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The Written Word Becomes Living And Real

Do you want the written word to become living and real? Don’t wait another minute. Allow God’s Word to prevail through its own delivering revival… 8 more words


Man's Basic Spiritual Problem

What is man’s basic spiritual problem?¬† The vital answer provides the key to a lifestyle based on the accuracy of God’s Word and a triumphant life in Christ! 6 more words


violence, murder, assassination - what's the common denominator?

We’ve had¬†another few days here in the USA where violence has dominated the news cycle. A man shot by police while handcuffed and on the ground; a man shot in his car – several times – by a police officer who had no reason to do anything other than issue a citation (maybe) for a malfunctioning taillight; and then yesterday’s brutal sniper attack in Dallas killing five police officers and wounding six more. 600 more words