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Spring Cleaning: Creating New Life!

My Beloved and I are looking after a beautiful place for a few weeks and it has come at rather a critical time in our mutual unfolding. 423 more words

Apples and Pomegranates

In case you didn’t notice, I’ve changed the name of this blog.

I first called this blog the Seeking Place. I thought it was a nice name because I’m seeking answers to my faith questions, I’m seeking a place that I can call my spiritual home. 239 more words

Spiritual Path

It's Time to Dream

Today, Spirit talks to us about our dreams… understanding them, remembering them and following those dreams!

Many Blessings,

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URGENT Cosmic Energy Update 11/2015-2016

Channeled Via Unity Consciousness

“This will help you make sense of everything”


On September 13th, 2015, I received my first channel from Kryon. It was an Energy Update.

616 more words
Elise Perez

Seeing Opportunity not Problem

We have the choice to feel a victim of our challenges or to focus on the opportunity they bring and learn from them. This takes a huge shift in our thinking. 293 more words

Gillian Riordan

Why should I be Spiritual?

This question is very important and in the same time very funny, because as you will understand in the end of it, you will see that you should not be anything… :) 296 more words