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The Source of Life

Water is needed for life. That is a fact that there’s simply no getting around. We know the earliest people understood this because the greatest early civilizations were built near water. 584 more words

Relationship With God

Learning to 'be with' rather than 'be for'

A couple of weeks ago we had our Clergy Conference looking at the theme of tackling poverty. We were helped in our reflections by a series of talks from Rev’d Dr Sam Wells – vicar of St Martin in the Fields (you probably know him from Thought for the Day!) He wrote a book called… 583 more words

Spiritual Walk

What Does Your Witness Look Like?

One of my favorite stories in Acts is the story of Peter and John healing a lame man they encounter while on their way to the temple (Acts 3). 497 more words

Spiritual Walk

Different Invitations

In the first chapter of John, Jesus begins to interact with the men who would later become His disciples. The account that John gives of Peter’s meeting with Jesus differs from the account in the other three gospels as it lacks the famous fishing boat scene. 419 more words

Relationship With God

Dream Chasing

The fastball hit the catcher’s mitt with a resounding pop, sounding like the cheap firecracker anyone could afford to buy for the standard homegrown 4th of July fireworks show. 858 more words


Crossroads at Kiowa,CO

Ever have one of those weeks when you are just not sure about where you are going or what you are doing?  Am I the only one who has ever felt this way?   571 more words