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The Safe House

When I was visiting the BroFam the other week, TheBro and I went to see The Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We were, as were so many, disappointed. 798 more words

Words About God

The Prayer of Petition as the Starting Point for the Movement of Prayer

What actually happens in prayer? If we ask this, we run into a second barrier, which in many respects explains the first. Our crisis in prayer is fundamental, yes, but it is also simply practical: we do not quite know how it is done, and perhaps all the great fundamental difficulties are after all just an ideological superstructure that is supposed to justify this practical inability of ours to cope with prayer. 379 more words

Learning How To Pray

A cuppa tea with... Thomas Merton, Contemplative Prayer

Thomas suggests instead of seeking a “method” of prayer, we should choose a “life” of prayer.  It should be intentional behavior to life and not akin to the enthusiasm of acquiring a new skill.   95 more words

Monday Spiritual Ruminations: the Guide

Last Monday I tossed about some thoughts and reflections of my experience with a spiritual director/guide/companion.

A bit more on this topic today:

I live in a world that values independence, individuality and the self. 321 more words

Learning the Part

About a week before Confirmation I met with the kids individually to talk about their statements of faith. Most of them genuinely wanted to get confirmed, but almost all of them also had some concerns about making the commitment for the long haul–what if they believed differently when they grew up? 459 more words

Words About God


You know how, every once in a while, you go shopping for one thing and come home with more than you bargained for? That happens to me when I visit… 456 more words

Book Reviews


Knowing my interest in spiritual formation, a friend and colleague gave me this book, written by a friend of his. Intrigued by the subtitle (“The Art of Being Friends With God and a Few Others”), and the brevity of the book (it’s a quick read at about 100 pages), I jumped right in. 297 more words

Book Reviews