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The BattlefieldĀ 

When your mind is in the battlefield, and your not sure why or how it got there, take a moment to take authority. Rid yourself of the lies that are telling you that you are everything you are not. 120 more words


Political PeaceĀ 

Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep, the political stuff in the media was picking at my brain. I started to pray and ponder on the different emotions I was feeling towards the candidates and circumstances going on. 367 more words



Started reading a new book called “Fervent” written by Priscilla Shirer. I came across it at a little store in the airport in Miami. I grabbed it without even opening it, as I was walking to the counter to check out the bottled water I had gone in to get. 443 more words


The Power of Healing

I’m sitting here on vacation, reading and journaling about the power of healing that Jesus showed us through his walk on earth and how we can be apart of that. 438 more words



I hate to run. With a passion. It hurts. It makes me feel heavy, like 1000 bricks. I don’t understand how anyone could possibly enjoy it, sorry Emily haha. 444 more words


What positive thing do you bring to your family and friends?

Hello beautiful,

I am back and with vengeance. Well, maybe not vengeance but you get the idea. It has been a couple weeks since I last posted. 400 more words


Proverbs 31 Kind of Woman

A proverbs 31 woman deserves a man that will protect and guard her heart as much as she would protect his. She deserves one that knows and reminds her of her worth daily, encourages her to grow deeper in a relationship with Christ so she is always equipped and ready to tackle life’s demands, and loves her with a sacrificial kind of love because her salvation is equally important as his own. 35 more words