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Interpretation Keys of the Bible: Part 2

In the previous Artios, we began the study on comma placement, closing in Luke 23:43. We’d like to understand whether paradise is available today. All punctuation in the King James Version Bible was added by the translators. 29 more words


Interpretation Keys of the Bible: Part 1

As researchers of the Word of God, we must stand approved before God by
rightly dividing his Word. There are many keys, perhaps hidden at first, to the… 21 more words



Every week I meet more amazing people who have activated the energy of kundalini, intensifying the life force in their bodies.  They may have blissful moments and great leaps of consciousness, but they often report difficulties adjusting to the changes it brings. 351 more words


Strong, White, Man - Under Attack

If opposition to the NWO comes from anywhere, it will come from the strong, white man. The strong white man’s culture is the only one that has the strength to resist it – all things, such as consistent, universal values and a culture of constructive questioning of authority, considered. 209 more words

Dialectic Towards The New World Order

Free Tang Koon Huat!

This blog doesn’t focus on any one nation in particular. The principles of freedom are universal.

In ‘the New Paper’ (Singapore) today Poly lecturer Tang Koon Huat is reported to have been given a 3 month jail term for posting online that “it was about time to form a Singaporean vigilante group to beat up “troublesome drunk” Caucasians at drinking joints and teach these “bumps” (sic) a lesson” 199 more words

Centralizing Power To The NWO

Licensing - The Pernicious Tentacle

It appears so innocuous. Just a little piece of beaurocracy to ensure everything is kept orderly and under control.

Licensing reverses the relationship between citizen and government. 273 more words

Centralizing Power To The NWO