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Kundalini & Flu Symptoms?

Its pretty amazing to me just how big the stats are on people searching using kundalini and flu symptoms. This has been going on for a number of years on several blogs that I have.  1,483 more words



Growing up Catholic, I always took the image of God very literally (old man sitting on a cloud in a big robe) and had a hard time truly believing. 78 more words

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Empath: The Human Sponge

From one empath to another, the struggle is real. For those of you that are not quite sure what an empath is, or if you yourself, might be an empath, it’s almost like a personal hell for someone who doesn’t know how to protect one’s self. 2,002 more words

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Shape your future!

My dear ones, this is a time of choice.

Do you choose to live in fear? Do you choose to do what is healthy for mother earth and all life? 126 more words


10 Ancient Buddhist Life Lessons which are more relevant Today

Buddhism Works – Actually. For people who have been raised in religions other than Buddhism, this can sound strange. But once you start living your life as per Buddhist philosophies, you can see changes in your life every day. 458 more words

Writer's Diary #1 - Setting the inner Writer free

One could think, that the past weeks have been successful for me, when it comes to writing. It has been, because I published 3 blog posts while I was in Lindau last weekend. 629 more words


How Yoga helped me fly to Australia Solo

Five years ago I would worry about traveling so much that it would take me weeks to pack for a short trip; I was always terrified of forgetting something important. 195 more words

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