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On Choosing a Spiritual Advisor or Intuitive Counselor

I’ve been meaning to write something on the topic of psychics and choosing spiritual advisors for a long time and today is finally the day in which I’m writing out some advice, most of which I learned through experience and in some cases the hard way. 783 more words

As an Intuitive Counselor

Ever since I was a child I have been exploring spirituality, faith, magick, and miracles. I have studied the Bible and taken classes to understand it in context. 590 more words

Shift As The Clouds....

Oracle Reflections- CLOUDS -Shapeshifting

Now is time for you to learn the way of the Clouds. To learn to be a Shapeshifter. There are different types but I will speak of one. 263 more words

Oracles Of Reflection

Spiritual Advisor—Everything You Need to Know

Life is not easy and that is the true essence of life. Many a times we feel lost and depressed and wish someone from outside with a magic wand to come and make our lives better! 268 more words


Meet with Spiritual Advisor and know about their Spiritual candles

Candles symbolize spiritual energies depending on the colour you use. They are being used by all religions and cultures. Practicing meditation with a lighted candle is a great way to indulge into deep meditation. 275 more words


I would like to say that, I am always well rounded spiritually.

However, in recovery, you are taught no to lie…So I won’t!

In earnest, and, mostly likely, as my Spiritual Adviser would like it…   I am cranky.   314 more words


Stop Demonic Attachments

Many people do not believe in the devil or demons. Whether you believe in them or not they do exist. There are negative and positive spiritual energies inhabiting our planet. 112 more words