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The Gypsy’s Aura Elixir Giveaway

The Gypsy’s Aura Elixir is a powerful tool for spiritual cleansing, and protection. It is draws on the power of botanicals, lunar energy, and Reiki to create a high vibration that eliminates negative vibrations, and influence leaving the aura feeling lighter, brighter and sealed from negativity. 81 more words


Rosa Hultman - The Return of the Divine Feminine

Emerald Heart Elder and Teacher Rosa Hultman, explains more of her understanding of the re-emergence of the feminine principal and why this is so important at this present time where the feminine is often misrepresented and written out of history by the dominant old-school patriarchal system.  734 more words

Spiritual Healing

Healing Past Life Memory

Carol Lamb, founder of Rainbow Light Foundation, author of Born Remembering talks about the release of emotional energy in her latest interview about… 667 more words

Nancy Wait

Popped Into Perspective

*Re-post from from one of my previous blogs – dated September 2012*

I’ve read on two different sites tips regarding ridding yourself of fear that comes in the form of self-talk…that annoying mind chatter – also known as the monkey mind, that creeps in and wreaks havoc on your normally calm and rational psyche. 325 more words

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Goodbye Religion! It's Fxxxxxx Official!

Whew! I feel like a mighty weight has been lifted off me!

Last night, I was interacting online with an awesome sista from Philadelphia who like me, is shedding off her religious skin. 445 more words

Holistic Healing

The great con!

Can anyone tell me what all this bollox with certificates is for healing with hands also known as reiki/spiritual healing too. A perfectly natural ability we all have. 25 more words

Becoming A Parent Should Come With Warning Labels

Before anyone becomes a parent, they need to know the possible side effects of having a child.

Warning: having a child may drive you to the brink of insanity. 2,404 more words

Holistic Healing