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Why life repeats itself

Sometime we may wonder why terrible things keep recurring in our lives over and over.. like, haven’t we had enough of it already, and then here it comes again.. 107 more words


A Great Word

…Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh?
Galatians 3:3
Continue In God’s Grace
How were you first impacted by Jesus? 246 more words


Karma, Tarot and Giveaways, oh my!

We’ve all heard about karma, what goes around comes around, but did you know it actually has 12 laws?! Below I outlined each law and also assigned a corresponding tarot card. 738 more words

How to Know the Facing Of Your Home

Vastu for home: Dr. Puneet Chawla explaining the vastu defects in a house. Eradicate all the Vastu Defects of Your House. Watch this video and listen an expert Vastu Consultant, Dr Puneet Chawla views. 12 more words


when you help one, you help many

We are connected by
An invisible thread
That holds us all
The effects of our actions
Can be felt
Even by those
We do not know. 73 more words

Nikon D3300

Vastu Tips for Home

Dr Puneet Chawla is an expert Vastu Consultant. Vastu for home: Vaastu expert, Dr. Puneet Chawla giving tips on main door direction. we can remove the vastu defects without demolition. 26 more words


Empathy: A Stepping Stone to Oneness

Empathy is one of the most beautiful and evolved qualities that we can develop. On the spiritual path, practicing empathy helps us to open the heart, shift our consciousness, and feel the oneness in all. 307 more words