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New Publication: Returning to the Death of God Theologians

The editors at Young Adult Catholics have published a three-part essay of mine on encountering the Death of God theologians. Is the transcendent real? Have we forgotten it? 17 more words


A 10-step guide to being “spiritual but not religious”.

I will soon be writing about the brand new book from Thomas Moore, a modern-day translation of one of the New Testament gospels, The Book of Matthew… 554 more words

Pluralism Summer: Weeks 5 & 6

I first met Dolores White back in 2002 when I had just arrived in Berkeley. I’d met Paul Chaffee from the Interfaith Center at the Presidio and was invited to a board meeting. 499 more words

Near-Death versus Nearly Died

I’ve been involved with trying to understand and describe the Near-Death Experience since I had one on 7/18/1971, almost 45  years ago, and have seen it evolve from being called a religious experience to a psychotic break to hallucinations to confirmation that consciousness survives death of the body and proof of life after death. 952 more words

Talking About Death & Dying

Spiritual but not religious: Code for "trendy yet not helpful"

I recently walked the final leg of the El Camino de Santiago in Spain.[1] Before leaving I was in a coffee house having a conversation about the trip. 1,477 more words


Is 'none' really a thing?

This is my sermon for Pembroke College Chapel, 29th May 2016.
It is based on 1 Kings 8.22-23,41-43, 
Psalm 96.1-9, & Luke 7.1-10.
See also…
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breathing new life into old words

 a sermon, referencing Psalm 8, Romans 5.1-5, John 16.12-15, and Proverbs 8.1-4, 22-31,  preached with the people of Trinity Episcopal Church, Washington, DC, on Trinity Sunday, May 22, 2016… 1,647 more words