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Important Facts About Trees.


Trees communicate through their root system. It is similar to how we communicate through social media. We needed the understanding of how computers interact to understand how trees communicate. 1,242 more words

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Why is Stoicism Having a Cultural Moment?

via Why is Stoicism Having a Cultural Moment? — Needull in a haystack – Many thanks for sharing…

Have been reading Seneca this month. This needull takes a look at stoicism in today’s context. 220 more words

Winning Stoically

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In recent years I have developed a real interest in Stoicism. Although I wouldn’t yet consider myself a Stoic, I have enjoyed learning some of the underlying principles that make up this philosophy of life. 852 more words

Experience Travel

Abroad and within.  Travel is not only a physical experience but also a creative journey. As we travel to new places our travel experience becomes a deeper and more meaningful path.   125 more words
Earthly Harmony

A Silent World Within an Obvious One

When people enter my canopy to receive a Tarot reading, they are generally asking for understanding or direction that they are unable to see. Through images and symbols, the cards reveal an energetic realm of reality beyond the obvious one. 1,178 more words


Love Beyond The Man

I Am passionately in love with Thee, Yahushua, powerful enough to collide a world.

Great enough to stop a massive force headed towards destruction, distant enough to remain patient. 38 more words

Spiritual Enlightenment

New meditation music album! Fresh sounds to relax

Advanced Meditation Techniques – Spiritual Music for the Soul & Consciousness

New collection for spiritual practices will bring you focus and concentration during your meditation or yoga session. 9 more words