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Jon Stewart on Pig Cruelty

On the 11-19-14 Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he brings to light: Pigs confined in gestational crates. The animals are so confined in a metal cage (row after row after row) that they cannot lie down, turn around, or even stretch their limbs. 54 more words

Awakening Consciousness

How You Find Purpose

“Humanity, strive toward your highest potential. This is who you came to be.

“Let not discouragement be the measure of your life. Instead, let only hope and perseverance be that which shapes your thoughts and endeavors. 149 more words


When is Enough Enough?

My 15 year old said a funny thing last week. It was after a Sunday school discussion I led. This otherwise outgoing and social teenager didn’t see anyone to sit with at the teen Godspell production, so she ended up in the back row of my class. 520 more words