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When Con Men Use the Bible to Sell Evil

It’s been interesting watching the presidential election unfold in the U.S. It is truly revealing the hearts and intentions of those who claim to follow Christ. 1,098 more words

Havent healed at all :(

I thought I have dealt some at least with the spiritual abuse I went through–and unfortunately still do–Thought I got over some of it and the thoughts of evilness, that i was a demon, that i was “dirty”, *od didnt love me, and all the stuff that goes along with that–one of the things this did at one point, other then pull me away from talking about my faith in general, and not wanting anything to do with it–but unfortunately it lead to self harm in many ways–as odd as it sounds it was, and again is because all I want is to cleanse myself, get the evil out, get the bad out, covered in the bl**d been told–dirty foods, dirty this, that–that are things i thought I was getting over–probably because the one minister who said this too me the most was not here much any more–didnt see him, therefore no triggers–I forgave him, but the triggering when he came back here has been horrible–but to make it worse I realize the hurt, abuse from his soon to be ex wife–she let him say and do what he did, she watched, and even said many of the same things–if anyone knows what deliverance, and or exorcism is know what happens–as we cried out it was PTSD from SA–not demons, it only got worse–i’ve tried to forgive her too, but for some reason that is harder–probably because she is here all the time–I realize how much spiritual abuse hurts- and continues to–was more to write about the ministers, but will write it later–thanks for reading

When the Narcissist uses God Against You

Before I met the Narcissist I pretty much identified as Atheist. I grew up being somewhat forced into the Catholic religion because my mom was raised that way. 1,696 more words


ocean star

TW: the Devil, Black Mass, Mary

Today is the Assumption of Mary, when we celebrate the day she was taken up body and soul to Heaven. 1,074 more words

Watch "'science' of the gaps [cc]" on YouTube

The parallels between pseudoscience and religion are amazing.

the wife and I used to belong to an AOG church here in the Phoenix area where we were members of a Saturday night Prayer Meeting where ‘prophets in training’ were encouraged to ‘practice’ their spiritual gifts. 290 more words

ἡγέομαι (hēgéomai) - a New Testament word study

note: this belongs in conversation beneath my last post on Church Leadership

Exactly, Bryn.

And those engaged in exercising any measure of authority over the people of God directly contradict Christ’s words to his disciples on how this thing called the Ekklesia is to function. 5,281 more words

Spiritual Abuse