A Sad Smile

Some Christian folk have this thing where they don’t want anyone to see them unhappy. We’ve bought into the persona that we’re not supposed to have problems or issues. 921 more words

Domestic Violence And Abuse

Clarity in the Fog and Darkness

Some celebrity said or tweeted an attack on Christians and their prayers yesterday as the bodies of the church shooting victims were barely cold. I would like to point out, beyond the non-surprising, obvious bigotry on the “star’s” part, that looking at the flaming open sewer that is Hollywood, I wonder where he is getting his credibility. 400 more words

Christian Living

God and our Social Media Status


My husband, some family members and many of our friends do not use social media…. and they are quite proud of it. Some have it…but claim to never access it. 243 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

The Edge....Whew!!

Have you ever felt like you were looking over the edge of a cliff,  needing to take a step off…but the bridge that you need to cross over to the other side has not been built yet? 154 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

The Emotional Roller Coaster

Range of emotions in a week’s time~

1.) anger 
2.) sadness 
3.) concern 
4.) joy 272 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

Why I Hate the Word Busy

We all say it. And I have been saying it a lot recently. “My life is just so busy.” It’s been my excuse for a while now. 716 more words


Do You Clang?

Sometimes I am a noisy gong…sometimes a clanging cymbal.

It requires complete and total surrender.

Do I understand just how much God loves me?  If so, I would love others.   25 more words

Spiritual Encouragement