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Frequency Healing Audio

Healing Audio’s that Nourish Your Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit!

Each healing audio will elicit a release from your mind, body, emotions and spirit creating change on the conscious, subconscious and energetic levels Awakening Your Dormant Potentials! 2,527 more words


Clever Comfrey

The spirit of comfrey speaks to me daily as I walk by my personal plant. It says, “Sherrice. Grow wild as I grow wild. Grow strong as I grow strong. 301 more words

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Magnificient Mugwort!

Mugwort is the universal herb for protection and prophecy in the dream world.  It’s a visionary herb, so it’s often used for divination and ritual practices. 84 more words

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1800 Very Powerful Energetic Healing CDs About to be Trashed

Yes, 1800 of my Very Powerful Energetic Healing CDs Were About to be Trashed but Instead Inspired by a SUCCESS STORY Right NOW You Can Get Them at a… 7,703 more words


Burn, Baby Burn! Or Maybe Not.

Whew! I feel like a mighty weight has been lifted off me!

Last night, I was interacting online with an awesome sista from Philadelphia who like me, is shedding off her religious skin. 445 more words

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White Candle Meditation

There are many versions of white candle meditations and I wanted to share one that will help you learn to keep your focus and hold the vision to manifest your hopes and dreams.  222 more words

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