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Lynne Shaw - After the Blood Moon

Emerald Heart Elder and Teacher Lynne Shaw, gives us some food for thought as to why some may feel challenged after the amazing Super Blood Moon we witnessed recently. 742 more words

Spiritual Healing

3 Steps to becoming the REAL YOU

By Tina Galardi

I believe a truly free spirit is the point at which you can reset your life. Release the baggage that you’ve accumulated through life and start fresh with the real you not the beliefs, fears and impressions you grew up with. 594 more words

SPIRIT | Good For The Soul

Motherhood: My Saving Grace

Two years ago, just before I found out I was expecting, I was in the bargaining stage of my depression. I was at my worst, and could no longer see a future or purpose for myself and my life. 1,291 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

What My Pain Taught Me

I felt like I crawled out of a deep, dark tar pit and into a sweet, crystal-clear, joyfully bubbling spring.

For as long as I can remember, I walked hand in hand with pain.

685 more words
Higher Wisdom

It's good to know who we are

Lonely, obedient, good girl, good student, shy, dancer, math and puzzle genius, occasional amnestic, community theater performer, raped, reluctant sorority girl, reluctant beauty queen, college run-away hitchhiker, Jesus hippie, minister’s wife, battered, mother, divorced, children conned away by ex, atheist, woken out of a trance, children returned, degreed in broadcast journalism, UPI award-winning radio reporter, remarried, business owner, PR consultant to social service and activist organizations, board member and president, Permaculture certified, radical activist, pantheist, arrested twice, jailed twice, Tasered twice, news feature “Supermom,” winner of more awards and recognitions, divorced again, child with cancer, offered ownership of $3-4 million birdwatching world-tour business, flashbacks of childhood sexual abuse, nervous breakdown, business offer passed, unable to work, praying again, son healed, aware of dissociative parts, confidant of healing, master of non-fiction creative writing, desert hermit, … 156 more words

Hope For Healing

how to mentally clean your aura

There are 7 layers in our aura. When we use meditation
and try to ‘clean’ it, we have to clean every layer. Many new age mystics… 297 more words


Now That I Have My Crystals, What Do I Do With Them? : In5D Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Spiritual Database

HOW DO I CHOOSE A CRYSTAL There will be times when you need to purchase a crystal, and given the great abundance of healing stones now available, it can be useful to have a system for choosing your… 54 more words