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9 Deer/MANIK - Road to Revival


Greetings Kin,

The final peak day of this 13-day trecena brings the potential for a change in perspective. Tone 9 asks for our patience, for there is something more we must learn to complete our new understanding. 652 more words

Mayan Calendar

Consciously Attaining the Experience 1/4

1963 Kailua Private Class

Joel S. Goldsmith

518A – Consciously Attaining the Experience 1/4

Good morning…You will notice in this September, 1963 Letter, the subject is God as individual consciousness and this Letter is made up of three of the Sunday talks given at the hotels here this year, and you’ll notice that the subject is the nature of consciousness, and then there’s a subtitle, “Your spiritual destiny—God is individual consciousness—The fruitage of consciousness at peace and the dignity of the individual.” And you will note throughout that this Letter relates entirely to oneness, the oneness of God and man, or the original Infinite Way premise: God as—not God… 1,434 more words


I surrender

Now and then I get one of those extremely challenging days when I just want to throw in the towel at life. I feel discouraged, angry, hopeless, trapped, and confused. 273 more words

Chronic Pain

Attachment to the Past

Why do we find it so hard to let go of the past, to let go of old experiences and the way we interpret them? Why do we find it so hard to listen to new ideas, new ways of thinking? 525 more words

Summer Solstice Changes

Summer Solstice – a pivotal turning point for many!! Life changes… your path changes. What your life is today will look very different at the Solstice! 8 more words


5 Night/AKBAL - Road to Revival


Greetings Kin,

Galactic Tone 5 brings the intention of our empowerment. Night/AKBAL is a Day Sign that brings hope in unexpected ways to fuel the revival of our Spirit. 702 more words

Mayan Calendar

Time to Get it Done!

Keep working on that project or task that you have going right now.. try and get it finished up by tomorrow because Thursday something else will need your attention. 8 more words