Narrative and Metanarrative: John 3:16, your story, and your place in the cosmos

We experience life as story.

This seems hardwired; the way we assemble our discrete experiences as plot devices in a coherent narrative. And we continue to do this even when our stories ultimately leave us wondering, “Is this all there is to life?” 1,297 more words


Dedicating Your New Relationship to God

Many of us wake up, proceed with our morning rituals and routines, and carryon with the day. We get into a groove in our lives, and it can become so habit forming that sometimes we don’t recognize we’re neglecting our souls. 592 more words

Domestic Violence And Abuse

Everyone Needs a L.I.S.A.

“Why are there so many Lisa’s at church, mommy? What’s so important about the name Lisa anyway?” My youngest son seemed genuinely confused and curious one night as we counted all the “Lisa’s” we know. 645 more words


Anesthetized to the WHAAM!

David, the psalmist, asked of the Lord in Psalm 119:18 (NLT), “Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.” I’m sure that David’s physical eyes were indeed open when he wrote or scribed this, and he could see before him. 773 more words

Domestic Violence And Abuse

Parental Paradox

The day I left the hospital with a tiny human tucked into his (and eventually her) car seat, I looked around furtively waiting for someone to say, “Ma’am, you can’t keep him cause you have no idea what you are doing.” Why and how I could suddenly be entrusted with the LIFE of another human being? 623 more words

Spiritual Encouragement

A Tricked-Out Boo

Jordan was not the man Lisa thought she had married. When they first met, she was taken with his spontaneity and good looks. He had a kind of boy-next-door humility and charm that reminded her of her high-school sweetheart. 766 more words

Domestic Violence And Abuse