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She Let Go

This poem was written by Rev. Safire Rose. She is a staff minister with the Agape International Spiritual Center.

So, I did not write this but I am choosing to share it with everyone I can because I believe it needs to be shared far and wide. 389 more words

Being Human

"Alan T"

Written in memory of Alan Tompkins who passed away March 2017 By: Christine Bischof To the tune of “Lean on Me”

Al Tompkins loved life… 293 more words

Inspirational Poems

That Perfect Moment

I have hoped and prayed
Wished and desired
Struggled and fought
Over thought and acted on impulse

I have searched and waited
Cried and beseeched… 113 more words

Being Human

Welcome to Becoming Enlightened

This is a time of deep and intense change and it is happening faster than it has ever occurred in humanity’s time here on earth. 509 more words

Being Human

To Be a Witness

Pay attention.

We humans have amazing capacity to adjust to almost anything, it’s a trait that has helped us survive. But sometimes it can cause us to think that it’s always been this way, when it really hasn’t. 401 more words

Being Human

Calvary Love, Motherhood and Patience

“If I have not the patience of my Saviour 

with the souls who grow slowly; 

if I know little of travail (a sharp and painful thing)  655 more words



I know someone, who is of a certain age and has a role where everyone around them depends upon.  I don’t think they even realize anymore the emotional load they carry for others  on a daily basis.   1,230 more words