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The Basics - An Introduction to Projective Dream Work

Welcome Dreamers and Dream Seekers! This article is a great place to start especially if you are new to the world of projective dream work. This method of working with dreams has changed my life, and given me a deep appreciation for the power of The Dream. 362 more words


Why Aren't You Pagan Anymore?

My mom asked me that the other day. Why aren’t you pagan anymore?

And I just kinda made a noncommittal grunt in response, mostly because I have a hard time discussing my spiritual beliefs with my parents in general but also because my mom is pretty against organized religion (which includes Judaism) so although she has attempted to be supportive, she’s made her opinions on the matter pretty clear. 810 more words

Spiritual Path


A few weeks ago I found myself chatting to a group of friends about debt and some of them got really emotional about their financial struggles. 404 more words

Spiritual Path

The Reason You Chose this Life

There’s a reason you chose Earth to live this life.  You chose exactly when to be here, as exactly who you are now, with those already in your life and those who soon will be: To be an example, to shine your light, and to give hope. 8 more words

How To Live A Spiritual Life

Gentle and Tough

Lately, I have had an aggravation of the symptoms caused by the bacterial infection in my gut.  I am contemplating how to assist my body to let go of the persistent Pseudomonas bacteria. 349 more words

Chronic Pain

Adam & Eve + THE TREE OF LIFE = Human Beings

Who asked EVE to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge?
It? Who huh?

The one creation from GOD, the soul from GOD who go against GOD, it got limited powers but cannot defeat GOD…. 737 more words

Spiritual Path

It's Time to Let Go

Happy Hump Day! Whatever it is that you are holding on to that doesn’t belong in your life.. it’s time now to truly let it go. 8 more words