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More Karma

If humans really understood how implacable and immutable karmic law is, nobody would lock their doors. Nobody would need to. All lost wallets would be returned, contents intact. 422 more words

From The Counsellor

Gorillas and frugality

A nine-year-old girl came home from school one day last week and told her mother “We used to be gorillas.”

Teachable moments have no precedents or antecedents. 204 more words

From The Counsellor

Sharing Ramadan 


I wanted to share a few stories of other people and their experiences in fasting. I found this great piece and wanted to share… 77 more words


Cooking as a spiritual exercise; day 1 of Ramadan

Today as of the sunset marked the first whole day of Ramadan on June 18th I partook in one of my favorite spiritual exercises; cooking. I admit, it took a lot out of me to fast but in the time I cooked and ate before dawn and also at sunset I found serenity, calm, but also God. 212 more words

My Journey

Spiritual Exercise... What is that?

Spiritual exercise sounds like a complete waste of time. I mean, what do you do but sit around closing your eyes and meditating over Scripture — you’re just wasting precious time, are you not? 459 more words