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-My past self at a future date-

We all look back on life so far and there are things we would wish to have done differently. But life only moves in one direction. 731 more words

Collective decision-making

They say that a camel is a horse designed by a committee! Does this mean that groups make poor decisions because they incorporate too many conflicting opinions? 2,997 more words


10 mystical facts about Lord Ganesha 🙏✨

The ancient rishis were so deeply intelligent that they chose to express Divinity in terms of symbols rather than words, since words change over time, but symbols remain unchanged. 233 more words


Your voice

Your voice



is always frantic, shooting like bullets

randomly into the air. Your eyes are electric,

tottering on insanity’s indefinable edge. At the corner, 365 more words

Allison Grayhurst

Daily Prayer from Exodus 15:2

King Jesus, give victory to _______ causing her (him) to sing her (his) heart out to You. Let her (him) acknowledge that You are her (his) strength, her (his) song and her (his) salvation.

Parenting Adults

Jesus and Jesus Barabbas

Written by: Gary Wonning

Many of the older Christian sects believe that Jesus didn’t die on the cross and that someone else died for him. 421 more words


Fruit Of The Spirit

Jesus taught that the genuineness of his followers would be demonstrated by good fruit from their lives (Mt 7:16-20; Lk 13:6-9), and he promised that the presence of the Spirit and communion with him would produce the fruit of love and obedience (Jn 14–16). 601 more words