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Gifts of Working a Spiritual Program : Pray, Meditate & Practice Compassion...

This quote dedicated to all of the amazing teachers in my life, past, present and future…

Gifts of working a spiritual program on a daily basis… 962 more words


What A.A. co-founder's LSD adventures revealed about A.A., and about himself

A.A. co-founder Bill Wilson’s involvement with LSD (Read) tells us two things. According to A.A. historian Ernest Kurtz, “Here, then, is one clear reason why Bill Wilson experimented with LSD: he was seeking still further ways of helping alcoholics who could not seem to attain sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous because, apparently, they could not ‘get the spiritual.’” [1] 1,236 more words

An atheist explains why Christians should not accept Alcoholics Anonymous

Some excerpts from Alcoholics Anonymous: The Perverting of Christianity, by Vincent Van Noir, who describes himself as an atheist:

“People in Alcoholics Anonymous routinely preach to newcomers and believe in what most churches would consider either heretical or just bad theology.” 297 more words

Excerpt from "Seances, Spirits, and 12 Steps"

In PASS IT ON, A.A.’s official biography of Bill Wilson, Lois Wilson recounts some of her husband’s experiences of 1941. Saturday was generally the scheduled day for these psychic adventures. 491 more words

Getting "out of self" through prayer and meditation?

When I first came into recovery I constantly heard the refrain about “getting out of self” – in fact steps 10-12 help one do so. Step 12, by helping others in recovery and step 11 which encourages prayer and mediation. 511 more words


Examining Spiritual Impurity

Scripture is clear. We were never meant to be part of an all-gods religion. It is not “legalism” to point out that the Lord will absolutely not be seen as one higher power among many. 57 more words

A.A. cause of "increasing irrelevance of evangelical faith"

Author Christine Wicker identifies Alcoholics Anonymous as a reason for the “increasing irrelevance of the evangelical faith.”

Wicker is absolutely right. She observes, “One is Alcoholics Anonymous and all its 12-step offspring – the creation of two Christian** men who wanted to help alcoholics. 169 more words