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Spiritual Signs

Have you ever asked for a sign?

When I lived out in Kansas, a Chicago-raised friend reported seeing a red-tailed hawk while driving from Lawrence to Eldorado. 681 more words


Wonderful Jesus Christ in Revelation 22

A series of posts for Revelation 1 to 20 look at the wonderful Jesus Christ bringing us to New Jerusalem. In Revelation 21:1 is the new creation and in 21:2 New Jerusalem comes down out of heaven. 280 more words

Characteristics Of New Jerusalem

on signs and synchronicities

My woo woo is self-defined as aesthetically shadowed and artistically predisposed.  More likely though, my dna strands are clones of the long line of wackadoos in my familial chain. 360 more words


Give me a sign! An interview with Psychic Medium Fiona Lundy.

In a world full of media ‘noise’, how do we decide what to listen to?

With so much visual and mental clutter, how do we tune in to those spiritual messages that are just for us? 1,560 more words


A House and a City Built Together in Christ

Revelation is a book of signs (1:1). New Jerusalem is the consummate sign in Revelation and in the Bible. It is God and all His redeemed people living in mutuality. 427 more words

Building Up Is Spiritual

That Moment...

Most of my posts on here are filled with pictures and headings and seem professionally written (at least I hope they do, since I write for a living, lol).  687 more words


2 Ways to Receive Spiritual Messages

If you’ve read the little blurb at the top of the Spirutality page, you probably know that I embrace a philosophy of ‘anything is possible; there is probably something larger than myself out there; I believe that the something larger than myself will speak to me in whatever form it can, so long as I am open to listing.’  I wrote this article to not only explain my viewpoint but also to inspire you in your own life.  965 more words