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My Irish Heritage

I remember growing up and having an interest in my genealogy. My mother would answer my questions of what nationality we came from with this: “You are half German, a quarter Irish and a quarter Mohawk.” Knowing me, that was probably the easiest answer to give. 927 more words

Spiritual Condition And Duty

Revival God's Way

What is the purpose of the church? Is the purpose of the church to blend in with the landscape of the world? Is the church to blend in so well that there is no visible difference in the church or any other religion? 750 more words


You Are Called

This last week a young man came to me at our church to ask what it would take for him to become a deacon. I smiled and asked why he would want to be a deacon. 710 more words

Spiritual Condition And Duty


Hear my voice Lord, as I cry out to You
Hear the weeping from within my heart
Hear the timeless anguish crippling me
From my beginnings yes from the start… 337 more words

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Keep Moving: Seven steps to face the storms of life

I am reminded in my darkest and saddest moments of several Bible scriptures that say “and it came to pass.” To be honest, this phrase is speaking of something that has happened, or of something previously foretold that came true. 963 more words

Spiritual Condition And Duty

Twenty-Four Hours

What if in twenty-four hours, your life was going to end?

How would you spend your last day, on this earth my friend?

Would you throw the grandest party, going out in style? 148 more words

Spiritual Condition And Duty

Drawn to Renewal

“The only one who understands us is God”

Oswald Chambers, My Utmost for His Highest

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