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From the Mouths of Babes

“Mama, after Jesus died, he had a scratch on his tummy. (Pensive silence). Mama, I don’t like a scratch on Jesus tummy.   616 more words

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Your Intuition and Divine Guidance

Most everyone has experienced occurrences relating to their gut-knowing/intuition. Have you ever thought about someone out of the blue only to find that you run into them or they call you a couple minutes later? 1,217 more words

Spiritual Lessons

A Day in the Life of THIS Missionary Mama

(I emphasize the word THIS not because I am something special, but because I am sure that each missionary mama has a unique story of their own, and this is only my experience) 1,975 more words
Home Life

Sacral Chakra/Solar Plexus Chakra

“ Natural forces within us are the true healers of the diseases”- Hippocrates

(If you missed the last post, it was about what chakras are and the Root chakra. 1,216 more words

Spiritual Lessons

A Sponsor Child Visit - A Divine Appointment

It started out as a normal sponsor child visit. We picked up a young girl from school one afternoon, and started following her directions as she guided us towards her home. 498 more words



Photo editing can be quite fun, but also quite deceptive.
You can horizontally flip a photo, causing the right side to become the left,
and the left side to become the right. 222 more words


What are Chakras?/ The Root Chakra

The Basics of Chakras

Until my spiritual awakening, I did not know what chakras were at all. The only thing I knew was that they were on a lot of decorations at Earthbound. 1,610 more words

Spiritual Lessons