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Seven Differences Between Being Spiritual and Being Gullible

Spirituality is about being in touch with our inner wisdom. This inner guidance helps us in making choices that help in enhancing growth, awareness and peace. 634 more words


Two Kinds of Wisdom

As we grow in the Lord, God wants us to learn how to discern between good and evil. This is how we enter into full spiritual maturity! 780 more words


Spiritual Compass: Trust and Obey

“…the Holy Spirit whom God has given to those who obey Him.” (Acts 5:32)

The purpose of a compass is not just to give us knowledge about where we are when we are lost but to also guide us into the way we need to go.  228 more words


Hyperdimensional interference & you

As you evolve spiritually, it’s important to be aware of outside negative influences that can prevent you from achieving your goals. The more committed you become to your path, the more interference you’re likely to attract. 61 more words

Holiness As a Brilliant Diamond

Have you ever gone into a jewelry store and looked at an exquisitely beautiful diamond?

Of all the gems in the world, the diamond is considered to be one of the most attractive jewels that can be fashioned by man. 712 more words


Spiritual Commitment: Level of Decision

“… the Lord will not be with you!” (Numbers 14:43)

When pilots are landing a large commercial jet they reach a point where they must commit to their landing.  250 more words


"Lack of Vision or Lack of God's Presence" by Dr.J.

“When people look at me, if all they see is what I’m wearing , it’s something wrong with their vision.” – Kenneth Thomas

I was talking to my son about my desire for people to see or hear the glory of God on me when they see me, my pictures, or hear me speak. 177 more words