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Why Do I Criticize Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev?

(I am republishing an answer that I wrote on Quora. The question was asked by an anonymous user and here is the complete question in his own words: ”  9,428 more words


Positive Movie: Samadhi (Part1 - Maya, The Illusion of the Self)

We all love movies but there are only a few that have managed to enlighten and draw attention, not to the outer world of crime, glamour and superstition that we are so used to in commercial cinema, but to the inner world of the Self. 163 more words


The Empowerment of All

It is a lie that those in a female body can’t reach the spiritual heights that male energy can attain. This belief is a half truth that keeps some souls trapped at a certain level. 740 more words

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What Is Spiritual Enlightenment?

(I am republishing an answer that I wrote in Quora)

The word ‘Enlightenment’ can be defined in many different ways. We have so many words in different traditions which are synonymous with the word ‘enlightenment’. 1,552 more words


"I avoid life"

Will I see the Matrimandir? This question has occupied my mind for the last hours. I have to register and today is the last chance to get a ticket for Thursday or Friday. 3,121 more words

No one will hear you

And it was a good story to tell

Right above the wishing well

Simple and trusted truth

Rooted beneath my hidden waters deeper

Than a ocean floor could find a explorer… 130 more words

Spiritual Enlightenment

Circular Ring

Why did we die

Why did we die

My love, my love

I hear your cries

I feel your pain

I feel the hurt

It wills to not go away… 31 more words

Spiritual Enlightenment