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Emotional Healing

Hate, love, apathy, are a few of the words we use to describe our emotional attachment to people or our reaction to an event or object in our lives.   756 more words

Emotional Healing

Empowering Your Life

How do we continue to do the good we would?  Sometimes life can drain every drop of flavor from my day, leaving me feeling uncared for and empty.  349 more words

Emotional Healing


It is Sunday evening and I’m sitting here listening to the sounds of my husband working on our new offices.   He has completely amazed me.  Last year when he started this project I never doubted he could do the work.  271 more words

Emotional Healing

The Hard Road

In our lives, most of us will have our circumstances turned around many times.  The downturns may be beyond our control and independent of our personal actions.  358 more words

Emotional Healing

The Good We May Do

The decision has been made, you want to make a difference in the world.   Choosing to expand yourself beyond the small circle of family and friends who make up your community.  359 more words

Emotional Healing

Reclaiming My Connection To The Divine

A few weeks ago, I had a few sessions with a very gifted healer, who is able to channel large amounts of high frequency energy. 1,260 more words

Energy Healing

My (spirit) team

Is it possible, as I have been told, that we each have a spirit team waiting to help us, show us the way, give us a nudge in the right direction and help us make the right decisions? 421 more words