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RIP Fidget

Yesterday evening, we said goodbye to our dearly beloved Fidget (Fidg). She was 15. I still remember collecting her from Ashburton when Florrie was not quite one. 287 more words


Reparation with Sharon & Jana

Just adding this Podcast recording to our Podcast feed on WordPress…. Wow! There are so many options when setting up a Podcast. It’s a lot of fun! 21 more words


My Truth of My Reality

Reading though my journal this morning…. I realized just how much I had allowed someone to take over my thoughts, my life, my decisions and dictate the direction in which I go (not physically, it was all in my mind; I created something that wasn’t real) . 811 more words

Laal Paree

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Shankar falls in love with a girl, unaware of that she is a mermaid. 105 more words


I Make The Pancakes

One bright Sunday morning in October of 2018 I woke up and was feeling much more awake than I normally do on any given morning. I bounced out to the kitchen, started the coffee, and decided to do something I had only done a handful of times in my life. 641 more words

Leading Beyond Bedtime

My daughter Brianna was my second child and what many would label as our “strong-willed child.” If I asked her to move left, she would move right. 767 more words


Does your soul feel lost, like something is missing that it needs to find? Are you always searching? Wanting to learn more, do more, see more, experience more? 518 more words