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Welcome to Becoming Enlightened

This is a time of deep and intense change and it is happening faster than it has ever occurred in humanity’s time here on earth. 509 more words

Being Human

To Be a Witness

Pay attention.

We humans have amazing capacity to adjust to almost anything, it’s a trait that has helped us survive. But sometimes it can cause us to think that it’s always been this way, when it really hasn’t. 401 more words

Being Human

Calvary Love, Motherhood and Patience

“If I have not the patience of my Saviour 

with the souls who grow slowly; 

if I know little of travail (a sharp and painful thing)  655 more words



I know someone, who is of a certain age and has a role where everyone around them depends upon.  I don’t think they even realize anymore the emotional load they carry for others  on a daily basis.   1,230 more words


Missed Opportunities

I’ve frequently used my shyness and insecurity as an excuse not to take action, and I’ve missed out on some great opportunities and relationships. There have been times I knew God was telling me to do or say something, but I hesitated and let the moment pass me by. 65 more words

Spiritual Lessons

Future's Door - A Poem Post

The present stands at future’s door

looking unto destiny’s shore

and will the day be cast in gray?

Or rosy hues enlivened by hope?

Yet the script stands – 32 more words


Jealous Flowers

   Ever been jealous? Or maybe just wanted to show someone up? To prove yourself better than someone else in some regard? That mindset is damaging. It’s damaging to yourself and it has potential to be damaging to others as well. 138 more words