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The "Who Done It?" Mystery of Iniquity!

Simple Truth

To understand what the mystery of iniquity is then it is best to look into the words themselves and particularly the words “mystery” and “iniquity.” Looking into these words can be like looking into a crystal ball or it can be like looking through a periscope and your periscope here has a way of looking from one dimension into another and the dimension we are a looking into here is the spiritual dimension and so St Paul used the word “mystery.” The word mystery also has its association with the word mystical so when we are talking mystery in the Bible then we are talking spiritual and so we are looking into the spiritual meaning of the word “mystery.” 1,398 more words


End Times Prophecy and Warning to the Lord's People

“Great darkness is coming upon the countries that have heard My gospel but no longer walk in it. My wrath shall be manifested against all ungodliness. 3,020 more words


        There are a great many tacit taboos in traditional Christianity. One of them concerns knowing what happens behind the outer stage presentation and the unknown agenda of the few in charge. 496 more words
Lord Jesus

Only in Dreams!

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Only in dreams is a good title for a song as Roy Orbison well knew, the brilliance of Roy Orbison is that he sang from the heart and whether you liked his style of singing or not you can’t help but be touched by the heart in his singing and you can’t help but relate to his broken heart. 820 more words