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Entrustment Ceremony

Entrustment Ceremony (by Rev. Anthony Makar)

The transfer of parental rights from one family to another in an open adoption is bittersweet. The role of a ritual, called an entrustment ceremony, to honor this event is becoming very common as adoptive and birth families feel empowered to create open and trusting relationships. 1,270 more words

Spiritual Growth And Development

Wonder Woman and Loneliness

As the 2017 blockbuster movie Wonder Woman begins, we hear her voice with its exotic accent, she speaks of wanting to save the world but learning things the hard way. 2,188 more words

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Home is the Present Moment

Today we begin a new worship series that takes up the question of “home.” But by “home,” I’m not talking about a mere physical place where a person might happen to sleep, and nor am I talking about the physical space where a person might attend services. 1,781 more words

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Growing Up, Growing Old, Growing True

I hope there is no adult in this space who underestimates the importance of gifts of time to children. Even the seeming smallest can become a formative memory forever. 1,530 more words

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Unsuspecting Treasures

For our summer services, our UUCA Worship Team wanted to expand the number of voices speaking from the pulpit. And so, several weeks back, I reached out to some folks to see if they’d want to participate. 2,112 more words

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Celebrating the Women in Our Lives

Last week was huge for me in celebrating some of the women in my life. My twenty-five-year-old daughter Sophia was married to the man she loves. 2,269 more words

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 Character Impact (Article Blog)

Our actions will always speak louder than our words. Even when people aren’t listening to us they are always watching, looking to see what we are doing. 1,589 more words