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"At Your Service"-The Supine and God

The Supine is by far the most service-minded of all the temperament types.  They are also known as the bowing temperament.  These individuals are valued in society for their efforts, and this also transfers over into their relationship with the Lord.   337 more words

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Relinquishing Control to the Divine- The Choleric

As we’ve previously looked at the Choleric in control, it’s clear that it is a part of their temperament that is highly prized and not easily conceded.  393 more words

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Praying for Christian Brotherhood

What is the intellectual backing behind the word “Christian brotherhood”? The central point on which this word lives, in which its force is rooted, is nothing other than the central point of Christian reality in general: the table fellowship of the faithful with the risen Lord. 158 more words

Spiritual Direction

Show Me the Proof-The Melancholy and God

For the Melancholy temperament, it’s necessary for God to be predictable, orderly, and reliable. They approach their relationship with God placing many of the human attributes they seek in others on their perception of Him. 437 more words

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Listen Softer...Again

I wrote this post over two years ago and I keep coming back to it as a major theme in my life. It’s like my soul’s melody. 668 more words

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Faith vs. Doubt

Our next series will focus on spiritual direction in terms of how we approach these two opposite feelings. We process these differently because we are all hard-wired by God to do just that, uniquely and individually. 16 more words

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Reading Kirk Byron-Jones

Kirk Byron-Jones’ book Fulfilled is worth a read from the first sentence on.  There’s something about his lavish joy in language that entrances the heart. I’ve loved his preaching, and still think he was one of the best keynote speakers I’ve ever heard at our annual Synod Assembly some years ago, here in New England.  279 more words

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