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Traveling Words

Last night while camping deep in the wilderness (ok, a state park), it was interesting how I could hear conversations from several camp sites.

In my evening talk with God, I was reminded of how far our words can travel and how we might not even know someone is listening. 42 more words

The Church Must Be Clean

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Scripture reading: Ephesians 5:25-30

I visited a church one day to preach, and involuntarily ran down to a man and prophesied to him in the name of the Lord. 501 more words

Modern Babylon

Gambling my soul

I heard about a bit of anti-religious graffiti quoting the philosopher Nietsche. It said: ‘God is dead – Nietsche.’ But then someone added another line which said: ‘Neitsche is dead – God.’ Which line had it right do you think? 113 more words


Not So Random

You might have read about Chris Rosati or seen his feature on the national news shows this weekend. As soon as I saw him on tv, I was reminded of my brother-in-law John. 152 more words

Simple Prayers

During my coffee time with God, we talked about how I complicate my prayers in the same way I complicate my life. We talked about simple prayers. 64 more words

Theology Matters: Cry Wolf

This is a streamlined re-post of an article which was birthed during my aforementioned spiritual identity crisis.  

Originally published:  April 2009. 

 Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 1,242 more words


Ready, Set, Co!

I am very pleased to share a devotional which was written with my friend and awesome author, Kerry. We didn’t start out with that intention as you will see. 94 more words