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Sibling Rivalry

I have four daughters ranging from one year to eleven years old. Needless to say, I deal daily with a healthy amount of drama. Sometimes the forty-five minutes it takes me to get them dressed, out the door and into the car every morning seems like the most tormenting, mind-unraveling, nerve-grating, emotional trauma-train event one human being could ever be asked to endure. 577 more words

Testing and Remembering

I’m posting about Abraham and what he learned about being tested by God. God tests us by allowing us to go through challenges that bring out what’s in our heart. 558 more words

Power Of God

The Test and the Offering

Have you ever noticed that sometimes faith seems to take you in the wrong direction? We have to accept things that look, in the natural, like we’re headed away from what God has promised us. 551 more words