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Inspired by many of your blogs that I read and learn from, or just things you’ve said to me that awaken some memory of an innate knowledge. 1,147 more words


of gods: do you believe?

There’s a sticky question that has come up every time I seek a path, and it is “do you believe in a god?”  The truth of the matter is…I don’t know.   142 more words

The Keys to Spiritual Bartending

by Adriana Shanti

As it states in the preface, The Yoga Sutras are, “a living scripture to illumine our spiritual path.” They are threads of wisdom to weave throughout your daily life. 633 more words

Laughing Lotus Love Blog SF

timing and a list

I believe things come to us when we are are ready to receive them and not before, be it people, opportunities, spiritual paths, whatever.  Focusing on the spiritual, it’s not that we can’t search out and find certain pathways at any time.   322 more words

Focusing on Joy

Throughout my life, at different times, I have put my energy into different goals. In earlier days, much of my focus was on accomplishment; I wanted to feel that I was contributing to society, I wanted to be the best I could at what I undertook, I wanted to feel good about myself and being here in the world through the actions I took. 616 more words

Chronic Pain

Shining My Light Bright and Clear

I recently returned from a 2.5 week-trip to Southern France; a trip that seems to resemble a yearly pilgrimage—both within and without—to a sacred region of France that bore for a long time (and still does, obviously) so many mystical signs, imprints and landmarks: from ancient Mystical Schools, to Celtic influence, Roman infrastructure, medieval flourishing, and a rapidly-spreading Church of Amor supported by the… 2,720 more words

My Personal Path