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Our path needs to be discovered

In my time as a Brahma Kumaris follower, I recall that “knowledge,” “gyan,” was the highlight of the BK movement.
No one has that “knowledge.” The theoretical “knowledge” of the soul, the 3 worlds, the cycle of time, karma, etc. 362 more words

You're Personal Verse for today

I am not a Bible thumper, however I don’t believe in coincidences. I received this verse today (in an email I don’t usually check, and at a time I wouldn’t normally check it when I do!)

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Opening Your 3rd Eye

As I’ve been exploring my spiritual path, one topic I have been working on is my 3rd eye. I’ve listened to binaural tones, used my Tibetan crystal singing bowl (which is tuned for the 3rd eye) while mediating and practicing my chanting, and of course watched tons of videos from some fantastic luminaries on YouTube. 108 more words

Acceptance? Yah right.

Acceptance is something that is coming up a lot for me lately.

What a toughey.

It is funny though, because most of the time, the things we struggle with are most often the place where our biggest lessons lie dormant, waiting to be breathed to life. 917 more words

My Thoughts

United by Bonds of Love

It seems to me that the spiritual impulse, as I call it, arises in human beings, and presumably in beings similar to us, as a response to the experience of life’s precariousness, difficulty, injustice, suffering, and brevity. 248 more words

No Way As The Way

Our cousin, Janelle, just shared this beautiful song with us. Please take a listen. We believe anything that promotes open mindedness, acceptance, choice and freedom is beautiful. 42 more words


Island Soul

Swept away in a sea of people,

“Island unto myself” deserted, 

Neglected, abandoned…

Forgotten land of lost,

And buried treasures.

Sailing off instead with the big ships, 128 more words