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constantly tested

We as humans walking on this planet are being constantly tested. Every minute, while we walk, drive, breath, think, be, work, we are being constantly tested. 733 more words


Spiritual Testing and Lessons; Just another Day in the Circus

In our life here we’re tested more often than many would guess.  In fact everything we do or face could well be looked at as a spiritual test or lesson. 216 more words


Prophetic Intercession 7

In dealing with the subject of intercession, we’ve been mainly talking about how the Lord prays through us.  But keep in mind also that Jesus is the ‘great intercessor’ who is always making intercession for us to the Father. 910 more words


Thoughts from 2 Peter 2 (Test everything, including religion)

Just because someone is a religious leader it doesn’t automatically mean they’re a genuine person. The cloak of religious respectability hides many a wicked person. 26 more words


You've Climbed Higher Than You Realize

God speaks to us any way He can get our attention!  We are wise to learn to listen to His still, quiet voice so that He doesn’t have to shout.  477 more words

Heavenly Realms

A New Breed is Arising

There is a new breed of disciple rising up.  They have been in a hidden place of preparation.  Many have experienced severe testing in the fires of God and are now coming forth as gold.  414 more words

Hunger And Thirst For God

Stand and Be Strong

This will be a great part of our testing in these last days: to overcome the lies of the enemy against God and His goodness. 1,030 more words

Intimacy With The Lord