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Retreating and backing away

Today I had to reverse back down a narrow path and around a bend, most unexpectedly.   I realised that the view going backwards is always different and sometimes difficult.   387 more words

Spiritual Direction

The Beauty of the Struggle

The word struggle rarely conjures up a pleasant image! We think of physical strife or something we might be enduring emotionally.  The main source of struggle comes from the age old one involving man vs. 208 more words

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The (Un) Altered Ego

This will be the topic of our spiritual direction article tomorrow!

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Procession of life

Today’s Scriptures: Isa 58:1-9, Matt 9:14-15

Today I continue yesterday’s theme:  ‘Struggles’. All life has struggles through which we become freer of our “old self,” and find a “new self.” 332 more words

Spiritual Direction

The gift of struggle

Thursday after Ash Wednesday.  Today’s Scriptures:  Deut 30:15-20    Luke 9:20-25

A few years ago I read “Scarred by Struggle: Transformed by Hope”, written by Joan Chittister.   489 more words

Spiritual Direction

What Do You Need For the Journey?

When we plan for a trip or even our typical day, we usually have a checklist of the things we simply can’t do without.  A wallet, keys, and without a doubt our smartphone tops the list. 222 more words

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