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Dear Troubled Pastor

I’m writing this to you because I know you have few that will. I’m well aware of how difficult it is being a pastor in this day and age. 524 more words

Life Issues

Something Way Better Than Your Newsfeed...

I know of a devout priest who literally carries his breviary (liturgy of the hours) around everywhere he goes—and stops to read from it frequently—in the very same way that we are always clutching our phones. 21 more words


Something wonderful is happening...

As I am continuing my ongoing birthday celebration (from 4/21), yesterday a dear friend took me to see Amy Schumer’s new film, I FEEL PRETTY, which I loved.  551 more words


Feeling Unfulfilled?

If we are “hoarders” of the things of this world, with our hearts filled to the brim with all the worldly stuff we can’t bear to part with, how do we expect to have room in our hearts for God? 95 more words


What is “too big” for God?

The Question

  The question goes: “Can God create a rock too big for even Him to pick up?” Most folks usually ask this question trying to stump the religious or to get them off track of an ongoing discussion. 668 more words

Spiritual Condition And Duty

Seize the Day! From Brazil.

Sometimes you have a conversation and when you are finished, you feel as if some little part of you just changed forever.  You may not realize what has changed, or how it has changed, but you know that you will never look at things quite the same way again.  708 more words

It’s never too late to experience healing

When my daughter was still very young, joint problems developed in one of my hands. As the condition worsened and my knuckles became disfigured, I feared that perhaps it was too late to stop the degenerating process that seemed to have taken root. 398 more words