Honest Kids

Little kids crack me up. They are so honest, sometimes brutally so….and if you have been on the receiving end of that brutality you are not sure whether to scold, laugh or cry. 194 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

Rocky and Mickey

Most of you have seen the “Rocky” movies. The first movie was my favorite. In fact, the first Rocky movie was one of the first dates I had with my husband.   255 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

A Sure Sign of Healing

I love the beach.

Well, I love parts of the beach. I could do without sand sticking to places it shouldn’t, seagulls scavenging for my food, and…um…the water. 595 more words


No Adequate Words

The last couple of weeks I have not had words to share.

And for me that is a bit unusual. I always seem to have something to say.  80 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

My Hope is Built on Nothing Less...

In recent days in America we have seen the potential downfall of a presidential nominee in whom many had placed their trust and, here in the south, the devastation and destruction of a powerful hurricane. 433 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

The Why and What of This Journey

This morning, I’m sipping Tazo Awake English Breakfast tea from my #blessed mug and feeling every bit of that hashtag in my heart. The pumpkin spice donut? 314 more words