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The Art Of Detachment

The sixth spiritual law of success, the Law of Detachment, says that the way to acquire anything in the universe is to relinquish our attachment to it. 647 more words

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Releasing Ignorance  

Did you ever see the movie “Ghost” where Sam, who crossed over, was typing on the computer to convey a message to someone here? Something similar to that happened as I was posting this morning. 1,522 more words

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Transcending Karma

We are outgrowing our old concept of karma. We are used to thinking of it in a linear kind of way. I don’t think of it that way at all anymore. 85 more words

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1st law : Law of Evolution


You said at the beginning that the life of a spirit did not start with birth.

That´s right.

What is there before birth? 3,942 more words

Spiritual Law

Law of Evolution


Hello little brother! It´s about time!

I really wanted to see you, to be here again, in peace. I found the books that you mentioned and I read them. 1,551 more words

The Spiritual Law


He spoke to me first. He took my hands and invited me to sit down with him face to face:

Welcome. I was waiting for you. 4,684 more words

The Spiritual Law