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The Reason You Chose this Life

There’s a reason you chose Earth to live this life.  You chose exactly when to be here, as exactly who you are now, with those already in your life and those who soon will be: To be an example, to shine your light, and to give hope. 8 more words

How To Live A Spiritual Life

My Master Guide: Yen

Continuing with my “fun-work” for my Medical Intuitive class, this week our teacher asked us to connect with our life long spirit guide and to blog about it.   787 more words


When I Wake

A glistening flare shines through and my eyes begin to flutter. Staring above I wipe the sleep from my eyes; today is the day I lie to myself. 420 more words


Vibration and Enlightenment

Entrainment is a phenomenon observed in nature and, because of our interdependence with everything, entrainment or synchronization with our environment is a gateway to larger reality which is opened by meditation practice within our very bodies. 698 more words


Gone Fishin'

*Names have been changed to protect the innocent

Today you reached out again…

As I read the text message I had the urge to reply viciously; I pondered a moment and made the decision to leave it unanswered. 395 more words


Black Beauty: Positivity from the Hood

You can call me Black Beauty. I started this blog because I want to start a real journey into positive thinking, mindfulness training, consistency, and uplifting others. 612 more words