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If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. 120 more words

Spiritual Healing

This New Moon

Time and time again I find myself thinking about my spirituality. How I am not paying attention to the things that help me grow. I miss my inner connection. 307 more words

Dear Diary

Not Raw

I’ve been writing so much lately about Paul coming home, or sex, or just generalities altogether.

I feel like I haven’t been fully honest. With myself, first. 101 more words

Dear Diary

A New Journey: #WhyIYoga

So, when I say I’m a yogi in training, that would probably be an understatement. I’m still figuring out the moves with the right technique with hardly any strength to actually hold me up (luckily my gymnast & cheer background helps a little). 380 more words

Mind & Spirit

Mushroom Soup

Ah, the go to medicine when I need to relax. Good ole Psilocybin.

I’ve been able to learn very little about the history of use in the times of my ancestors but from what I can gather, in Europe, they are recovering knowledge about the entheogenic substances used in ancient times more frequently.  548 more words

Dear Diary

The healing gift of Compassionate Depossession

Compassionate depossession is one of the cornerstones of shamanic healing.  Spirits who are trapped in this dimension and can’t move to their rightful home can cause problems, at times quite unpleasant.  481 more words

Shamanic Healing

Have you been called?

So many are called now on this earth to hold sacred space, to be channels of light, to see, know and feel the immense beauty, goodness and peace that is the ground and foundation of all being. 254 more words