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The Upper Hand

I just have to say I had the best time yesterday! I and my family went to an auction. One of our former church’s plants has bought an old building in the town where I teach and they were selling off old (and I mean OLD) doors, windows, cabinets, trim, etc. 708 more words

When Church Hurts

Real Talk for SAHMs: Are conservative SAHMs trapped in a sick system?

From an interesting (but childless) permanent student who goes by Issendai here.  Let’s count the ways.

The Rules of a Sick System

Rule 1: Keep them too busy to think. 1,743 more words


Just how hard is it to be Christian in America?

While the rest of us think they’re ridiculous, there are some Christians who genuinely believe their religious freedom is in jeopardy. Just how difficult is it to be a Christian in the United States, exactly? 855 more words

Christian Culture

Starbucks red cups and the ugliness of Christian culture

I’m sad today, guys. I’ve been sad all weekend, ever since the War on Starbucks Red Cups broke loose. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Starbucks opted for plain red cups this holiday season – no snowmen, ice skates, or any other designs that, you know, represent the true meaning of Christmas. 557 more words

Christian Culture

For the Love: A Book Review

Sometimes, working in the book publishing world has its perks. Okay…a lot of the time. :) One of those perks happened to be getting an advanced reading copy of Jen Hatmaker’s  1,239 more words

Thoughts on My Target Audience

Refreshing: serving to refresh or reinvigorate
Invigorate: give strength or energy to

I have been thinking a lot this week about the direction I want to take this blog and who my target audience is. 310 more words


Why the #NotAll[blank] defense harms more than helps

Up until recently, I was one of those people who would use the Not All defense to comfort a hurting soul: “It’s okay, not all men are assholes.” “Not all Christians hate homosexuals.” ”Not all white people are racist.” 346 more words

Christian Culture