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Program Your Own Mind

For the past few years, I’ve been learning about programming advertisers use to get us to buy their products. Basically, the left brain is the conscious mind and right brain is the subconscious mind. 447 more words

Holistic Healing

My Journey Down the Rabbit Hole

Have you ever been down the rabbit hole? Each night, I spiral down into this portal to go on a journey from one state of consciousness to another. 774 more words

Holistic Healing

Hot Sex Secret for the Fellas!

This post is for the fellas! Strictly for the fellas. Valentine’s Day is coming up and I want you to be ready for that special night with your boo. 456 more words

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Good-bye emotional eating!

You don’t become “fat” over night. It often takes years of self abuse, or emotional eating, or having a bad metabolism, or a myriad of health problems which makes it incredibly easy to put on weight and a nightmare to take it off. 505 more words