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An Angel’s Message To You!

This video is an angel’s perspective on our life. Understanding that in spirit the only time is now. All we really have is now and now is always here. 106 more words


Resurrecting a Marriage

This statement from Johnny Cash sums up what a really good loving relationship should feel like. Whether you are married or in a committed relationship you need to have this type of feeling about your partner or else something needs to be repaired. 702 more words


Myths of Tarot Reading

I created a list of the most common tarot myths that I have seen.

1 No one is allowed to touch your deck. Tarot readers let their clients shuffle, cut and pick cards out of the deck all the time. 614 more words

Gates Of Wisdom Tarot

10 Ways to Bond & Connect with your Tarot Cards

Its very important to create a connection and bond with each of your tarot decks. I have come up with 10 ways to do so! 678 more words

Gates Of Wisdom Tarot

Tarot Crystals!

I have been collecting crystals and gemstones for as long as I can remember! They contain so much energy and lets be honest, they are damn beautiful to look at! 845 more words

Gates Of Wisdom Tarot

A Ghost at the Gate

“We should not fret for what is past, nor should we be anxious about the future; men of discernment deal only with the present moment.”-Chanakya… 452 more words

Thoughts On The Life Of One

Dream of Skyler Mountain - February 20, 2015

A spiritual advisor who worked with me on dream interpretation years ago told me the more we write down our dreams, the more dreams we have (or remember). 528 more words