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The Light Hearted Lion

I flew high to touch you
to only fall lifetimes ago.
Now your here whispering,
“I will never let you fall again.”

light hearted and with all my trust o lion // s.w. 252 more words

Spiritual Path

Tapping into your intuitive gifts and psychic powers

Lifting the Veil: Tap into your intuitive and psychic gifts and skills with greater ease for super clear messages, guidance, signs and answers for your life path, purpose, business, relationships… 21 more words

Angel Lady Terrie Marie

Let's Talk Altars: Altar Set-ups

When I first started my practice, I wanted to do it the right way. That meant that I wanted as perfect an altar as I could. 615 more words


Oh, the precious lessons

along the way!

They seem so hidden

at first –

but when they arrive,

or get uncovered,

they shine with brilliance. 67 more words


Let's Talk Altars: Two Basic Types of Altars

When I started out and everything was very new to me, I felt that I needed to know everything I could about the sacred space that would be my altar. 555 more words

13 Days of Samhain: what I'll be doing

With everything that has been going on in my personal life and the world (I hate watching the news and scrolling through Facebook), my practices have taken a big hit. 234 more words

Frankincense, Sandalwood, and Myrrh: The Holy Trinity of Witchcraft

*This is a bit of a ramble about rediscovering these magickal herbs/resins :) *

I’m currently in the process of getting ready for Samhain, making oils and incenses for the Witches’ New Year. 645 more words