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Do you consider yourself spiritual but not religious?

the meaning of life and how I'm nerdier than I thought.

I talk to God.

I don’t believe in “God the bearded father of Christ who benevolently overlooks Heaven and Earth.” Or any other version of the god-concept you encounter in churches and temples around the globe. 455 more words


I’m Not Religious. But I’m …

I lied. At the end of my last post, after writing about my problems with the word ego, I promised to steer clear of any more wonky language rants and post my next update instead about the concept of separateness. 775 more words


Because we’ll be a Buddhist nation long before that happens: some alternative facts

Were there no war, you could drive from Aleppo, Syria to Stockholm, Sweden in about the time it takes to get from San Francisco, CA to Charlotte, NC…about three days of hard driving with reasonable nights’ sleeps. 1,669 more words


Why do people get offended when I tell them I'm not religious?

I can only speak to Christians living in the US, because that is what I am familiar with. I was raised Southern Baptist by a practicing father and left the faith at 12 years old. 477 more words


Keep the Faith

Recently, a friend mentioned she is “spiritual, but not religious.” This prompted a discussion in our group as to whether or not there is even a difference. 363 more words

Faith & Spirituality

God, Shockingly Small

“I must go out into nature,” said Aaser, “If I am to find my God. He doesn’t submit to be shut up in a low, narrow church built by men.” 161 more words