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I Love My Body

I love my skin despite this horrible rash due to Epstein-Barr. I love my body despite all the symptoms from Multiple Sclerosis, Epstein-Barr, Chronic Fatigue, Arthritis, Low Functioning Gallbladder, Celiac, and Fibromyalgia. 749 more words

Holistic Nutrition



All Inclusive follows two main characters in their intertwining stories. Ameer works and lives in a Mexican all inclusive resort. It is a heavenly environment but on occasion disgruntled tourist are difficult to placate. 99 more words


God or Godless: A Christian Prespective

Every breathe I take, I am inspired in one of the two ways – In God, or In Self.

To walk with God is a choice – a combination of understanding and faith. 203 more words


The Face of the Dreamer

Moments cannot be strung
Like beads on a string
And hung around the neck of God
For safe keeping
Holographs of meaning shift with
The shifting light… 23 more words



Forgive me for being so dismissive
this means more to me than I let on
I’ve wasted time trying to mute you
to ignore your true source… 48 more words

The Torah

The Hebrew word “Torah” is translated by pagan christians into the English word “Law”. Because of this translation there is a great misunderstanding of what “Torah” truly is. 457 more words

Hebraic Bible