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what we learn

To say I taught my son, is a misguided statement.

I taught my son why we have to be quiet in church, and its one of the lessons I am most proud of. 417 more words

Spiritual Direction

this is the nudge that led to that time you gave yourself permission for spiritual direction

Do you need a little solace? A little quiet time? A little ‘Gimme a break I’m tryin’ here!’ time? LOL. Seriously. There are so many ways and opportunities out there to rejuvenate in life. 313 more words

Spiritual Direction

I have found so much peace in my life just by setting aside a few minutes of devotional time in the morning.

The form of devotion changes but the affect is the same. 104 more words


Naming What Matters - The Spiritual Art of Perseverance

Not too long ago, a friend intentionally named a new bike that she purchased. Intrigued, I asked about it, and she shared that she has a spiritual habit of naming many things that matter to her. 454 more words


Reach, Fly

yes, sometimes life really looks like a hallmark card!

the kitten leaping,

the butterfly fluttering.

How idyllic – how cute!

unless you are the butterfly, 55 more words


Analysis Letter 30/09/1758 to Colomba Gandolfi

Translation to English made by Diez Research Centre from the book Plet, Philippe. Saint Paul de la Croix, La Correspondance avec Sœur Colomba Gandolfi, Nouvelle Cité : Spiritualité, 2009. 1,096 more words
St Paul Of The Cross

Inner work is about telling the truth

Inner work is where you turn your gaze inward (towards your own life & choices). Your inner work is to look at your life and to tell the truth about it. 260 more words

Spiritual Direction