When You Don't Know What to Say

When I was a little girl my parents used to warn me, “think before you speak.” I’ll chalk the admonition up to the unhindered speech of a child, but nevertheless, it was repeated enough that it stuck. 264 more words

One Faith

I Cried, He Just Didn't Know It

He started off slow. Oh, he fell a number of times…but he was determined. He got back up and walked the length of the long hallway completely on his own. 374 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

No Availability

Is there Availability?

I have called a hotel to see if it has availability on a certain date….and sometimes they don’t have it.  So I make more calls until I find one with availability. 380 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

His Love

Be Encouraged Today~


*personal graphics, photo credit: allgaiercreative.com

Spiritual Encouragement

Now is the Day of Salvation

No more waiting for the fulfillment of that which was promised to you. Today is the day of your salvation. What the enemy has toiled and maneuvered and manipulated to thwart in your life is not being held back by My hand. 398 more words


Summertime: Where You Can Find Me

Dear friends,

Firstly, I love that a few of you have personally reached out in various forms to see if I’m still alive. The fact that you read my words is honestly such a gift. 512 more words

One Faith