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The Powerful Voice of Women

There has never been a time in history when women could make such a difference in the world. All our sisters before us paved the way for this. 544 more words


Harry Huebner on Spirituality and Religion

In the beginning of September, after two years away from the university, I will begin a Master’s program at McMaster University. Because we will move in the beginning of August, this new chapter seems even closer than it actually is. 593 more words

Harry Huebner

God’s Law as an Ice Cream Sundae

In its attitude towards Torah, Psalm 119 easily throws us off balance.

One of my pleasures in life is eating an ice cream sundae. Take some chocolate ice cream, pour on some melted marshmallow, pile on the whipped cream, and top with a maraschino cherry. 1,219 more words

Bible Commentary

The Concern on the Other End

I ran into an older friend of mine at the gym the other day. I hadn’t seen him in a little while. He recently had some significant health problems, but is now well on his way to recovery. 630 more words

Ask the Matriarch: When the Pastor is Spiritual But Not Religious

This week’s question comes from a pastor whose faith journey has led her to question where she can fit as someone who is “spiritual but not religious.” Is there a place for her in the world of organized church and mainline denominations? 922 more words

Ask The Matriarch

#oberlin #MichelleObama #PCUSA intersecting #spiritual and #college

I attended Michelle Obama’s Convocation Speech at Oberlin College. A speech that was won by the Nine Scholars program to help Local High School Students achieve (awesome!) 914 more words

The Church Being Born

Gained in Translation: Sermon for Pentecost, 2015

Before I became a parish minister, I was a chaplain. I was working for a hospice on the South Shore of Massachusetts, and I had one patient down near New Bedford, where many of the older population still speaks Portuguese fluently. 1,785 more words