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Spiritual Enlightenment

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By Mavis M. duCille

Scripture reading: Matthew 13:19

Some weeks ago I had a dream. There was a meeting in a very large hall. 877 more words

Christian Walk

The Far, Far Edge of Theatre: Nadia Ross Talks What Happened to The Seeker

Founded in 1992 by Artistic Director Nadia Ross, STO Union is a multidisciplinary art and performance company that explores new methods of theatre creation and production by bringing together artists from a variety of mediums. 749 more words


Not different but same

We are one family
Not just the ones You love, but also the ones You don’t want to love
You can reject, You can hate, You can desire revenge and retaliate… 198 more words

Spiritual Enlightenment

"Memories of that Time"

I lie down in the grass with memories abreast
The Sun toasting the shadows of glories I held
Fortune and fame eclipsed by love that I had felt… 187 more words




We are constantly fluttering,
Becoming dumbfound
We listen to voices with no sound
Dream resolution in delusion
Speak words of confusion
All the while, tasting bitter feelings of collusion. 82 more words

Science Of Being

Resting in the middle (the battle between hubris and humility)

I was always taught growing up that feeling good about accomplishments was the sin of pride. Maybe not taught by words, but taught by cause/effect. 495 more words

Cult Survivor

I want to find a way out of this

I want to find a way out of this
10.22.15 10.24.15 10 25 15 10 26 15 10 27 15
My bondage to him is done on Nov 1st. 684 more words

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