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Discovering Your Happiness

Today I speak about your own happiness and how to find it and keep it in your life. Happiness is an emotional state of mind. There is no need to wait for something particular to happen or come into your life.. 36 more words


Your Weekly Spiritual Forecast for Oct 5-11

This week looks like a nice steady and more balanced week with a new Moon at the end of it! Give thought in the beginning of the week about all the new things you want to focus your manifesting on. 42 more words


Ox Herding Pictures: Seeking the Ox

Desolate through forests and fearful in jungles, he is seeking an Ox which he does not find.

Up and down dark, nameless, wide-flowing rivers, in deep mountain thickets he treads many bypaths. 315 more words


How to Manifest Your Intentions

Today I share with you my personal rituals for manifesting our thoughts into reality. The universe is energy, your thoughts are a part of that energy. 65 more words


Manifesting and Healing

Today we do some healing meditation along with some added manifesting energy. What is it you want most in life? What healing do you need? What parts of your life do you need the most help with? 30 more words


Spiritual Peace ... Is Fairness and Equality The Answer?

Successful relationships among people requires a 100% committed effort by all toward the success and strength of the relationship. Equal 50% – 50% contributions to mandate equality will never lead to long-term success. 517 more words