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When do things start making sense? When does everything finally connect itself to reason? Events in life that occur; they all have a significance. But when do we realise the significance of each one? 472 more words

Love and Unity

There is a battle raging in our world and within ourselves –separation, fear, conflict versus unity, love, harmony. What’s happening in our world is really out-picturing what is happening within ourselves. 500 more words

In the Depths of Despair

In the depths of despair,

as the dagger twists,

I pause to say thank you.

Thank you because a look into another’s eyes

now reveals the moment the fire seared their skin, 68 more words



In looking ahead to possibilities for the autumn “semester” at the Sophia Center, I began re-reading Finding the On-Ramp to Your Spiritual Life, a little book by Jan Phillips. 265 more words

God's Time

All we wish for will come to us…

In God’s way and

In God’s time.

Trust our heavenly Father

Knows Best…

When there seems no reason or rhyme, 83 more words


To the Love I Haven't Met

My darling,

you deserve to bloom without the clouds

of my shapeless needs looming over you.

You deserve to feel proud

of every choice you made… 187 more words


Carol Parrish: Sequel One, Message

Up until this point we have followed the routines established in the first few subject-postings.  We have 1) provided some background and reviewed the natal chart, 2) we have noted any crises in the subject’s life that may have had a bearing on his/her later achievement of conscious awareness, 3) we cover the event and charts of the dates when the subject did achieve their form of conscious awareness, and 4) we evaluated the charts relative to how they matched up with certain criteria related to Goethe’s charts. 1,182 more words

Carol Parrish-Harra