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Being on the Right Path is Not Enlightenment

Being on the spiritual path is one thing. Being enlightened is totally another thing. Sometimes I feel when I hear people talking about being enlightened, it really is not enlightenment at all. 392 more words


What Is My Life Purpose?

This post answers questions for The Council from a reader named Merry, who asks what her main purposes are for this lifetime, or if there’s a thematic purpose between all her lives. 1,296 more words

Questions & Answers

Creating what we truly want

It is time to stop thinking of ourselves as powerless in the face of life events.  This is giving our power away.

We need to claim that mighty power within us and use it. 438 more words

Witches of Modern History

To many, witchcraft is a silly fantasy passed down through old wives’ tales and something that should be put to rest thanks to our technological society. 320 more words



This site is to some extent an attempt to a new way of looking at the Buddhist Abhidhamma…the Theravadin Philosophical-Psychological System.That is, it is trying to give some keys as to how that system can be related to the practice of meditation… its intention is not scholastic and from the traditional point of view, scholastically some, if not much of it may be even quite wrong…Rather it aims primarily to serve as an aid for practitioners and seekers of universal and spiritual wisdom. 116 more words