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Time to Breathe

Take time today to step outside and allow the wind to carry your worries away. RELAX, BREATHE and ENJOY life.

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A secret is something that is not understood. It continues to be a secret until it is.

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This journey of two and a half years, from chapter one through chapter six of the Gita, has been very profound. 587 more words

Ancient Mystical Writings

Soulmate at Sea

I, the sea, really like to get into things, see all sides, swallow them up, for full understanding.  Depth.  It’s all about going down deep. 264 more words


Heaven on Earth

As I wrote in my Intention for this blog, my desire is to create heaven on earth. I have always yearned for harmony and peace, a world free from aggression and violence. 361 more words

Chronic Pain

The Single Biggest Lesson Yoga Has Taught Me

The single biggest teacher in my yoga practice to date has been working through an injury. It forces me so be SO fucking humble every time I get on my mat. 132 more words


Question For My Readers: Pursuing Spirituality...?

I’m truly struggling right now, and I feel like I have completely gone insane, so I don’t know how to get direction in my life. Since accepting my sexuality, I sort of feel like the faith of my youth is not-relevant (I was born and raised catholic), my science background doesn’t appeal to me anymore, the martial art I practiced for 30 years doesn’t inspire me anymore…I simply feel lost. 36 more words


Open Hand Web - Reading Signs - Sycnhronicity on the Spiritual Path - 3-15-16


As you inquire deeper into the real meaning of the moment, and of your life’s purpose, you’ll start to pick up signs and synchronicity, where the field seems to magically click in around you, as if by some pre-ordained force. 690 more words