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Let's Talk Religion in Recovery

The discussion of religion tends to be a taboo subject; religions are beliefs and practices of a very personal matter. People avoid the topic at all costs unless surrounded by like-minded individuals. 532 more words



In about a week, I to go on a business trip with some people, who I would consider “heavy” drinkers, and it reminded me of a fundamental lesson I needed to learn in sobriety. 136 more words


To Myself Be True

One of the things on the back of an AA coin is the phrase, “To thine own self be true”. This is a powerful phrase for me, and I am sure you will hear me reference it often. 199 more words


The Committee

My alcoholic and dis-eased thinking shows up in the form of negative story lines. They have been ON BLAST this week as things have been a little stressful coupled with a change in routine at the homestead. 161 more words


It works, it really does!

Tomorrow, my sponsor celebrates 17 years sober. WOW. For those who aren’t savvy at math that 6,205 days, sober, like in a row. Congratulations Sponse! 172 more words



I have heard in the rooms many times that a SLIP means Sobriety Losing Its Priority.  At first a “slip” meant to a relapse, but it’s on a different level for me these days. 204 more words


Upcoming Event: New Year's Alcathon and Gala

Being around sober people in recovery is very important around the holidays!  The Kittery Lion’s Club at 117 State Road in Kittery, Maine is having it’s… 85 more words

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