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The Law of Warfare

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Scripture reading: Romans 6:16

Where did Satan get all his power? If God did not give him a mandate, where did he get all his power? 484 more words

Spiritual Warfare

Rules for the Game

One of the formative books of my adolescence is R S de Ropp’s The Master Game. First published in the late 60s, long before some of the shadier margins of the New Age self-help movement earned a few hustlers some big bucks (you can see his “names for their games” in the third paragraph below), de Ropp flattered, cajoled or profited from nobody’s ego as he examined what we spend our lives loving. 1,488 more words


Looking for a Title

Now that I’ve chased away, as I usually manage to do every few weeks, a few incautious new readers who thought they’d follow my blog — until I said something indigestible to them — you and I remain to take stock. 1,122 more words


The Law of Silence

There is a problem with sharing too much. When we share our experiences with others, sometimes we can set them up to believe that they need to have similar experiences. 217 more words

Blog Post


Sometimes we are not good friends to ourselves. I know this is true for me personally and I am sure it is true for most people, so I won’t give myself a hard time for the delay in posting a new blog entry. 368 more words

Victoria Cochrane's Channellings from the Masters: Should Animals be Killed for Food?

Greetings. I am here to explain to you the fallacies and mysteries around the consumption of animals as food by humans on Earth. There are many of you who do not think twice about killing for food, while many others feel much guilt around it and will not eat meat at all, or very rarely. 691 more words

The Creator

What Is An Earth Angel??

The term Earth Angel has a few different meanings depending on who you ask. There are several books out that describe an “earth angel” as being an actual angel born in human form on this earth for the purpose of universal expansion. 1,214 more words