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Natural laws and man made laws

Points to Ponder: January 24, 2018

All human misery is caused by the gap between what I should do and what I do. This gap exists primarily because of two reasons: 322 more words


Becoming all you were created to be, that is the next goal. Once you see that all of the imperfections you have been taught to believe about yourself are actually NOT true, you can begin to shed that false image. 39 more words



you show your truth
when you arent sober
when your eyes have a tendency to struggle to stay open
when your ducts begin to over flow with… 66 more words

Thoughts Written In Permanent Ink

“Ocean” Cracked, “Elixir” Freed # 1

You can’t fight “Unfightable.” Ask forgiveness, instead.

Deepak Singh

Dying Soul

With each evil intent, crude word used against the other, selfish indulgence

the soul shrinks and shrinks…..until it disappears. Leaving you with a hollow shell and loneliness which never evaporates.

Written By Michelle Tulik