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Day of Resurrection

My dreams have always been vivid, often foretelling, and insightful. Never have I taken my dreams for granted. I recall sharing my dreams with my mother at the breakfast table, and eventually writing them down in order to understand the inner workings of my psyche and my emotional body. 1,469 more words


Psalm 9:9

The Word of God brings me joy even on the most difficult days.  My Bible is the most precious thing I own.  I read it every day.  100 more words

Sessions in London: Wednesday and Thursday this week


How are you?

I am remembering my Dad even more than usual today, since it would have been his Birthday. It’s such sweet memory and bittersweet sadness… He and I had so much fun together all the time. 214 more words


God is working on your problem right now

God is at work so be careful what you do.  If you act out of fear you’ll mess up his plan.  You prayed, he heard you and now you must trust him and stand in faith.  66 more words

Down by the seashore

I don’t think it’s possible to visit the ocean and not feel your spirits lift.  No matter what I’m going through I always find joy, peace and serenity here. 7 more words

When the Spirit is Working Steadily and Silently

Before I was ever a Tarot card reader, I was first and foremost a writer.  Writing has been my passion since the third grade.  Over the years however, my writing language has developed much more so than my public articulation.   897 more words


Is God Testing Me?


Do you say or feel like God is testing you?

Have you heard others express this?

Sometimes it may seem like it when the same or similar situations or experiences happen over and over again. 100 more words