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It's ok to Start over

“Failure isn’t the end but the beginning”

This blogging project has kinda been the death of me as I attempt to put out the best of the best, but I’m certain that’s not what people are looking for, nor what God had intended me to use it for . 317 more words


When You Want to Quit

The tagline of this blog is “Real Mom. Real Kids. Real Life.” I intentionally chose the word “real” because I wanted to keep myself accountable and refrain from creating this picture of a mom who has it all together. 1,157 more words



It’s pretty difficult to be authentic these days. Notice how I’m saying that it’s hard for each of us, not just putting that on the people around us. 1,056 more words

When Waiting is Hard

“You need to wait for Mommy to finish.” “Not right now sweetheart, maybe later.” “Wait for your turn.” I feel like a broken record saying some version of these sentences over and over all day long. 1,165 more words



So lately I have been thinking about what a privilege it is to be a child of God, and what exactly it means to be the child of God.2COR6:18 says; “And I will be a father unto you and ye shall be my sons and daughters” 308 more words