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Like Mother, Like Daughter

In retrospect, I can see that my mother acted in spite when she left me to suffer and then in selfishness when she “saved” me. As she wanted me to re-live her childhood ordeals but could not bare the burden of guilt or bad reputation for leaving me behind forever. 433 more words


My own Refiner's Fire

I am in  refiner’s fire and I can’t wait to see what I will become!

I have recently lost a baby. This painful experience has brought many questions to my mind. 692 more words

God's Fire

Reality Shift: Dolores Cannon - 2012 Lecture

SOURCE: transients.info

Dolores Cannon at the 2012 Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference (Entire Lecture)

By Laron

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Here is another Ozark Mountain Transformation Conference where Dolores Cannon speaks about her regression focused work. 265 more words


Are You Evolving?

In our book, we conversed with many spirits on different levels of transition. In one session, we worked with Hal, a crossed over spirit who is currently working on the other side with at-risk-youths and is also a dear old friend of Beverly’s. 918 more words

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The Science of Magick

The skeptical search for a quantifiable relationship that explained my early interpretations of connection to Source has always been River’s path. Older incarnations of me just could not hold this concept, and explored various ways of relating to Source ranging from complete separation to the scientific exploration of consciousness and quantum mechanics. 40 more words


Hanging Folders

For my own purposes

and I wouldn’t call this self-awareness, personal growth or spiritual enlightenment.

It’s really administrative at this point. 107 more words

A Patient Voice

"The Teaching Wind"

The wind offers love and Light indiscriminate
A baby’s gasps remarking on the miracles
Of gentle breezes’ soothing reaches lyrical
Majestic swirls giving thoughts to things wonderful… 293 more words