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Shining Truth in Darkness

Read Mark Chapter 4, verses 21 to 25

Isn’t it great to switch on a lamp when it’s gloomy or pitch black so that we can see everything clearly? 607 more words


George Orwell Owns ISIS

So how is it that those ISIS dudes manage to recruit thousands of willful followers into their depraved lifestyle? ISIS has a reputation for being astute at wielding technology effectively in the recruitment of their minions (no offense meant to those loveable minions in Despicable Me). 1,099 more words

Shine a light // END IT

My heart is heavy today. February 27th is a day that the END IT movement uses as a catalyst to bring awareness to modern-day slavery. And although I too have a red “ 880 more words

God's Love

The reality of the spiritual world was to me as certain as that of the physical

The reality of the spiritual world was to me as certain as that of the physical. I felt the need, however, for a sort of justification for this assumption. 305 more words



While the world apparently slumbered, the terrorist group ISIS rose up with increasing power, resources and resolve.  Depraved and inhuman, defying even the base instincts given to man, gruesome beheadings, torture, and brutal human enslavement have become their trademark.   1,403 more words


Signs of a sick spirit

There’s an old Jewish story about two shopkeepers who were bitter rivals and would spend each day keeping track of each other’s business. If one got a customer, he’d smile in triumph at his rival. 115 more words