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I AM Not Disappointed

Have you ever struggled with feeling like God is just soooo disappointed with you?

Like He’s just shaking His head in frustration with your failures? 391 more words

Exchanged Life Truths

It's the Little Wolves You Have to Watch Out For...

It happened, again. I had to block & delete someone from my Facebook.

This time it was different. This wasn’t just some random internet debate with some stranger 531 miles away. 1,190 more words

End Times

By Day and By Night Only One Shall Defend

By Day and By Night Only One Shall Defend

By day and by night only one shall defend,

the battle shall continue without end.

Not one can see these forces duel… 201 more words


Twelve Stones

In evil times a famine seared the land,
The feeble clouds hung mocking in the sky
And arid fields produced no wholesome food.
But worse, the Word of God was banned, 229 more words

Spiritual Warfare

Christians saved but not empowered.

The Holy Spirit of God is leading me to do more through the Internet than usual.

Christians saved but not empowered.

Charles Finney taught about how Christians could be saved, but not empowered. 1,249 more words


Renewed Vision

Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank you for waking me up this morning the 3rd of August, 2015. I will forever praise and trust you. 141 more words

Inspirational Messages

Who would have thought it, but this is not new.

The words ‘Jesus Christ’ and ‘Christ’ have been placed on a list of banned words, viewed as offensive by high-street retailer Marks & Spencer.

Link to article… 139 more words