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Do You Need A Spiritual Consultant

A point arrives in everyone’s life where we are stuck or our lives have to have a serious makeover. Some define it as ‘being within a rut’ or ‘caught within the funk’. 536 more words


Spirituality is personal, religion is crowd control

Spirituality is a personal relationship ship with the Divine. Religion at times could be crowd control. Religion is believe in someone else’s experiences, Spirituality is having your own! 9 more words


Qualities of a Reliable Spiritual Advisor

If someone is stuck, confuse and clear about where their life is heading then they must take help. Most of the people feel that even after giving a lot of effort they are unable to get what they want. 354 more words

Spiritual Healer

Learn How to Make a Rogue Spirits Pink Spruce Gin & Juice

Sip on a Pink Gin & Juice using Rogue Spirits Pink Spruce Gin. Like Rogue Spruce Gin, Pink Spruce Gin is made with cucumbers and 10 botanicals grown in the garden at… 79 more words


How We Make Dead Guy Whiskey

The Mash Transit tanker has arrived from the other side of the parking lot and it’s time for a fresh batch of Dead Guy Whiskey… 27 more words


Bill Makes a Rogue Spirits Oregon Single Malt Whiskey Mule

Let our Spiritual Advisor Bill Tollner show you how to make a Whiskey Mule. This fresh twist on the classic Moscow Mule uses Rogue Spirits… 60 more words


Archangel Career Oracle 

​Im very excited to announce my new career scope angel readings. I love the Archangel Gabriel Oracle Cards.

I was born with the gift of prophecy and as a small child communicated with Angels and predicted future events. 425 more words