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Spend some time on your spiritual wellness

Recently we have been going through all the different types of wellness and the importance of balancing them throughout your life. What’s more important in our Jesuit school, though, than giving our spiritual wellness some thought? 326 more words



dragons don’t always bare teeth and scales

dragons don’t tower 20ft above you

they stand 2ft taller than you

carving flesh with their fingertips

with not claws that rip through skin… 29 more words


You're Not A Ghost

i did not accept your shame with open arms

but arms wrapped tightly around my knees

knees pulled so closely to my chest

that i cant breath… 32 more words


Initiated Seers and Prophets: Reading the Astral Light

THE astral light is the invisible storehouse and reflector of all the images of every event, feeling and thought, created by anyone on Earth.

The sensitive universal astral matrix can transmit “those pictures of events to come,” wrote W. 1,291 more words

Brain, Mind, Consciousness, & Beyond

Irritation - What does it point to? TGL #19.

Today our self-investigation is going to address a familiar to everyone feeling—irritation. Someone irritates us, and we irritate some people. Someone is being irritated by excessive talkativeness of people. 1,388 more words

Spiritual Awakening


Fear consumed me about a year ago, when faced with a task I didn’t think I was cut out for. I wanted to stuff it and run away from it before anxiety about the whole thing outright swallowed me whole. 2,705 more words


Between the lines

Let’s back up…Everything in the universe is energy, right? Particles vibrating at various frequencies which give the appearance of a solid. Tell me if I’m wrong but our bodies are made up of tissues and organs. 344 more words