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Letting some balls drop

I shared my “late-night laundry list” (link HERE) with my spiritual director, and showed her my “Clutter Mountain” graphic:

Looking the graphic over for a moment, she asked, “What stands out for you?” 415 more words

Spiritual Direction

A Seekers Walk

What does it mean to be on a seeker journey? Is it a spiritual journey of discovery for you? Are you looking for some level of enlightenment? 310 more words

Spiritual Journey

Touching the Pain

My spiritual director had the room all set up for me when I arrived yesterday morning.  There were small stones set around a candle on a low table in front of where I usually sit.  811 more words

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

I recently consecrated myself the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The typical way to do this is by doing a 33-day Novena in which there are both prayers and reading so that one can prepare for the consecration.  180 more words

Spiritual Direction

How We Discern, Part 1: Our Foundation

I’ve been frequently asked since beginning my journey in spiritual direction and as a spiritual director what “discernment” is. I’ll unthinking drop it into conversation as an assumed concept, or someone will spy the cover of some book I’m buried in about discernment. 1,187 more words

Spiritual Direction

Irresistible veggie recipes wanted!

“Cardiac event” was most definitely not on my To-Do list.

Following an extended pull-my-hair-out busy patch that seems to happen for at least two weeks each month despite my retirement, I was looking forward to a short stretch of downtime. 336 more words

Spiritual Direction

Let Your Light Shine

I was sitting in our sanctuary in the quiet and dark. I happened to glance up and noticed sunlight streaming through upper windows and striking the Bible on our altar. 209 more words

Spiritual Direction