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Little Red Bird, Big Life Lesson

I was restless on this chilly, damp and blustery May day. The kind of day to read a good book by the fire casting it’s heat to thaw the chilled bones. 457 more words

Following Jesus

Working with guides and unseen helpers 2

“Voices in my head” is an important step forward in developing ones own perception, this blog looks at the “voices” and where, and why, mine exist.

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That's Filthy!

I’m not ironing the preacher’s shirts today.  I’m washing windows. Spring warmth and gentle breezes proved enough inspiration to grab the glass cleaner and some rags. 694 more words

Christian Living

Working with guides and unseen helpers

This blog is to provide examples of working with conscious energies of other dimensions, it includes a process that you can engage in to enable you to connect with helpers and teachers that are not of this dimension but are willing to work with us. 22 more words


Someday You Will See

I just came from my biennial eye exam. The good news is that there has been no change since my check-up in 2015. The bad news is that everything’s blurry! 482 more words


The Spiritual Bankruptcy of Young Earth Creationism

The debates over creation and the correct interpretation of Genesis inevitably focus on intellectual arguments. Unfortunately, amidst arguments over the meaning of yom, the reliability of radiometric dating, and so on, it’s easy to lose track of the spiritual. 1,017 more words