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On Translating Dreams to Art

Last week, I spoke a little bit about the Walkers Between Worlds, how art itself can be a magickal act, how it can connect to deep truths, dreams, and the divine.   586 more words


two lost souls

Two lost souls

I think there must be something wrong with me. Who eats salt and vinegar chips and dark chocolate orange in the same mouthful? 477 more words

Lojong Slogan 35 ~ Don't try to be the fastest

This is part 35 of my series on Lojong ~ A Buddhist mind training technique

This slogan asks that we slow down, take time to experience life instead of rushing for the next goal. 237 more words


Start your spiritual path now...

Some of us, we might ask “why should we start spiritual path as we are so young?” We’ve more important mission to accomplish in life, like power, wealth, fame and other mundane stuffs. 291 more words


The Witch and the Artist: Walkers Between Worlds

Witchcraft is a discipline that is widely varied in both beliefs and practice, but one vein that often (though not always) runs through it is the connection with otherworldly beings and energies, such as spirits, deities, faeries, and other such entities.   379 more words


Our Perfectly Imperfect Path

“… there are no wrong turns, only unexpected paths.”

Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

I was reminded today of an old story, recounted by Mark Nepo in… 323 more words


On Being a Closeted Pagan

After a little conversation recently on WordPress, I’ve been thinking about being a closeted pagan, reasons why someone would choose to stay closeted, and ways to observe one’s faith in a fulfilling manner while remaining low-profile with it. 1,415 more words