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Archangel Jophiel

AHHH I am so excited to talk about Archangel Jophiel. To me she is the angel of abundance Joy and Gratitude. I capped those on purpose!   179 more words

Interview with Linda Howe

Today I’m welcoming author and spiritual teacher, Linda Howe. Thank you, Linda for stopping by!

Sheila ~ Can you tell us a little about yourself? 2,052 more words


Archangel Raphael

This is Archangel Week in my group. If you would like to join please click here

Today we are focusing on Archangel Raphael <3  Are you familiar with this beautiful archangel? 290 more words

Angel Oracle & Tarot Cards <3

This is the last day for divination week for my group

Today I want to talk about cards a little bit.

How to Choose a Deck of Cards… 794 more words

Divination Tools & Setting the Space for Divination Practices

Divination can be  explained in a very simple way. Merriam Webster defines it as this ” the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge” 479 more words

Claircognizance: Knowing the intuitive voice is real..

My name is Brandy Baker and I am a Spiritual Awakening Advocate.  I help clients discover their spiritual voice, so they have: peace, clarity, and answers in their lives. 462 more words

Clairsentience Feeling the Vibration of Intuition

This week my group of amazing and talented soul seekers are discussing the clairs. You can find that information here

Today the clair up for discussion is Clairsentience- Clear Feeling. 513 more words