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Violet Feather 4/29/2016 Was that an orb?

Happy Friday and welcome to the daily angel messages <3

Today, I pulled the Violet Angel Feather card. The meaning is spiritual  growth and peace. Is that not a nice way to bring in the weekend. 431 more words

Ruby Angel Feather 4/27/2016

Today the card I was drawn to pull is the Ruby Feather.

The Last Card Pull was also about love.

I feel like the message here is pretty obvious for those of us who are seeking love outside of ourselves. 169 more words

Angel Guidance Card Pull 4/26/2016

Today the card pull is a bit lighter than the previous days and I don’t know about you but I welcome that!

The Message says Love is the air! 213 more words

My Client’s Testimony About My Services

One of the perks of being a spiritual advisor is the wonderful people you get to meet.  Often clients can turn out to be really great friends.  149 more words


Your Choices Create Your Future!

Having worked for many decades as a spiritual advisor, what I see on a regular basis is that people do not want to take responsibility for their actions or choices. 197 more words


Interview with GreenTara

Today I’m welcoming clairvoyant and spiritual advisor, GreenTara. Thank you, GreenTara for stopping by!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a Mom, a sister, daughter, granddaughter, aunt, friend, foe, partner, co-worker, acquaintance, professional, and like everyone else I wear a mask. 2,603 more words


When I’m 64

I cannot help but think of the Beatles song ‘When I’m 64’ as I turn 64 today and it still amazes me that I’m here.  I never thought I would make it past 30 years of age and now to live so long is something. 586 more words