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Resignatio ad infernum

A childhood terror

As a child transitioning into my early teenage years, somewhere along the way I became terrified of eternal damnation. I wasn’t always afraid of going to hell; in my younger childhood I generally took for granted a sense of having a warm personal relationship with God, in of all its wonderful childlike simplicity. 1,943 more words


On focus

It will be tempting to look away
but focus is what focus is, unapologetically

© Meisaan Chan


Keeping Fit, Physically and Spiritually

I had been lackadaisical with physical exercise for a while. My workouts at home were decreasing while my sense of guilt was increasing. I knew I would need some kind of disciplined approach to get back on track and decided to do what had proven helpful before. 473 more words


Strengthening Inner Guidance

Eckankar is indeed a beautiful religion, organizational issues aside. The more beautiful a religion, the more purely it allows G*d to touch souls. I have been touched by the beauty of ECK and I don’t know how to hold it and make visible and clear to me on a daily basis. 382 more words

ECK Stories

In the quiet!

I am been trying to quiet my world, less tv, less radio and less Facebook.   Very easy to listen to the opinions of others and the directions of where others may want me to be in this world.     556 more words

Spiritual Exercise

Part 5: How to Share My Faith

I finish this series on “How to Exercise Spiritually” with one more daily spiritual exercise. It is the spiritual exercise of sharing our faith in Jesus with other people. 1,206 more words

Spiritual Exercise

On Change, Bitterness, and Standing on the Rock

Things have been getting more real over here on the blog lately. I don’t enjoy writing about things that I can wrap in beautiful paper and tie up with a bow because it’s not real life. 1,979 more words