21 ESV

Since beginning again in a church environment, the gates of hell feel as if they have opened in adversity against us. 1,597 more words

Spiritual Abuse

Moving On

Our journey in the West Texas desert is drawing to a close. With any ending, I personally believe it is always good for positive reflection. Moving out here from our hometown in Tehachapi, California was quite a shock. 2,074 more words


How Do I Get a Narcissist to Hear Me? 

The question was posed to me recently: “How do I get a Narcissist to hear me”

Here’s my answer:

This has been one of the great questions of my lifetime. 580 more words

Spiritual Abuse

Gentiles explain things to me

This post was recently shared in a Facebook group I’m part of: “No ‘Christian Seders,’ Please!”

Having grown up Jewish before discovering Christianity in college, this piece did a great job explaining all the reasons I feel squicky about this trend in churches. 606 more words


Why Does the Narcissist Play the Victim? 

Before I answer this question, I will say that one of the best ways to spot a narcissist is if they always play the victim. If they are never wrong, if they are always injured, if they never apologize, if they never meet you halfway… you better be looking for more signs. 623 more words

Spiritual Abuse

Freakin' Flashbacks!

I suppose I should tell you about this before I try to push it out of my mind. It shames me to no end. Both because it happened and because I did not see it at the time. 445 more words

Domestic Abuse

Is it forest or fog?

Can’t see the forest for the trees or walking through thick fog….same difference this week. I have been having flashbacks of some not so good times in the early years of our marriage and wondering why I didn’t catch the blatant disrespect that was thrown at me time and time again. 601 more words

Domestic Abuse