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A House Which Becomes a Home

I want to tell you about a meeting that happened recently at UUCA. Five people and myself in the conference room, meeting with the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Director of Ministerial Transitions, the Rev. 3,272 more words

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Instant Happiness

Pro Infirmis is a Swiss organization for people with disabilities, and as today’s video shows, part of their work is expanding a sense of acceptance in society for difference, as well as for self-acceptance in people who carry the weight of such differences. 2,600 more words

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5 Reasons Why You Should Come to a Bliss Weekend - One Month to Go!

Our second AMAZING Bliss B4 Laundry Wellness Weekend is only one month away!

Sarah and I have been working day and night (literally – not so good we know!) to give you the most exciting weekend ever! 348 more words

MOM Upside-Down is WOW

MOM upside-down is WOW. Or WoWoWoWoWoWoW.

But what DOES that mean, other than sounding awesome?

For me, the WOW is all about mother energy. Mother energy is like sunlight, and it fills the green leaves of our lives with joy, and we are filled with the juice of joy, and all we can do in response is grow. 2,281 more words

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Becoming Minimalist

Less is more. AMEN.

Blame Leslie Freymann—she put me up to that. She’s the UUCA member who won the Sermon-of-Your-Choice item at the Fun For Funds Auction this past November, and her passion is minimalism. 2,952 more words

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How Can I Know I Am Growing?

It’s just like what happens in Flatland. You are a square, a circle, a triangle, and what you know is how to scurry about doing your flat business in your flat world. 3,318 more words

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Robert Fulghum's Faith

He has a lullaby voice and a great booming laugh.

He carries a French horn case instead of a briefcase.

At motels he sometimes registers as “representing” Mother Earth or the Cutting Edge of Reality. 2,483 more words

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