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It's more than politics

When Eva Schloss, step sister of Anne Frank, attended the opening of the award winning play: ‘And Then They Came For Me – Remembering the World of Anne Frank’, she said: ‘Many young people do not know very much about what happened… how hatred and prejudice prevailed and prevented people from resisting evil… we are trying to prevent a repetition of such horrors.’ The play’s director, Nic Careem said: ‘We sometimes reassure ourselves that these horrors occurred in a different time. 58 more words

Spiritual Darkness

Lost in the Dark

I dropped someone off at their home recently in a part of town I am not really familiar with. I had a lot on my mind and was deeply engrossed in thought. 731 more words

Jesus Christ


No matter how deep the pain you endure,
The presence of God, your Healer, is sure.

No matter how strong the snares that you face, 126 more words

Christian Poetry

Shining Truth in Darkness

Read Mark Chapter 4, verses 21 to 25

Isn’t it great to switch on a lamp when it’s gloomy or pitch black so that we can see everything clearly? 607 more words


George Orwell Owns ISIS

So how is it that those ISIS dudes manage to recruit thousands of willful followers into their depraved lifestyle? ISIS has a reputation for being astute at wielding technology effectively in the recruitment of their minions (no offense meant to those loveable minions in Despicable Me). 1,099 more words

Shine a light // END IT

My heart is heavy today. February 27th is a day that the END IT movement uses as a catalyst to bring awareness to modern-day slavery. And although I too have a red “ 880 more words

God's Love