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Black Beauty: Positivity from the Hood

You can call me Black Beauty. I started this blog because I want to start a real journey into positive thinking, mindfulness training, consistency, and uplifting others. 612 more words

Motivation from wanderlust_wedding_photography

A positive quote for the morning. Don’t let anyone’s words limit you. The only person that controls how much you achieve in this life, is you. 36 more words


The Third Eye - Window to the Universe

 Our Third eye

The third eye has been celebrated and revered for thousands of years as being the window to the soul. It is the 6th Chakra and is located on your forehead between and just above your physical eyes. 468 more words

Spiritual Enlightenment

Your Dreams are Messages

Your Dreams are actually messages from the Universe and your Spirit Guides . The messages may not be absolutely clear to you, but they are messages nonetheless. 42 more words

Spirit Guides

Positive Communication Brings Positive Results

Be careful how you communicate with people today. Negative communication lowers your vibration bringing negative influences into your life. Positive communication brings your vibration to a higher level resulting in positive influences into your life. 80 more words

How To Live A Spiritual Life

Why You are Here

You are here for the journey.  You are here for the lessons. You are here for the thrill. You are here because it’s your soul destiny. 61 more words

Spirit Guides


Are you a problem? Have you a problem? Are you married to or living-in with a problem?  And, Are you thinking of giving up? Why?  Are you tired of starting all over again? 2,337 more words