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Angel Flight 74447




Loss of identity…

Grounded and

Delayed but not detained…



Reemerged victorious,

 With reaffirmed faith,

Soaring high above the clouds,

With God’s angels… 8 more words


The Programming Karmi

by Jen DeSimone

“47 You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work. You should never engage in action for the sake of reward, nor should you long for inaction. 691 more words

Laughing Lotus Love Blog SF


We now talk of depression as an illness and the most usual solution is medication. Depression has become such a blanket term. It’s a label that is not at all helpful to us, I think. 400 more words

Even Gods Need Heroes

There is an ancient saying:
Even the gods
Have need of heroes

Early humans left images of animals on the walls and vaults of the caves where they took refuge. 465 more words

Entrepreneurship is a Spiritual Journey

*Every once in a while, I write a heartfelt note on my Face Book page and then I am reminded to share them here on this blog.  795 more words

Message Of The Day

The Secret of the Middle Way

Do you ever feel out of balance, off kilter, in need of centering? Is your energy negative and destructive?

There is a way to live a more peaceful life. 705 more words



Discernment is such an important quality for each of us to develop. This means that you use your mind to think about things and discern what is truth. 424 more words