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TGIF - The Good in Friday

Celebration of Palms, Day 6 of 8. Friday

Known as Good Friday, it might be confusing as to why the death of Jesus would be called good. 691 more words

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The Greatest is the One Who Serves

Celebration of Palms, Day 5 of 8. Thursday.

The nickname for this day of Holy Week is Maundy Thursday, which is kind of a funny word. 621 more words

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The Shade Giver

Celebration of Palms, Day 4 of 8. Wednesday.

In the Gospels, Wednesday is a quiet day in the Holy Week accounts. There is nothing recorded about the days interactions of Jesus. 398 more words


Standing Alone

Celebration of Palms, Day 3 of 8. Tuesday.

I rushed down to the pier area of San Clemente because the sky looked brilliant. There is only a small window of time between when the clouds turn orange, then red, then purple, then die and turn grey. 440 more words

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A Symbol of Endurance

Celebration of Palms, Day 2 of 8. Monday.

The names given to days during Passion Week are somewhat lost in modern times. Palm Sunday and Good Friday are the ones everyone knows. 478 more words

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The Heart of Freedom, part 3: What We Give Back

If we want to be healthy and blessed with long life we must become like Jupiter—generous, joyful, and wise. Generosity is about overcoming our habituated self-centeredness, our sense of limitation, of fear of the future, of not having or being enough.

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Every Moment Matters

Wandering the neighborhoods of Santiago, Chile afforded some fantastic little memories. It was 1995 and the image above is still one of my favorites of all-time. 608 more words

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