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Spiritual Ecstasy

“He appeared to me to be thrusting it at times into my heart, and… to leave me all on fire with a great love of God. 1,044 more words

Dark Days

I’m in a real dark place right now. The second night of the Ayahuasca left me feeling emptied in so many ways. It wasn’t until my ride home that I had a breakdown. 766 more words

Intentions for Tonight's Ayahuasca Trip

Tonight, is the second night of my Ayahuasca journey. It truly has been a journey. A painful deeply insightful one and I have my reservations about another trip. 299 more words

It's Time to Give Up

Note: This was written last night when I was pretty distraught. This blog is for me to be able to be me. Not matter what that looks like. 983 more words

The Key to the Secret Garden

Many days I post a screeching loud version of my dire victimhood when it cums to Him. I feel it swallowing me up, and I believe in it so much, it does. 787 more words

Tattoo Forever

Close your eyes. What do you feel? I just did that, and it’s amazing how many times I’m just trapped in my mind. It spins and swirls searching for meaning in everything. 355 more words

Daddy's Voice

Words like the softest kiss; a reminder of my deepest devotion to Him.  I know what I feel for Him. It’s a thousand years of emotional pull, and I’ll never stop being drawn under the wave of all of Him. 153 more words