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Proper Nutrition

Dear Jesus,

I have been reading about proper nutrition and how it affects mental health. This weekend I tried chia seeds; seeds I was sure would stimulate a hefty gag reflex! 604 more words


Good-bye emotional eating!

You don’t become “fat” over night. It often takes years of self abuse, or emotional eating, or having a bad metabolism, or a myriad of health problems which makes it incredibly easy to put on weight and a nightmare to take it off. 505 more words


I'm not ashamed of being fat (haters gonna hate)

Last night Mark and I were in Chester Hill. While Mark collected dinner I walked up and down the main street trying to get my vivofit numbers up as my psoriasis meant doing my usual evening walk was out of the question. 533 more words


Ask Anything! ~ A Spiritual Advice Column.

Ask Anything! ~ A Spiritual Advice Column.

We just wanted to let you all know that we also offer an ‘Ask Anything’ section here on the blog, where readers can ask us their spiritual questions (or concerns) and we will combine our thoughts, insights, advice, guidance and intuition to answer them to the best of our abilities. 122 more words

Advice Column

Become Calm

The first step to become on with God is to become calm. To be God, lower your ever-rising thoughts, and become calm. In other words become still. 106 more words


Becoming One With the Gods

I’ll be turning 20 in a few months and my goal in the mean while is to find God and become one with him. For months I’ve been doing research on how to find inner peace, there are many things that contribute to it. 44 more words