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What makes a Dad

What makes a Dad

God took the strength of a mountain,
the majesty of a tree,
the warmth of a summer sun,
the calm of the quiet sea, 80 more words


Thought For The Day 6/17/18

Happy Father’s Day!

That we're not God simply means that we don't dictate the laws of reality. It doesn't really matter who does; the important part is, it's not our job.
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(5) 120 Bible Hymns while you Sleep (no instruments) - YouTube

Please enjoy meditating in God presence.
Lord God Almighty bless us with your infinite power and give us a wonderful night, asking you please to bless Israel and the rest of the nations let your peace that surpasses all understanding fill the presidents and leaders of this world. 7 more words

"I-am" is consciousness, and that is your reality

So remember what “I-am” really means. “I-am” is God. “I-am” is nirvana, emptiness. “I-am” is consciousness, and that is your reality. So there’s no real difference between me and you. 116 more words