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What You Mean to God

You are more beautiful than the brightest diamond,
More precious than silver or gold,
More valuable than the rays of sunshine that bring light to the earth. 149 more words

Spiritual Journals

My Story

Sharing your story is a vital way to let loose of some of those chains that may weigh you down. Taking control and authority over the trials you endured, helps you to separate them from your identity. 498 more words

Spiritual Journals

You Have Nothing to Hide

You have nothing to hide or cover up. If you are going to be completely exposed, expose yourself to our Lord, Jesus Christ, for He takes the garbage in your life and turns them into something beautiful. 197 more words


For the Lonely

For the lonely, brokenhearted, abused, forgetten, rejected, or persecuted. Before you close your eyes tonight say these words if you need some comfort:

Lord, I thank You for who you created me to be: bold, brilliant, talented, beautiful, worthy, smart, brave, desired, loved, and unique. 80 more words

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Read through this book twice yesterday and I’m sharing because it is sooo good for the times we are currently in! Check it out:

Habakkuk was one of the prophets in the old testament that wrote in about 630-605 BC. 545 more words

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God's Help is Much Better than Trying To Do it Alone

“What man gives you, man can take away. What God gives you is made to last.”

Many people pursue different kinds of things like relationships, careers, goals, dreams, etc. 308 more words

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Believe in the Word of God, not the word of man...


This article recently was released & this journal is in response to it….praise Jesus!

May step on toes, but it does me none. I speak truth, because I speak the Word of God. 542 more words

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