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Goodbye Religion! It's Fxxxxxx Official!

Whew! I feel like a mighty weight has been lifted off me!

Last night, I was interacting online with an awesome sista from Philadelphia who like me, is shedding off her religious skin. 445 more words

Holistic Healing

White Candle Meditation

There are many versions of white candle meditations and I wanted to share one that will help you learn to keep your focus and hold the vision to manifest your hopes and dreams.  222 more words

Holistic Healing

The Truth About Anger

I’m angry. Actually, I’m mad as hell. It is the healing process of leaving an abusive relationship. Mine was a marriage that lasted twenty years and was part of my life for twenty-five. 551 more words

Mental Health

Program Your Own Mind

For the past few years, I’ve been learning about programming advertisers use to get us to buy their products. Basically, the left brain is the conscious mind and right brain is the subconscious mind. 447 more words

Holistic Healing

My Journey Down the Rabbit Hole

Have you ever been down the rabbit hole? Each night, I spiral down into this portal to go on a journey from one state of consciousness to another. 774 more words

Holistic Healing