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Feeling And Surrendering To Our Beauty

by Leena Colibri

To surrender to the beautiful, is to recognize that what we are is beauty embodied. We are the captors and creators of beautiful things, images, works, and deeds. 555 more words

Emotional Healing

How To Create World Peace

After becoming inspired by some fellow bloggers, I delved into the topic of why we hold onto our hurts. To follow the entire thread of my thought process, … 1,174 more words

Energy Healing

Life Giver

The great wall within had
fallen apart, and its
stone covering was taken
away revealing a heart of

Darkness has been dispelled
and sadness swept far away… 140 more words

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You are a dragon slayer

What you are presented with emotionally in this life can be healed in this life. To do this, you must engage all your awareness, your will, heart and power, and face those patterns and thoughts with courage and trust in your resilience. 149 more words

Clearing the Morphogenic Reasonance ....earth healing 

Clearing the morphogenic reasonance
We have around the earth a band of energy that are our thoughts from generations. It’s called the morphogenic reasonance. This band as you may well imagine contains some very dark negative thinking. 202 more words

Spiritual Development

Be Free From Pain And Find Spiritual Healing In Melbourne

Where all the medicines of the world and all the doctors of the world stop, spiritual healing begins from that point. There people living around us, who think themselves as connected to the divine force. 134 more words

Spiritual Healing


At the fall meeting of the Ojai Grandmother’s Council, we were reminded of the seeds of intention that we planted in the spring. Some could not remember their intentions, some remembered but did not tend them. 1,967 more words