Have you ever met someone for the 1st time and knew immediately that there was something different about them?  Maybe they exuded joy or peace that was so powerful, you couldn’t help but be swept into it. 336 more words

New Year's resolutions: self-serving or kingdom-focused?

I read an article recently in the  Florida Baptist Witness,  by Hunter Leavine, regarding the self-serving intent of many New Year’s resolutions. It was a great article and really spoke to me. 426 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

When You Wonder if God Hears You

I sat before the Lord a few days ago and asked for evidence. I prayed, as I have many times before, for a drop down menu of concrete choices and acceptable options. 647 more words

One Faith

Let me Introduce You.....

Can you describe the love you felt when you laid eyes upon your newborn?

Is it the same love you had when you saw your two year old in the pool submerged with his big brown eyes looking up at you helplessly? 355 more words

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Our Journey to Heart Health (Part 1)

Dear Readers,

In honor of National Heart Month, and in light of my husband’s recent cardiac event, I am adding a new feature to my blog. 889 more words

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Keeping the Faith

What is it that allows one to walk through difficult, sometimes tragic, trials… and come out on the other side with their faith intact?

As I’ve thought about this question in the last few weeks of walking through a serious and unexpected health event with my husband, I keep coming back to my strong roots in the evangelical Christian faith and the consistency with which I was soaked in the beliefs, values and customs therein. 353 more words

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Jane's Story...Guillain Barre Syndrome

My dear friend and spiritual mentor of many years dealt with Guillain Barre Syndrome four years ago.  Her story is amazing…and her constant reminder to all of us that indeed…”Christ is Enough”. 253 more words

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