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Wedding Day

Wedding Day at UUCA was a holy time. Together with other Atlanta-area Unitarian Universalist ministers, I officiated the marriage ceremony of six same-sex couples. What follows is the script that I wrote for the beautiful occasion. 2,650 more words

Spiritual Growth And Development

Lessons from The Little Prince

Once upon a time there was a famous writer named Antoine de Saint-Exupery whose country was being devoured by war and he fled to America, and there he felt helpless and lonely. 3,319 more words

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We want to offer you a present!

We are incredibly honoured to introduce Megan Campbell to you. She is a Yoga teacher, teacher trainer, modern day mystic, Host of TV’s ‘Yoga for Women’, and international retreat/trip leader. 117 more words


Beauty of the Butterfly: Letter to Maya Angelou

Dear Maya,

How strange it will seem to my hearers and readers that I am writing a letter to one who can never literally receive it. 2,560 more words

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Building the World We Dream About

Last week I’m driving on 285 towards my home in Dunwoody and I see a police car on the far right flash on its strobe lights, launch itself into the stream of traffic, hone in on a car, lock on. 2,823 more words

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A House Which Becomes a Home

I want to tell you about a meeting that happened recently at UUCA. Five people and myself in the conference room, meeting with the Unitarian Universalist Association’s Director of Ministerial Transitions, the Rev. 3,272 more words

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Instant Happiness

Pro Infirmis is a Swiss organization for people with disabilities, and as today’s video shows, part of their work is expanding a sense of acceptance in society for difference, as well as for self-acceptance in people who carry the weight of such differences. 2,600 more words

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