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I am "Spiritual but not Religious"


As a young boy i would always question everything. One day i asked myself, “if I weren’t born into catholicism would I still be catholic?” Being logical, I of course answered in the negative. 410 more words

Spiritual But Not Religious

Utopian Hope

The thing that seems to be in most need today is a hopeful view of the future. If you browse any book store and see the type of fiction that fills the teen shelves, you will notice that many of the bestselling stories are very dystopian. 1,097 more words

Evidence Locker

Ceremonials of Common Days, Abbie Graham (1923)

Every letter is something of a miracle. A soul dictates its thoughts. Queer markings appear on a piece of paper. The paper is sealed and stamped. 1,070 more words

Blogging The Spirit

Having No Religion or Faith..

Britain is becoming an increasingly faithless society, according to a new survey that has found 53% of Britons now describe themselves as having no religion.

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October's Blogging the Spirit

Hi All,

I just want to make mention that this month’s Blogging the Spirit will be on the 29th.

Everyone is welcome to share through a blog post, a Tweet, an Insta or wherever your social media lives on any aspect of what inspires your connection to God/Source/Nature/People. 63 more words

Blogging The Spirit

A note from Meisaan: Good news!


I have been selected to participate in a Harvard/Fetzer-sponsored think tank on the future of religion and spirituality in America*. For four days and three nights, 100 spiritual and religious leaders, activists, and artists will be gathering to share what we’ve been doing to reach out to those who do not identify with organized religion but who are intentionally on the spiritual path. 429 more words

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