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Your Neighborhood Effect

Hey guys! This week I wanted to talk about a serious topic. The importance of community and sharing one's own time with others in need. Not about donating money, or supporting a cause from the security of your own home. 467 more words


spiritual Divine: Jesus and mala beads

spiritual Divine: Jesus and mala beads.

A beautiful rendition of one woman’s path of faith and the part yoga plays in it.

Personal Growth


Rejection-what a difficult word……growing up I was called a REJECT…. today as an adult woman, there are days that I feel so much rejection……I know I am loved and cared for yet some days rejection seems to be lurking around every corner. 504 more words

Child Abuse

The Little Kindle Book That Could

Life amazes me. Constantly. It is a roller coaster filled with ups and downs but it’s the positive moments that tend to surprise and help me to move past the more difficult times. 369 more words


The Wonders of Myrtle

I have a myrtle bush in my garden; it’s evergreen, with tiny dark leaves and reddish woody stems. When it puts on full new growth it is a vibrant bush, full of energy, with a beautiful scent around it… and if I pick a few leaves and rub them on my fingers, the aroma is fresh, clean, light… a combination of eucalyptus and citrus notes. 268 more words


Sheep Symbolic Meaning

Happy New Year of the Sheep, as we enter  into this phase in the Millennium change is of the utmost importance. If you have not already committed to doing so according to the steps along your path then this is a time where you will make many shifts + upheaval. 387 more words


Beautiful Base Oils

While the essential oils in a blend often get a lot of the attention, the bases deserve it too. Essential oils have a beautiful affinity to vegetable carrier or base oils; the two mediums make an exquisite partnership. 191 more words