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(Help Make Our Urban Communities Safe Again)


Hi, my name is Emmanuel Barbee this video is not for entertainment it’s a public announcement. I am calling upon ordinary Christians within the United States and Christians from around the globe to join my cause Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos. 2,231 more words



Looking for heaven on earth?

Being a spiritual person I have often wondered what heaven would be like – I always seem to envisage a very white, light space full of white robed people but apart from that my vision is vague. 996 more words



A wisp of stardust
drifted as seeming detritus
cast from the Sculptor’s masterpiece
of suns, planets and meteors
until this cirrus of infinitesimal iridescence
merged with your aura… 14 more words

Day By Day


In order to improve our clinical research…Towards Eradicating Cancers in The World…

Thought: Could we Study a Test Group of Parents and Unborn Children ( Since some children are born with cancerous cells) 134 more words



… is ego. Unconditional acceptance of all that comes to you moment to moment to moment is spirit. Some call this kind of acceptance unconditional love.


Sunday Gnomedays 

Happy Sunday Gnomedays again <3

It’s been an emotional roller-coaster kind of weekend. Anyone else feeling that? …..that said, I found this cathartically lovely. Hope you do, too.

June 25th (natural)

Celebrated my Grandad’s 80th birthday today. It was strange being with loads of distant relatives who I’d never met, but I learnt a lot about our family history. 155 more words