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Hope Looks for the Good Guys

Disclaimer: I do not wish to vilify any pastors or church leaders. Please read this entire blog post before making a judgment.

A reader of my novel, “ 558 more words


Agnostic Questions and My Answers

An agnostic friend prompted me with some of the questions below. Thinking them over, I asked myself more questions from her viewpoint. This is her/my interview of me/myself: 993 more words



I made a mistake at work. I made a mistake. I made a promise not to…but don’t I need to be punished?

This is one of my scripts leading up to urges to self-harm. 870 more words

Emotional Abuse

A philosopher named Owen Flanagan quoted someone as saying that “A good human life is lived at the intersection of the true, the good, and the beautiful.” It seems that we all come equipped to determine what is true, what is good, and what is beautiful as part of our basic makeup, so if the aphorism is true, we all have the capability of living a good life.

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I Was Trapped in a Pagan Cult

This time of year marks the moments when I was completely immersed in Adam’s fantasy world.

I was living and working on campus that summer, so all of the members of the group (minus one) were still around. 1,141 more words

My Latest Guest Post Over at Hot Holy and Humorous!

Good morning folks!

Today I am over at Hot Holy and Humorous sharing:

What I Wish I Had Been Taught Instead of Purity Culture

“Instead of trying to make false promises and add to Scripture to up to ante to gain compliance, I wish the Powers That be would have spent time teaching us about how sex and marriage actually work.”

Read it here! :)

Laying On Of Hands

I’m still working on the final edits of my book Fly, Fly Away.  Every time I pick it up and start working on it I have to relive the memories that came with it. 502 more words