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Love So Amazing.

Today as told by Lexy

So many happenings as it is almost the end of the year. Rushing Christmas shopping, having Christmas celebrations / get togethers but more so when we’re alone we either think of the things that has happened or just stare blankly into space. 353 more words


Today while in my “moment” the holy spirit led me to write a poem to my king as a reminder that he is enough for me;and every time I find myself in the same situation i will read it to him .May be it can remind you as well that he is   “ENOUGH”. 140 more words


Hello everyone

Once again a long break……..not because I enjoy it but I am just at that point in my life where a lot is going on and that’s how I got the inspiration for this post.There is this thing people say that the last few weeks of pregnancy is the hardest,since I have never being pregnant before I might not be able to confirm this.The argument is that towardsome the end ,all the mother just wants to do iso give birth to the baby.This is a relatable feeling for me because after over 6 years in medical school I can’t wait to graduate.in fact it’s so bad that I keep reminding myself to take each day as it comes and I try not to think of the fact that I still have a whooping four months to go.Each morning when I wake up i legit have to encourage myself and give myself a pep talk. 490 more words