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Who are we? Most fruit is not known for its outside. It is known for the contents that lie within. We don’t eat banana peels and we don’t eat the outside of a watermelon. 182 more words


Making Popsicles + Spiritual Thought

So because it’s 79 degree’s out in Rexburg, I thought it would be great to make homemade  popsicles and go to the park later to read my scriptures! 301 more words

4 Reasons why Temples are important

Temples are a huge deal! They are the only buildings on earth that are the safest to be. I remember my first Temple that I went to was the Chicago Temple. 547 more words

Everyone is a "True Mormon"

My life went through a 360 when I got baptized. Everything that I thought was right was pretty much wrong. In High School, if you are a virgin, you were considered a Unicorn. 1,110 more words

What Do They Do?

The Gaddistown Homemakers meet once a month for about an hour.  What DO they do during that hour?

We are welcomed by our President, say the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag and have an uplifting spiritual thought.   155 more words

Surviving the Tension of Unforgiveness

Wow, I really did something dumb today. On Saturday I did some things in the yard and I wanted to finish them off. So I did something dumb, I went out into the yard.   1,183 more words

Personal Thought

Lost & Found

I’ve been lost before and never even knew it. One day when I was in second grade my mom told me she had an appointment and that I needed to go to a family friend’s house immediately after school. 873 more words

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