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Sometimes we are not good friends to ourselves. I know this is true for me personally and I am sure it is true for most people, so I won’t give myself a hard time for the delay in posting a new blog entry. 368 more words

Finding Peace

Victoria Cochrane's Channellings from the Masters: Should Animals be Killed for Food?

Greetings. I am here to explain to you the fallacies and mysteries around the consumption of animals as food by humans on Earth. There are many of you who do not think twice about killing for food, while many others feel much guilt around it and will not eat meat at all, or very rarely. 691 more words

The Creator

What Is An Earth Angel??

The term Earth Angel has a few different meanings depending on who you ask. There are several books out that describe an “earth angel” as being an actual angel born in human form on this earth for the purpose of universal expansion. 1,214 more words


Rewriting Assignment: Law # 11

Robert Greene’s Law #11 : “Learn to keep people dependent on you”

To maintain your independence you must always be needed and wanted.

In my own words, Law # 11: “Never lean on anyone but yourself” 43 more words

The Intention of my work

Nothing will change in your life, until your thinking changes. You will continually see the same experiences over & over again, perhaps with different people, but same theme, until you choose to shift your beliefs. 707 more words

The Difference Between a Healer and Traditional Medicine


One listens to the body

Is not intrusive

Does not attack the body or cause pain

Does not feel superior to the individual

Realizes the synergy of a group Intention… 202 more words

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Release Experiencing Unfulfilled Sex

In past lifetimes, sexuality and practices held a lot of trauma. It was common for men to be turned into eunuchs to serve the royal quarters. 836 more words

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