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The foregone analytical forensic study outlines the psychopathic process that creates the sociopathic process. It is a widespread malaise of defensive denial mechanisms (reactive guilt), which perpetuates quagmires that in turn reinforces socio-economic, ecological, and economic disharmony and suffering. 375 more words



God sincerely wants us to share with Him all of our burdens, concerns and cares. He patiently waits with open arms to take us and shelter us in His love.
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Jack Childs 'Live Your Divinity' - with David Ashworth

Emerald Heart Practitioner Jack Childs, interviewed David Ashworth, the original channel of the Emerald Heart Light, for Jacks new YouTube channel “Live Your Divinity”, dedicated to helping people live their divinity in body, mind and heart. 91 more words

Spiritual Healing

Vernal Equinox 2018 ☀️WMS⚜️celebrates 16th Anniversary

Today, Vernal Equinox 2018, is the 16th anniversary of WMS⚜️. Our mission is, and always will be the spiritual empowerment of Women for a higher world vision. 95 more words

Holistic Healing

Spiritual Healing- What it is and how can you achieve it

Spiritual healing has been practiced since the first human was born on this Earth. It has cured fatal diseases, changed terrorists into saints and drug addicts into positive and spiritually strong individuals. 318 more words

Spiritual Healing

Update: Demystifying Spiritual Healing

A Webinar by Beth Packer of Berry, NSW, Australia

Date:  Monday 19 March 2018 (Canberra time)

Time:  10.30  – 11.30 (Daylight saving time Canberra)

Please note that this webinar was previously advertised as 11.30 am Canberra time.  22 more words


Why Didn't The Event Happen In 2012?

I wasn’t awake in 2012. I was living my 3D life. I was in what I thought was a happy relationship and I had a corporate full time job. 623 more words

Spiritual Consciousness