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What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is about two people walking together toward the same goal… but I’m getting ahead of myself…. and I’m writing something predictable on my first foray into the blogosphere. 465 more words

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Do You Live Your Life by Faith or by Fear?

I have heard it said before when you break down the word FEAR “false evidence appearing real” it helps you understand the meaning of fear. Fear can control you, seize your emotions, cause you to doubt yourself, restrict your beliefs. 549 more words

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“To you I lift up my eyes, O you who are enthroned in the heavens!” (Psalm 123:1 NRSV)

When I am frustrated, confused, tired and feeling hopeless, I don’t lift up my eyes to the LORD. 301 more words

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What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is all about taking a client from where they are in the present, to where THEY want to be through new insights, actions and reinforcement through the power of positive thinking. 357 more words

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Message to a Younger Me

Image credit: Photograph by Tom Hussey 

Mark Twain told his dad when he turned 27, “Dad how in the hell did you get so smart so… 522 more words

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The Sheltering Canopy

I’ve thought a lot about the tragic deaths of my friends, spiritual relatives, and faith heroes who were killed last Wednesday, and though I’ve written a liturgy, waded through psalm 77, and listened to the cries of our local church in worship this previous Sunday; though I’ve read carefully through the powerful reminders friends have written to keep me on a sane path; though I’ve taken comfort in the words of trusted brother who told me the best thing he could the day after that soul-bruising scene and the arms of many others since that night; I still can’t write. 326 more words


Acceptance is the Beginning of Your Spiritual Journey

Acceptance is a powerful word and it seems to be used less and less in today’s society. When I was contemplating the problems facing society today the phrase “We need to be more accepting of others” kept coming to mind. 357 more words

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