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putting life in perspective

The following blurbation arose from an attempt to explain to friends, family, and others why I am no longer interested in social climbing and the accumulation of material wealth. 1,202 more words


What happens when this moment becomes more important than the next moment (or the previous moment).  When everything, everything you’ve got, everything you are, everything you need to do, everything that is, is 

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On Presence

The New Movement Charity Showcase!

Most of you should know by now that in just a few weeks I will be throwing a Charity Showcase Event! If you don’t know or want to know more keep reading and I will inform you on everything you need to know. 439 more words

Lives Matter Movement

Wu Hsin Quote Magnificence of Ordinary

“This world offers
So many distractions
That it is difficult
To perceive
The magnificence of
What is ordinary.
The simpler things get
The more beautiful…

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Wu Hsin

Spiritual Thursdays: You're not crazy, you're just waking up

5 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

  1.  You feel as though your life is false or empty.
  2.  You’re completely lost.
  3.  You intuitively know that there’s something “more” to life.
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Amani Says

Oh – don’t miss this moment!
Open your arms and let it flow into your being,
Just for this now.
Suspend your worries –
hand them over to the clouds to hang unto for a bit.

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On Presence

Wu Hsin Quote Deep Looking

“Deep looking produces
Deep seeing.
Then, one moves from competing to
Cooperating with everything.”  Wu Hsin

Wu Hsin