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chains II

TW: spiritual/religious abuse, emotional/mental abuse, fathers

There was something that’s been sticking in my mind from my last entry, that slip about how the Fourth Commandment (“honor thy parents”) felt like a shackle. 1,992 more words

The Lords Anointed

In 1 Samuel 24, we read the story of King Saul hunting the future King David down in a jealous rage. David is given the opportunity to kill Saul one day, but he refuses out of respect for Sauls office as the king of Israel. 1,081 more words


Time is starting to heal

Everyday I am a little more at peace: a conversation, an article, a walk in the woods. Each a step closer to finding answers, keeping the small glimpse of hope. 168 more words

State of Confusion

I still talk to him, while on a walk, in the shower, in the dead of night
No answer comes, ever, but I still pray… 127 more words

Say Something

Anytime I listen to this song  I cry every time. It’s not enough to say that it’s heartbreaking.

Note: I wanted to add that the first time I saw this video or heard this song I was on a blogsite of a woman who now claimed to be atheist after spending years in the church and in leadership. 628 more words

Sunday Sound Bites

Idolatry and Abuse

How can we be alert to the risk of abuse, manipulation and control in church life? 1,061 more words

The Christian Life

Spiritual Gifts who are they from?

Worship is about

                Glorifying and praising God

Encouraging one another  /being a witness

Hearing God speak to us?

How do we know that it is God speaking? 1,658 more words

The Christian Life