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Let's All Be Dangerous Yogis

by Laura S

It seems especially dark to me this winter as we move toward the Solstice. Others seem to agree; it comes up in conversation a lot lately. 927 more words

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9 Months Post-0p

It’s been nine months since I had bariatric surgery. Time is just flying by!

Things that have changed since surgery:

  • I’m several dress sizes smaller. I have no idea what my pants size is because I no longer wear pants, but I imagine I’ve gone down a few pants sizes as well.
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Spiritual Path

Re-membering Soul

When outer “egoic” reward is given,

It’s easy to bask in false pride,

Making gods of men,

And trusting in lies,

discarding soul needs,

Deeming pointless the… 53 more words


Manifesting Soul Desires

I have had one strong desire for over 20 years: to be healthy and pain-free. But it’s been such a struggle, sometimes feeling better and then worse again, never able to reach that energy and sense of strength that I used to have in my active healthy days. 790 more words

Chronic Pain

Grief and the Spiritual Heart

“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”  662 more words


The Purpose of my Spiritual Life

I’ve been fascinated with all forms of spirituality since I was fourteen, which is helpful when I don’t really feel like taking the time to meditate or get out of bed and pray first thing in the morning. 634 more words


Shiva is my Boyfriend

I’ve been thinking with longing about my last couple of years of university; the frequent bliss, joy and peace I felt then. While it was due in large part to meditation, I think it was also to do with my deep, secret belief that one day I would find my “soulmate”, a human figure kept comfortably in the future. 406 more words