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The Bible ABCs

Have you seen this little boy reciting a Bible verse for each letter of the alphabet?  Apparently several folks are convinced it is Prince George but no, it’s a little boy named Tanner from Texas. 1,206 more words

Packin' heat

I have some friends who, when they go to church, carry their concealed firearm.  One of them is with the local sheriff’s department.  The other is a… 624 more words

Other Stuff

Clogged Arteries

Many people get clogged arteries as they age and then must take medicine to clear them. But, do I have spiritual clogged arteries? What? When our spiritual arteries get clogged, our relationship with Father God gets hindered and Holy Spirit no longer flows freely within us, just like blood becomes partially blocked in our physical arteries when they’re clogged. 436 more words


Are We Lion Tamers?

As we continue our walk through Mark’s Gospel, we now come to chapter 5.  It begins with Jesus encountering a demon-possessed man who lived in the tombs.  527 more words


Trial and Error

From my previous posts, you probably know that my biblical journey began with 1 Timothy’s.
You probably think that I finished the book of 1 Timothy’s by now, knowing it’s been roughly around a couple of months since I heard God’s voice. 564 more words

Amy's Journey



It’s a Thanksgiving feast with friends, hence the name.

We attended our first Friendsgiving last weekend after some last-minute grocery shopping and frantic cooking. We even earned ourselves some battle wounds for memory’s-sake (nearly chopped off two of my fingers, lots of blood, liquid stitches – you know, basic new-adult problems). 730 more words

Stay Focused

Cancel Netflix?!

It took me about 23 years to learn how to be a warrior. It took so long for me to believe that the tools given to me aren’t of this world, but they are divinely given! 637 more words

Stay Focused